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Super Junior – ‘Genie’ @ Star Dance Battle (10/04)

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Credits: keyloverr @ Youtube

I know I haven’t posted for a long time, so I apologize to all of you. School’s just so crazy and right now i’m debating whether I should keep posting and updating… Anyways, now for some great entertainment :).

LOL. This is one of the reasons that I love Super Junior so much, they’re so full of crack and they really know how to make us fall over laughing xD. First off, the outfits I LOVE ♥. They all look so handsome. Sungmin is someone who always stands out to me, well because it’s Sungmin, he just look so hot in his Captain outfit, damn… He can sing and dance girl’s songs so well xD. Eunhyuk did a really good job on the rap. ^^. Eetuek’s dance solo was hot ;). He’s such a girl xD. The dancing in it was really good. I especially love how they rip off one pant leg. LOL xD. Oh, these boys :D. The different parodies at the end were really cute. I especially love the ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘I Hate You’  parts :). I think this was my favorite performance out of the Star Dance Battle :D.

G-Dragon – Debut Solo Stage @ Inkigayo (08/30)

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Credits: BabyB0ngaholic @ Youtube

The apple trick at the beginning was pretty darn amazing *___*. The whole stage was so creative and very GD-like. I’ve been waiting for this and he brought amazing to a whole new level :D. I’m so impressed by this guy ^^.

Heartbreaker is my favorite song off his solo album. The performance was nothing short of incredible. The dancing and the singing and the rapping was spot-on. He looks soo good too :). He’s such a hot blonde!

Breathe was another song that I really liked. I love how it starts off with him on the bed xD. His outfit kindda makes me laugh. With the baseball cap and the PJ pants, he looks like a such a cute kid :3. The sheet thing in the background was pretty cool too. His smile at the end just made me melt :D. GD ♥♥♥.

SHINee & SNSD – Music Core (07/25) Special Stage

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Credits: rebt0 @ Youtube

First SHINee has a remixed version of ‘Juliette.’ It didn’t sound that different but it still was a great performance. The camera-guy got some really nice closeups :D. Then they go into the dance break :). Taemin and Key rocked it ^^. They’re really such amazing dancers. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri and Jessica come out to pair off and dance with the boys. Pretty darn sexy. Some of the moves I was a little bit o__o, xD. but overall they looked really good. Finally SNSD performs Genie. I really love their outfits :).

For those of you who want to know who was paired with who here’s the list:

Hyoyeon – Onew
Sooyoung – Key
Yoona – Taemin
Yuri – Minho
Jessica – Jong hyun

F.T Island – Comeback Inkigayo (07/19), M!Countdown (07/23), Music Bank (07/24) & Music Core (07/25)

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Credits: CodeMonmonSeason3 @ Youtube

They preform two amazing songs. ‘Marry Me’ and ‘I Hope’. Seunghyun looks hot with his leather jacket but the pink and grey capri pants kindda ruin the effect of him looking so badass xD. Hongki’s pants make me giggle too :). I really like the song though :D.

The stage is so pretty with the lights all behind them. ‘I Hope ‘ is my favorite song off their album. I’m glad they choose it to promote. Hongki’s looks amazing. I Love his hair. His vocals are really impressive in this too. I’m always amazed by him. Seunghyun’s rap was really cool. He looks so sexy in this performance. LOVE HIS HAIR :DDD. I hope Jaejin’s hair grows out of the bowl cut very soon. His rap was sexy too. Jonghoon looks pretty cool playing the guitar and with his sunglasses :). I’m not loving his hair…if he dyed it a different color I would probably like it xD. Minhwan looks hot :D. He’s such a cutie.

Overall, this was an amazing comeback. I can’t wait to see more performances.

EDIT: I’m also going to add their comeback performances from M!Countdown (07/23) HERE and Music Bank (07/24) HERE. In both of the performances they sing ‘I Hope’ and ‘Bing Bing Bing.’

EDIT 2: HERE is their comebasck preformance on Music Core (07/25).

2NE1 – Fire Inkigayo (06/07)

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Credits: Micchan77 @ Youtube

This was a really great performance. CL’s hair is a lot better xD. Dara looks really awesome in the cap. Bom’s definitely getting better. Minji is a really good popper. They’re always so upbeat when they’re performing :D. The singing is getting better too. Overall I am pretty impressed. I LOVE the song…its been on repeat for awhile now xD.

SHINee – Comeback Music Bank (06/05), Music Core (06/06), Inkigayo (06/07)

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Music Bank Waiting Room (06/05) – They’re so cute. Onew is such a dork…LOL. He’s all by himself in his own little world xD. The Kiss blowing was adorable :D. I want those kisses xD.

‘Juliette’ Music Bank (06/05) – So they start out with ‘Talk to You’. The intro was pretty cool…I liked the bead curtain xD. They then go into Juliette…and the song is really growing on me now. Probably since I’ve watched the MV so many times :D. This is really how a comeback performance should be done. I’m so impressed ^^. The singing has improved and the dancing is wicked. All of them look pretty good…I would burn the some of the outfits but meh. I Love Key wearing a cap…he looks so cute. I wish his hair was a bit darker though :/. Jonghyun is looking sexy~. His high note was really awesome.

Winning Music Bank (06/05) – Aww…Don’t cry boys ;____; I’m so proud of them :).

EDIT: I’ve also added their performances for Music Core and Inkigayo.

‘Juliette’ Music Core (06/06) – I Love the looks so cool :D. Kindda reminds me of Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ MV. Minho pulls off the trench coat really nicely since he’s soooo tall :). Jonghyun wears his cardi weird xD. I hope it’s that and not that he’s wearing  a one sleeve cardigan o__o. The color’s really pretty :). Onew looks so cute…His outfit is my favorite xD.

‘Juliette’ & ‘Talk to You’ Inkigayo (06/07) – I wonder why they used their old photos for the intro. Ooo…Jonghyun looks mad sexy at the beginning *_____*. The outfits are definitely interesting. Peter Pan boot xD. Hehe…Key looks so cute…Both Minho and him are showing some skin ;). Their shirt backs have holes in them, they’re so skinny :O. ‘Talk to You’ was awesome. Minho and Key totally rocked it :DDD. I loved Key’s spelling of ‘SHINee’ ^^. Minho’s so sexy…first the rapping and then the body wave *______*. Mmm…YUM.

Super Junior – ‘It’s You’ Music Core (05/30) & Inkigayo (05/31)

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It’s You Music Core (05/30) – Hmm…Their outfits are slightly different :). Still super cute though. Ooo…I really like Siwon’s outfit…the vest and t-shirt ^^. I love guys who do that xD. HANKYUNG IN FRAMES :DDD. He look so good *______*.  This song is still so darn catchy :D. I loved when Yesung got onto his knees on the floor when he was ad-libbing :D.

It’s You Inkigayo (05/31) – WHITE OUTFITS FTW. They look so fly xD. I still really love the jackets that they’re wearing… specially Donghae’s. Kyu has silver gloves now…Cool. xD. I love how Sungmin has a pink t-shirt underneath his jacket :). EUNHYUK ALMOST TAKES OFF HIS JACKET. You know the part when he does the chest popping he takes it off BOTH shoulders xD. Does Yesung always get on the floor now or did he always do that and I never noticed ? d: