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Super Junior – Intimate Note Cuts (04/24) & Energy Song 2 ‘Sorry & The City’ (04/26)

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Introductions – OMG Heesica and his ‘Babo’ xD. I actually have the same dress as Eunhyuk, the exact style and color xD. 

Intimate Note Miss Julchin Gee & Sorry Sorry (04/24) – This is one of the most craktastic things Super Junior has ever done and they do a lot of hilarious things xD. Gee was so full of crack. Heechul gets so into both dance that he even flashes everyone xD LMAO. He’s so pretty ^^. Sungmin is still pretty cute and Thank God that Kangin look fairly awkward xD…He hold his skirt together while dancing ;). Eunhyuk has such hairy legs and I Love when he noticed that he had fake boobs on xD. The other members are just having fits of laughter xD.

Energy Song 2 ‘Sorry & The City’ Inkigayo (04/26) – This is so full of cute :D. They say sorry to the members and what they think is their best feature. Ryeowook’s so cute ><. His nose is very nice :). Donghae likes his jaw line and might I say So do I *______*.  Sungmin likes his fierce eyes ^^. SIWON THINKS HIS EYEBROW ARE HIS BEST FEATURE xDDD. I love how Eetuek’s intro is so long compared to the other members and his ‘Right Kids?’ :D.

Super Junior – KANGMIN Coke Cut Intimate Note (04/17)

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Credits: pr13ansj @ Youtube

If you do not burst out laughing during this, then YOU ARE A ROCK xD. LMAO….I love these two. “Teuk Teuk Hyung.” Sungmin giggles really cutely. I want him so much more now….PLEASE CAN I HAVE HIM xD. He’s so cute….^^.  I was reading a comment that said “Sungmin laughs like a woman” xDDDD. That made me laugh so hard ^^. The ending is freaking hilarious…Sungmin is the one who always shys away giggling but Kangin in the one who spurts Coke all over xD. Poor Min ^^. I love how the other in the room are laughing so hard.

EDIT: It is subbed now  Part 1Part 2Part 3. If you have the time make sure to watch it. They are super hilarious and really awkward xD. Sungmin ♥♥♥.

KBS – Shall We Dance K-Pop Stars (01/27)

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These are just the cuts of each dancer. All of them are in HD so you get to see it clearly :D.

Koo Ha Ra (Kara) Quickstep – She looks really pretty ^^.  I love all the lifts in this too.

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) Waltz – Aw…He looks so handsome and really suave :D. His dancing was so smooth and elegant. Good Job Hyung Joon ^^.

 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) Paso Doble – The ending was hot xD. She tries really hard. Go Ga In!

 Andy (Shinhwa) Jive – Andy’s so cute and Funny. I love his intro with Minwoo in the background xD. His dancing was really good and I love what he’s wearing. LOL…HEART DANCE AT THE END ^^.

Solbi Rhumba – She looked really sexy, but she still seemed a little awkward. Too bad she and Andy couldn’t dance together xD.

Seungri (Big Bang) Samba – LOL..Is Minwoo always in the rehearsal room xD. Oh…We get a bit of chest action xD. I really liked his samba. He sure knows how to work that body. Yum~. LOL..And I Love his self-promotion at the end. -Crack Crack Crack-.

Minwoo (Shinhwa) Paso Doble – Minwoo is really a great dancer.He looks really sexy and manly in this ^^. Too bad he had a little stumble at the end. Great Job though :D.

Nam Kyu Ri (SEEYA) Tango – Her tango was pretty good and I love what she’s wearing. She looks really good ^^.

Baek Ji Young Cha Cha – More Minwoo xD. Her Cha Cha was really good. I believe she wins in the end.

I wish I could write more about each one of the performances but I have to go right now…LOL. So watch for yourself and comment about what you think xD.

MBC Star Dance Battle (01/25)

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Watch the Full Show Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

MCs: Lee Hwee Jae and Shin Jung Hwan

Guests: 2PM, SHINee, Wonder Oops, A Bang, Seungri, Taeyang, KARA, Taegoon,  Kim Shin Young, Kim Na Young, Jewelry, VOS, SNSD, Lee Yoon Suk, Boom, SS501 and Super Junior.

This is defiantly a great way to Start off a New Year ^^. Their was some really great dancing :DDD and really amusing games ^^. They play 2 games and honestly you must watch them. The first one with them smashing gourds on each others head and the next one with them sexy dancing and hanging off a pole xD. I recommend watching the full show so I’m not going to do cuts xD. But I’ll do a quick recap off my favorite parts underneath the cut ^^.

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We Got Married- Kangin & Yunji Cut (12/21)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

I’m not going to recap the whole thing….unfortunately I don’t have the time. (It’s Christmas Eve Today ^^). But this defiantly deserves some spazzing xD. Kangin is so flipping cute. While trying to find his wife he distracts two libraries full of students studying, tells everyones that he’s getting married and embarrasses his new wife. LOL…When he drops the Christmas tree. Aww…I miss Super Junior variety shows.. =/. I want EHB 2 to be made xD.

Well they look really cute together. I think they make a really good couple :3 . I’ve never heard of her before but she pretty cute ^^. They’re really shy with one another but I hope they become closer. He gives her his scarf even though his chest is freezing. (Don’t wear low-cut shirts in the winter Kangin xD.) I found it hilarious the way they decided to get married :D. Kangin fans might be jealous but he’s so hilarious and cute in this xD. While on the bus they both agree that the Han river looks like Acorn Jelly xD. So are they going to be called the ‘Acorn Jelly Couple’ now :D. Before they can get married they need to get 50 signatures. So they go around and get their signatures. I love how Kangin was trying to get free stuff while he was doing it xDD.

DBSK – Junsu and Junho Cut from Star Friends

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Credits: 15ambot15 @ Youtube

Aw…Why’d they cut this for… =/. It’s so cute. I never knew Junho could rap. He does a really good job too ^^. Of course he  looks really Handsome doing it -sigh-. Junsu sings while Junho raps. Their voices sounds really nice together ^^. The song they preform is I Love You, Oh Thank You. I would totally choose him xD.

Shinee – Reality Show Ep.12

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Credits: shineesubs @ Youtube

Part 2, Part 3

I’ve been meaning to get this up for awhile so I’m sorry about that ^^;

So they first come to the Noona’s Villa and of course Taemin and Onew go off to play while the othere read the card. They get invited for a pajama party ^^. The Noona this time is Gain from Brown Eyed Girls…she was also the narrator this whole time…Anyways they get in to their PJ’s and watch the videos that Gain prepared ^^. First is Taemin’s and it’s basically about how he’s changed ^^. Next is Jonghyun. His is about his “Scandals” xD. Next is Onew…and his was the one I was most looking forward to. I was sure it would be about Onew Condition and I wasn’t disappointed xD. “What if it’s a collection of me falling down?” xDD. He Fails so much xDD ♥. Next is Key’s. His about his mic..haha. Minho’s is last and it’s basically just him being super cool and charismatic xD. The Noona gives them their mission and they have to call the Noona and get her to say something. I’m going to miss this show so much ;___; ♥♥♥.