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Son Ho Young – I Know MV

Posted in MV, Other Korean Artists with tags , on November 12, 2008 by pockyy13

Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube 

I don’t really know who he is. But I really like this song ^^. I stumbled across it a couple days ago and I decided to do a post about it. I believe he just released an album recently and this is the single off of it. Anyways, the MV is interesting and he is pretty hot xD. His voice is really nice to listen to. He has a hot body and really nice abs xD. I think I’ll look more into him :D.

Brown Eyed Girls – How Come MV (Eng)

Posted in MV, Other Korean Artists with tags , on October 30, 2008 by pockyy13

Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

I’ve never really been into Brown Eyed Girls…but I Love this song. It’s so catchy ^^. They do kindda remind me of Wonder Girls..but meh…Whatever. I like the concept of the MV. The four girls each represent a different emotion regarding One-sided love. So Despair, Tear, Wait and Revenge. (I usually choose revenge..xD. JKJK. No I usually choose Wait or Tear…I guess.) I think I’ll look more into them ^^. I wanted to post this up since she Gain was in the last episode of Shinee YunHaNam.

Random Cute/Funny Clips

Posted in Epik High, FT Island, K-Variety, Other Korean Artists, Random with tags , , , , on October 27, 2008 by pockyy13

I found some really cute and super hilarious clips so I thought I would put all of them into one post :D. 

FT Island – Star Golden Bell – Stupid Dance Cut

Credits: jinnienomuyeppo @ Youtube 

They’re so cute xD. Okay so basically the MC gets Hongki, Jonghoon and Minhwan to imitate this guys dance xD. They just look drunk and completely adorable…haha. I love how they put their arms around each other as they do it and you see their faces xD.

Jo Kwon of 2AM So Hot (Star Golden Bell) Wonder Boys

Credits: misterkrabspatties @ Youtube

ROFLMAO… You all know how much I loved the Wonder Boys ^^. So you can imagine how much I loved this. He gets so into it and makes awesome faces as he dances xD. I love a boy who can make a complete fool of himself and makes me laugh this hard. He’s totally in my good books right now ^^. Also watch this clip…He’s hilarious xD.

Tablo Teaching English

Listen to it HERE !

I love Tablo’s English xDD. He comes up with the most random sentences xDDDD. I love you Kiddo. ♥♥♥.

Rain – Rainism MV

Posted in MV, Other Korean Artists with tags , on October 20, 2008 by pockyy13

Credits: jaeurazn1 @ Youtube

Throughout the the whole MV I was either xDD, “…” or *o*. Haha…It was a pretty cool MV. I love the whole supernatural feel..The song is pretty catchy but it’s not my favorite off his album. Oh..But I did love the part when he’s dancing with glow-y cane..haha *o*. And of Course Rain looks really hot so it’s all good ^^.

Rain – Love Story MV

Posted in MV, Other Korean Artists with tags , on October 14, 2008 by pockyy13

Credits: CJWTown @ Youtube

He’s such a dork in this xD. I really like the song…it’s so pretty… ^^. He’s looks really hot in this and love a guy in a suit xD. His hair is pretty sexy too. The beginning is hilarious. Rain poking himself in the eye with his glasses totally made my day :D. The plot of the MV is a little confusing but I think they’re having a second part to the MV so well have to wait and see ^^.