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Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow MV

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Credits: princekyu @ Youtube

Aww…So Pretty~ ;_____; There’s no real story-line just mostly shots of the boys. But that’s okay, I’m content with just watching them xD. The song is so sad and so beautiful. The boys look really nice too. Nice hair and tops…Mmm…Ties xD. The pants i’ll overlook ^^. Hankyung’s parts are my favorite he looks so gorgeous and it was heartbreaking watching him cry ;___;. Mmm. Henry and Donghae look really nice :D. I actually like all the parts with the stuff burning, the symbolism for love and the disappearance of it and all that xD.

Super Junior M – ‘Super Girl’ MV

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Credits: princekyu @ Youtube



LOL. Okay, I’ve calmed down now xD. The dancing in this is all really smooth and slick, very nice ;). Siwon looks hot, I love his hair when he has his bangs are hanging down ^^. Mmm. Yum! Henry is such a cutie…hehe. Love him and his glasses xD. Hankyung is the cutest nerd ever, LOL. AND WHEN HE”S PRETENDING TO CRY xDD. Oh my~. DJ HAE is So Hott! I love all their clothes too, I mean Henry in a Leather Jacket :Q_. My thoughts are so scrambled and most of them consist of ‘OMG THEY ARE SO FREAKING HOT! AND I LOVE THIS SONG” xD. I’ll spare you guys from that though. But my favorite part of the song is Kyuhyuns and Ryeowook’s lines near the end. They just sound so good ^^.

Super Junior M – Comeback Teaser ‘Super Girl’

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Credits: sment @ Youtube

The MV is going to come out in about 2 days so I’ll spazz then. But the teaser is super effective. I can’t wait for their Comeback :D. It seems like forever since I’ve seen Henry and Zhoumi. And man, do they look good~. Siwon was the one that caught my attention the most though, that guy looks so fine! The song sounds likes it’s going to be super catchy too :DD.

A K-Pop Valentines Day Post ♥♥♥

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Okay, so as you all should know today is Valentines Day. The day full of love and tenderness ♥♥♥. LOL…To sappy for you xD. Well what I decided was to do a post about my favorite K-Pop Love Songs ^^. I have a lot of favorite Love songs and Songs just in general…So it took me a while to choose and I wanted to have the word ‘Love’ in the title if possible just because…xD. Here we go….♥



More Under the Cut…

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Birthday Post – Siwon

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Ahhh…He looks so pretty in this picture. I love his ponytail ^^. Anyways, another Birthday post to celebrate Siwonies’s 22nd (23rd Korean) birthday ^^. -Sigh- The age gap just widens…LOL xD. (I know Siwon’s real B-Day isn’t until April but I’m just going to wish him a Happy Birthday Now xD.) Well what can I say about Siwon. He’s extremely gorgeous…LOL. Obviously Siwon is really good looking. I’ve always thought he was one of the best looking member of Super Junior…ROLF. But they’re all really good looking ^^. He such a gentleman :DD. Siwon might not be recognized as the best dancer or singer but he can sing and he can dance and he is defiantly a great actor ^^. I love how all the other members make fun of his gestures…LOL. I talk with my hands sometimes too…so I love seeing him do it. LOL…I Love whenever other members make cracks about his horse-y muscles xD. Umm..What else. LOL…Well there are so many things that I adore about Siwon. Especially his yummy chocolate abs xD. So this concludes my very short B-Day Post. Happy Birthday Horsey Chocolate Abs ~!!! Love Ya Tons ^^.

Birthday Post – Hankyung/Hangeng

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ROFL…Yah I know it’s not the most flattering picture of Hankyung…but I just couldn’t resist ^^;;;. It’s one of my favorite pictures of him xD. Anyways, this is my post to celebrate Hankyung’s birthday. Today he turns 25. There are a lot of things that I love and adore about this man. First off he’s really good looking xD. He’s such a good dancer especially traditional Chinese Dance and ballet. He can do martial arts ^^. He knows Chinese…when he’s flustered his Korean gets all weird xD (Watch the EHB Episode when they’re eating the hot peppers and you’ll see what I mean xD.) He’s a Super Junior Member…so he’s totally hilarious and full of crack. He was a Torch Bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He acts in the Drama ‘Stage of Youth.’ And of Course he cooks Beijing Fried Rice xD. LOL…So Happy Birthday Hannie~!!!

Happy Chinese/Korean New Year~!!!

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Aww…Arn’t they cute :D. LOL…Well this is my ‘Happy New Year’ post to everyone. My gift… pretty pictures of Super Junior M :DDD. Unfortunately I couldn’t find pictures for Siwon or Zhoumi. So if anyone comes along them please send me the link ^^. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be prosperous and full of pretty boys xD. Hankyung’s and Kyuhyun’s are underneath the cut ^^ ~ 

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