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Infinity Challenge – Boys Before Flowers Parody

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

My First Question is….IS THIS THE SAME DRAMA? ROFL…The Parody is an entirely different drama xDDD. Still very funny though ^^. PMS is Jun Pyo, Jae Seok is Ji Hoo and Jun Jin is Jandi ^^. Jun Jin makes a very pretty Jandi xDDD. OMG…He looks pretty but at the same time kindda disturbing xD. The Girls Suiciding part was hilarious xDD. Ohmygoodness…The kiss between Jun Jin and PMS was freaking hilarious and a bit awkward xD. LOL…I think those were my favorite parts…although there were many other parts that made me laugh like crazy ^^. This parody seems to put everything that happens in dramas into one….the lovers finding out they’re siblings, the girl dying in her lovers arms and someone getting into an accident xD. Is it just me or does the ending remind you of the DBSK’s Banjun Drama ‘Unforgettable Love.’ The one were Changmin tells his love story but he actually made it up xD. LOL…My thought are all over the place…so this probably makes no sense. Just go watch the Parody xD.


Infinity Challenge – SNSD ‘Gee’ Parody

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

EnerGee…ROFLMAO xDDD. That’s hilarious….they even changed the lyrics so they fit there theme xD. The first part of the video is them getting ready and LOL…the wigs..xD. I actually really like Jun Jin’s hair. I think he’s the prettiest xD. The second part is of them filming and ROFL they’re so crazy ( And a tad bit Creepy xD.) PMS starts doing hip thrusts xDDD. I really think that PMS wanted to be Jessica so he can pull his eye down and just be crazy LOL…xD. I thought is was really cute that Hyungdon was Taeyeon since they’re married now xD. Hongchul as Tiffany really scared me…LOL…he really creeped me out in this xD. The actual Parody starts around 5:30. If you want a really good laugh watch this…it instantly made my day better ^^.

Infinity Challenge Haru Haru Parody (01/17)

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Credits: BabyBongaholic @ Youtube


OMG…This is a must watch :D. ‘Big Bag’ xDD. LOL…Okay this was an extremely well done parody. It made me laugh like crazy ^^. Everyone played their roles really well. The person playing Seungri really fits the part. MC Yoo makes a awesome TOP too. xD…But PMS kindda creeps me out…LOL. That’s probably the point xD. The fight scene was really funny and amusing. I love how they flash between the them and the guy with the ‘Big Bag’ xD. PMS’s chair/mirror scene really made me laugh and at the same time really creeped me out xD. Oh…and I love Jun Jin’s fedora ^^.

Their live performance was really good. The singing was a lot better than I thought it would be and the dancing was really good too. The outfits are close to what Big Bang actually wears…LOL. GD’s famous furry friend is back xD. ROFL…Hyung Don still has to wear the Big Bag for the performance xD. The ending was really amusing too.ROFL…Jun Jin and MC Yoo playing with PMS’s hat xD.