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Favorite Songs of 2009!

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I know I’m late on this post but I really haven’t had a lot of time to do this xD. So Happy New Year Everyone~! I wish you all happiness and good health, and of course some awesome Kpop fandom :D. By the way I didn’t link the songs because I assume you guy have heard all of the songs before xD. If you haven’t just search them up on Youtube. I highly recommend you do if you haven’t heard the song before :).

My Top 15 Songs From 2009:

1: It’s You- Super Junior

2: You & I – Park Bom

3: Wedding Dress – Taeyang

4: Finally – Brave Brothers Ft. U-KISS

5: Stand By You – DBSK

6: I Hate You – 2PM

7. Let Me Hear Your Voice – Big Bang

8. I Don’t Care – 2NE1

9. Ring Ding Dong – SHINee

10. Gee – SNSD

11. I Hope – FT Island

12. Bad Girl – BEAST

13. Love Like This – SS501

14. G.O.O.D Love – MBLAQ

15. Hello – G-Dragon Ft. Dara

Bonus: To Luv… -V.O.S. ft. Jaeboem

You can probably tell that I tried to choose my favorite song from all different artists xD. 2009 was eventful year in Kpop. There were so many highs but also a lot of lows. My heart definitely broke a couple of times this year due to those lows :(. But the music that came out was such a high :D. All the groups that debuted, the comebacks, everything just made last year so spectacular.  I usually do a Top 10 list but I had such a hard time choosing just 10 xD, so I decided to do a top 15 instead.


Boys Before Flowers – Anycall Magic Hole CFs (08/21)

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Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho – Anycall Magic Hole CF – OMG. These guys are such dorks, but they’re so hilarious xD. Hyun Joong’s expressions are so cute and hilarious :D. Favorite part when they freak out and start hugging each other. Imagine if they did that in real life xD.

Uee & Kim Hyun Joong – AnyCall Magic Hole CF – *___________*. He looks so sexy. Love the hair and outfit :). I especially love the way he grabs her and throws he against the wall. (He could do that to me anytime he wants too ;).) The ending was super cute xD. She looks so disappointed.

Lee Min Ho & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – Minho looks yummy~. What’s with all the guys being so sexy and pulling these slick moves on Uee. LOL…I would love to be in her position xD.

Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – They all look so great :). Minho’s such a dork xD. I love how he lies down as the phone opens…looks kindda painful though xD. Hyun Joong makes a sexy 007. The shooting out of the heart was pretty cool ♥. Uee doing the Ring thing freaked me out a bit xD.

SS501 – A Song Calling for You MV Funny Version

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Credits: shirbogurl21 @ Youtube

It’s been awhile since they released the original version xD. My favorite part was from 1:20 to 1:40 because you have a HOT Drunk Hyunjoong xD. Damn. Jungmin playing with a gun and scaring himself xD. Kyujong jumping on a tree xD. ROFL WTH xDDD. And Youngsaeng playing darts. He’s always just watching all them being dorks :D. Jungmin makes a lot of the puffer fish faces too. Cutie :).

Kim Jun (T-Max) – Jun Be OK! MV ft. Hyunjoong

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Credits: hoonfami @ Youtube

I’m pleasantly surprised with this. The title makes me giggle still but it’s definitely creative ;). When I heard the song in the preview it sounded really catchy, the full version is no different. I especially love the chorus. He sounds really good and his rapping is pretty damn good also :). There’s nothing really special about the MV beside Hyunjoong xD. But he looks really yummy in that suit, same with Hyunjoong. He looks gorgeous ^^. God, how does he look so good :Q. For some reason when I see them together during some of the scenes it reminds me of Seungri and GD in Strong Baby xD.

SS501 – Solo Collection Teasers

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Kyujong – Wussup – He’s wearing just a tad too much eyeliner xD. But either than that he looks so freaking smoking hot :). Yummy! The title is hilarious xD. Oh Boy. The songs sounds pretty catchy though.

Hyunjoong – 제발 잘해줘 – HOLY MOTHER COW xD. He looks so freaking hot. Wow :Q. I love how he kept flipping his jacket off and when he got down on his knees :D…hehe. I absolutely love the songs…I remember he preformed it Japan which you can watch HERE. LOVE.

> Hyunjoon – Hey Girl – I think he looks really good. But very pale xD. Black Fingernails xD. The songs sounds cool and pretty catchy. I’m wondering who the girl is though :).

> Youngsaeng – Nameless Memory – I expected a ballad from him xD. He sounds fantastic :DDD.

> Jungmin – If You Can Not – I’m surprised that Jungmin did a ballad…LOL..I was expecting something upbeat and sexy with lots of guyliner. Jungmin still looks gorgeous and really sexy and he has a really nice voice :).

I can’t wait to see the whole ‘MV’ now :D.

Birthday Post – Hyunjoong

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Sigh…I don’t really have time to do a long Birthday post for Leader either :/. I’m late too xD. Well I’m going to quickly state some of the things that I love most about Leader-shii. First of all his quirky personality…he’s so funny and strange xD. His voice is so sweet and nice to listen to :D. He’s an awesome dancer too. Hyunjoong is a much better actor now and I really enjoyed him in BBFs. Of course he is sooo good looking. He’s so pretty and sexy and gorgeous and handsome and just really good looking :Q. I love his hair too ^^. So Happy Birthday Leader. I Love You~!

Birthday Post – Jungmin

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To my favorite little squishy~ ^^. Where to start….Well I have a huge thing for Jungmin. He’s one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen ever xD. He’s really faily and cracktastic too ^^♥. I’ve always really been drawn to him…obviously he’s really good looking and he can do a wave just as good as I could…probably even better xD. He truly is the ‘Sexy Charisma’ of the group. I would have to say that he is my favorite member of SS501. He looks amazing in glasses *____*. I almost always love his hair especially when he had his orangey hair xD. He just so much, cute and sexiness and hilarity and crack and awesomeness wrapped into one perfect package ^^.

He has enormous amounts of wit and crack and just bottled up energy. I love his personality and how he can always make me laugh. The Idol World shows SS501 were in practically made me bust a gut. I remember this one show were he was calling home to E.T. with an umbrella and it was really windy and just really cute and funny ^^. He has a really amazing voice to listen to, it’s just so sexy and RAWR…LOL. I LOVE HIM ♥. He’s one hell of a dancer too ^^. So to my sexy charisma horsey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!. Love Yah ;). ♥♥♥♥