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K-Pop – Girl Power (Girlgroup Special Mashup)

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Credits: mmixes @ Youtube

Masa is one of my favorite Remixers, as you guys should know. I came upon this remix and IT’S SO AWESOME :). The way the beats and everything together sounds so good. The rapping and singing is just really cool :DDD. Haha. Enjoy~.

Tracklist for the songs used:
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
4Minute – Hot Issue
After School – Amoled (feat. Son Dambi)
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Jewelry – Vari2ty
KARA – Mister
KARA – Wanna
So Nyeo Shi Dae – Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)
T-ara – Lies
vs. Girls Paradiso – Patron Tequila (Instrumental)


Inkigayo (09/08)

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Sorry, I’m a little late ^^;;;. But this is definitely worth posting :D.

2PM, SHINee & MC Mong: Genie – For the whole 2 minutes and 15 seconds I was laughing :D. This is pure gold. Taemin is the freaking cutest and prettiest person alive xD. I swear I want to squish him so bad. Key’s look gorgeous too ^^. Headband FTW. Taek looks so ridiculous xD. I love his hat and I love him. MC Mong is awesome, he pulls it off really well xD. Wooyoung with his pink bow xDD. He’s such a cutie. Their sailor outfits are super cute. Everything about this just makes me laugh and melt. I LOVE THESE GUYS :DDD.

SNSD: Genie – This was a really great performance. I’m going to miss all their military/sailor outfits xD. Hyoyeon & Yuri definitely know how to bring it :D.

SHINee w/SNSD: Juliette – So they’re finished their Juliette promotions :(. This performance was really sweet , they all hand a rose to 5 of the SNSD girls. I would be smiling hugely if they gave me a rose too xD. They even dance together near the end :). Nice outfits too.

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KARA – ‘Wanna’ MV

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Credits: SweetMelodix @ Youtube

I like the song but I think I’m going to have to listen to it some more before I decide if I love it. The MV is different than I thought it would be. It still has that cutesy Kara style xD. My favorite is Nicole so my eyes are always drawn to her. I think she looks so pretty in this. I really like her hair :). Another person that caught my attention was Gyuri. She looked so gorgeous with her straight hair, hat and blue jacket :D. All of the members are really cute in this. The concept in this was really interesting xD. LOL…I don’t know what to say so yeah ^^;;;. When the guy tripped was funny xD.

Music Core (02/28)

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FT Island Bad Woman – Really Really great Performance ^^. Hongki looks so yummy…he still has his wavy hair ^^. I wish that they showed some more of the other members but I really loved all of Minhwan’s shots. I really love the song. Hongki has such an amazing and stong voice. 

AJOO Wealthy 2nd Generation/Easy For Me – Some people are saying that he reminds them of TOP. I can defiantly see where they that got from. (The Guyliner ^^) But I think he looks smokin. (I’m pretty sure you guys have seen the pics of his shirtless *___* xD.) LOL…But I can’t decide which one I like more…The cute AJOO or the Madly Sexy AJOO xD. I really like the song too. The chorus is super catchy ^^. 

Seungri Strong Baby Remix ft. G-Dragon – I really like the remix version but I still think the original is the best ^^. Seungri still looks so hot. AND GD COMES ^^. ROFL…He never fails to amuse and amaze me with what he’s wearing. I Love the Pink Patented Trench-coat. Only he can pull that off. His glasses are really different too xD. And OMG THE HAIR xDDD. At least it’s not slicked back :).  Oh…How I love this boy ^^. I really love seeing Seungri dance. He always looks so smooth. 

KARA Honey – The girls look so pretty *____*. I love the dresses. The yellow and white looks so good on them. I really like the song too. It’s starting to grow on me so much ^^. 

SNSD Gee – The song is so so catchy. I really love it xD. Well the girls look really cute and the stage is so pretty. 

Shin Hyesung Why Did You Call – HYESUNG :DDDDDDDD. Such a Pretty Song ^^.

24/7 That Guy’s Girl – I really really love this song. It’s a rock ballad and it’s so pretty ^^. This is the new SMTown band. The one with Rose from the TRAX in it ^^. He looks really really good. It seems like forever since I’ve seen him last xD. Welcome Back Baby. The other members I don’t really know. But they’re both pretty cute. I wish these guys luck. They also have a MV for this song featuring Yoona. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2. Really interesting MV.

KARA – ‘Honey’ MV Eng

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Credits: kara0329 @ Youtube

I really like this song compared to all the others before xD. I like the style of the MV a lot better too. They all look really pretty and cute ^^. The shots of them sitting down kindda remind me of CSJH’s ‘My Everything’ I think it’s just the white dresses and how they’re sitting xD. My favorite part was Nicole’s rap…It’s in all English ^^. Overall this was a pretty good MV with a catchy song. The Honeycombs were hilarious and I like how their hair is all the same color. Usually groups have different hair colors…LOL…Especially DBSK :D.

KBS – Shall We Dance K-Pop Stars (01/27)

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These are just the cuts of each dancer. All of them are in HD so you get to see it clearly :D.

Koo Ha Ra (Kara) Quickstep – She looks really pretty ^^.  I love all the lifts in this too.

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) Waltz – Aw…He looks so handsome and really suave :D. His dancing was so smooth and elegant. Good Job Hyung Joon ^^.

 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) Paso Doble – The ending was hot xD. She tries really hard. Go Ga In!

 Andy (Shinhwa) Jive – Andy’s so cute and Funny. I love his intro with Minwoo in the background xD. His dancing was really good and I love what he’s wearing. LOL…HEART DANCE AT THE END ^^.

Solbi Rhumba – She looked really sexy, but she still seemed a little awkward. Too bad she and Andy couldn’t dance together xD.

Seungri (Big Bang) Samba – LOL..Is Minwoo always in the rehearsal room xD. Oh…We get a bit of chest action xD. I really liked his samba. He sure knows how to work that body. Yum~. LOL..And I Love his self-promotion at the end. -Crack Crack Crack-.

Minwoo (Shinhwa) Paso Doble – Minwoo is really a great dancer.He looks really sexy and manly in this ^^. Too bad he had a little stumble at the end. Great Job though :D.

Nam Kyu Ri (SEEYA) Tango – Her tango was pretty good and I love what she’s wearing. She looks really good ^^.

Baek Ji Young Cha Cha – More Minwoo xD. Her Cha Cha was really good. I believe she wins in the end.

I wish I could write more about each one of the performances but I have to go right now…LOL. So watch for yourself and comment about what you think xD.

MBC Star Dance Battle (01/25)

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Watch the Full Show Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

MCs: Lee Hwee Jae and Shin Jung Hwan

Guests: 2PM, SHINee, Wonder Oops, A Bang, Seungri, Taeyang, KARA, Taegoon,  Kim Shin Young, Kim Na Young, Jewelry, VOS, SNSD, Lee Yoon Suk, Boom, SS501 and Super Junior.

This is defiantly a great way to Start off a New Year ^^. Their was some really great dancing :DDD and really amusing games ^^. They play 2 games and honestly you must watch them. The first one with them smashing gourds on each others head and the next one with them sexy dancing and hanging off a pole xD. I recommend watching the full show so I’m not going to do cuts xD. But I’ll do a quick recap off my favorite parts underneath the cut ^^.

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