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Music Core (02/28)

Posted in Big Bang, FT Island, K-Pop, MV, Other Korean Artists, Performance, Shinhwa with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 4, 2009 by pockyy13

FT Island Bad Woman – Really Really great Performance ^^. Hongki looks so yummy…he still has his wavy hair ^^. I wish that they showed some more of the other members but I really loved all of Minhwan’s shots. I really love the song. Hongki has such an amazing and stong voice. 

AJOO Wealthy 2nd Generation/Easy For Me – Some people are saying that he reminds them of TOP. I can defiantly see where they that got from. (The Guyliner ^^) But I think he looks smokin. (I’m pretty sure you guys have seen the pics of his shirtless *___* xD.) LOL…But I can’t decide which one I like more…The cute AJOO or the Madly Sexy AJOO xD. I really like the song too. The chorus is super catchy ^^. 

Seungri Strong Baby Remix ft. G-Dragon – I really like the remix version but I still think the original is the best ^^. Seungri still looks so hot. AND GD COMES ^^. ROFL…He never fails to amuse and amaze me with what he’s wearing. I Love the Pink Patented Trench-coat. Only he can pull that off. His glasses are really different too xD. And OMG THE HAIR xDDD. At least it’s not slicked back :).  Oh…How I love this boy ^^. I really love seeing Seungri dance. He always looks so smooth. 

KARA Honey – The girls look so pretty *____*. I love the dresses. The yellow and white looks so good on them. I really like the song too. It’s starting to grow on me so much ^^. 

SNSD Gee – The song is so so catchy. I really love it xD. Well the girls look really cute and the stage is so pretty. 

Shin Hyesung Why Did You Call – HYESUNG :DDDDDDDD. Such a Pretty Song ^^.

24/7 That Guy’s Girl – I really really love this song. It’s a rock ballad and it’s so pretty ^^. This is the new SMTown band. The one with Rose from the TRAX in it ^^. He looks really really good. It seems like forever since I’ve seen him last xD. Welcome Back Baby. The other members I don’t really know. But they’re both pretty cute. I wish these guys luck. They also have a MV for this song featuring Yoona. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2. Really interesting MV.