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DBSK – The 3rd Asia Tour Concert – Mirotic

Posted in DBSK with tags on August 11, 2009 by pockyy13

EDIT: I’m also going to put the MV for ‘Are you a good girl?” HERE. It’s basically just a bunch of clips from their Mirtotic Tour, like ‘You’re my miracle’ and ‘Free your mind.’ Enjoy! ^^

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Credits: jaerielmeyriel @ Youtube

I’m not going to do a full recap because it would probably turn into a 10 page essay xD. I don’t think I’ve ever gave the links for the Mirotic Concert…but if I did here they are again ^^;;. It’s been awhile since these were uploaded but their Concert CDs came out a week or two ago so for any of you who haven’t watched the concert I highly recommend you do :D. There is so much crack and sexiness and amazing singing and dancing that makes up DBSK. Through all of the stuff with SM and them it’s nice to have a little break and see them so ecstatic :). I put the track listing and cover underneath the cut for their Concert CD.

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DBSK – Stand By U MV

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Credits: firstcupid @ Youtube

The MV is so simple but just breathtaking. I kindda forgot to post this up when it came out so I’m doing that right now xD. The song is beautiful. The melody, the lyrics, the way they sing it is just spectacular and beautiful. They all look gorgeous :). I love the two different outfits and how the camera moves from the members. The transition between day and night was really nice too :D.

DBSK – Stand By U DBSK Version Preview

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Credits: mickysky64 @ Youtube

It’s only 15 secs but you do get a glimpse of what the MV will be like :). Yoochun ♥. Same kindda idea as Doushite. I’m going to save most of my spazzing and ajdksh;gjhkfdlafkhjfd-ing for when the full MV comes out. But I  really can’t wait now for it :D.

Birthday Post – Yoochun~

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Okay, so I’m a day late but I fudged the date stamp so…yeah xD. I really don’t have the time to do a huge long B-Day post like I wish I could xD. (Sigh…School ><)  But I absolutely adore Yoochun and he deserves a B-day post ^^. I’ll start with his appearance. There is no doubt that Yoochun is incredibly sexy :Q. He has interesting fashion sense and his hair is always changing. LOL…but he’s so sensitive and sweet. Any guy who can openly cry is golden in my books :). I think that take so much courage to cry in front of someone rather than hold it back. He writes some of the most beautiful songs ever and has a really nice smirk d: His voice is so deep and gorgeous. His high notes are amazing. I love seeing him with Junsu and how they tease each other so much but still love each other too… :3. They have such hilarious cat-fights. He can be so silly and cracktastic. His ‘Baby’ voice is so cute :D. Well actually everything about him is pretty cute and hot and manly and sexy and just love xD. So Happy Birthday Chun~ I Love You ♥.

DBSK – Stand By U Drama Version MV

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Credits: go0bers157 @ Youtube

I really love this song :). The melody to me seems a bit happy and really soothing…but the lyrics and their voices make it so sad and beautiful. It does remind me of Doushite, it’s the type of song that I could listen to over and over again. I think all of their voices sounds superb but the two that stood out to me were Yoochun and Junsu. Just the way they had so much feeling as they sang made me melt. The MV is sad but I really liked it. It was a really long MV too…7 Minutes…but it didn’t seem like it as I watched it. The acting was pretty good…When the guys started crying I almost did too ;___; I always want the guy to get the girl but he hardly does in DBSK MVs xD. Well, anyways amazing song and great MV :D.

DBSK – XIAHTIC ft. Key Full

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Credits: ichigoKJJ @ Youtube

I LOVE IT. xD. From the fan cams you couldn’t really hear anything but this definitely what I expected. Junsu is so talented. I’m so trilled to hear more songs that he composes. Key’s rap is totally sexy too ^^.

DBSK – “Tea for Two” Preview 28th Single

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Credits: charismayun @ Youtube

So this song is going to be on the same single as ‘Stand By U.’ It’s a really sweet and cute song. It’s really soothing and just makes me think about spending a beautiful spring day with that special someone xD. Okay, I’ll stop now ^^;;;. But the song does make me smile so much ^^. Two beautiful mid-tempo ballads on one single…What else could you ask for :D.