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K-Pop – Girl Power (Girlgroup Special Mashup)

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Credits: mmixes @ Youtube

Masa is one of my favorite Remixers, as you guys should know. I came upon this remix and IT’S SO AWESOME :). The way the beats and everything together sounds so good. The rapping and singing is just really cool :DDD. Haha. Enjoy~.

Tracklist for the songs used:
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
4Minute – Hot Issue
After School – Amoled (feat. Son Dambi)
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Jewelry – Vari2ty
KARA – Mister
KARA – Wanna
So Nyeo Shi Dae – Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)
T-ara – Lies
vs. Girls Paradiso – Patron Tequila (Instrumental)


2PM/2AM – Dirty Eyed Girls – BEG’s Abracadabra Parody

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Credits: time2sub2 @ Youtube

PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD. OH MY. How I love these guys ^^. I’ve been waiting for this and it totally made my day. Wooyoung looks cute :). Chansung looks hot xD. His hair is sexy. Jo Kwon looks like Kwon but with ten times the usual crack xD. Taec makes me giggle. His beginning pose is adorable and slightly disturbing xD. Seulong looks pretty awkward but strangely at ease also.

This is probably the best parody ever. I’m surprised that they actually did it but I’m so impressed by them and I totally feel that much more in love ♥. They’re so hilarious and ridiculous xD. Kwon especially. He blows me away, the way he can move his body, more specifically his hips. LOL. These guys are just amazing ♥♥♥. BEG even make a performance in the end :). Is that the rest of 2PM I see in the too?

Inkigayo (09/08)

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Sorry, I’m a little late ^^;;;. But this is definitely worth posting :D.

2PM, SHINee & MC Mong: Genie – For the whole 2 minutes and 15 seconds I was laughing :D. This is pure gold. Taemin is the freaking cutest and prettiest person alive xD. I swear I want to squish him so bad. Key’s look gorgeous too ^^. Headband FTW. Taek looks so ridiculous xD. I love his hat and I love him. MC Mong is awesome, he pulls it off really well xD. Wooyoung with his pink bow xDD. He’s such a cutie. Their sailor outfits are super cute. Everything about this just makes me laugh and melt. I LOVE THESE GUYS :DDD.

SNSD: Genie – This was a really great performance. I’m going to miss all their military/sailor outfits xD. Hyoyeon & Yuri definitely know how to bring it :D.

SHINee w/SNSD: Juliette – So they’re finished their Juliette promotions :(. This performance was really sweet , they all hand a rose to 5 of the SNSD girls. I would be smiling hugely if they gave me a rose too xD. They even dance together near the end :). Nice outfits too.

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KBS – Shall We Dance K-Pop Stars (01/27)

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These are just the cuts of each dancer. All of them are in HD so you get to see it clearly :D.

Koo Ha Ra (Kara) Quickstep – She looks really pretty ^^.  I love all the lifts in this too.

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) Waltz – Aw…He looks so handsome and really suave :D. His dancing was so smooth and elegant. Good Job Hyung Joon ^^.

 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) Paso Doble – The ending was hot xD. She tries really hard. Go Ga In!

 Andy (Shinhwa) Jive – Andy’s so cute and Funny. I love his intro with Minwoo in the background xD. His dancing was really good and I love what he’s wearing. LOL…HEART DANCE AT THE END ^^.

Solbi Rhumba – She looked really sexy, but she still seemed a little awkward. Too bad she and Andy couldn’t dance together xD.

Seungri (Big Bang) Samba – LOL..Is Minwoo always in the rehearsal room xD. Oh…We get a bit of chest action xD. I really liked his samba. He sure knows how to work that body. Yum~. LOL..And I Love his self-promotion at the end. -Crack Crack Crack-.

Minwoo (Shinhwa) Paso Doble – Minwoo is really a great dancer.He looks really sexy and manly in this ^^. Too bad he had a little stumble at the end. Great Job though :D.

Nam Kyu Ri (SEEYA) Tango – Her tango was pretty good and I love what she’s wearing. She looks really good ^^.

Baek Ji Young Cha Cha – More Minwoo xD. Her Cha Cha was really good. I believe she wins in the end.

I wish I could write more about each one of the performances but I have to go right now…LOL. So watch for yourself and comment about what you think xD.