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SBS Gayo Daejun 2008

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This was a really amazing night. There were so many amazing stages. I don’t have the time to write about the whole show so you’ll just have to settle for my favourite parts …^^.

2PM – 10 Points Out Of 10 Points Love the tricks. Really cool Performance ^^.

SHINee – Love Like Oyxgen, AMIGO, Noona Is Very Pretty – Ahh…It was so short =[. But I absolutely loved it. Replay is still my favorite song from them :D

F.T Island – After Love & Girls Don’t Know & Heaven – EYELINER~ LOL they look really hot…^^

Mini-Drama feat. Daesung, Seungri, Taeyeon, Yuri – I Love It ♥. Daesung’s reactions are so hilarious xD. Seungri looks realy cute in this and the girls look really pretty. I Love how they incorporate the songs into the Drama. Pure Genius.

Piano Battle – Taeyang (Don’t Wanna Try) & Junsu (My Everything) – :DDDD. I almost fainted while watching this. Taeyang was amazing…His playing and his singing were realy good. Junsu just blew me away. He’s so Perfect ♥♥♥ xD. Whe he closed his eyes you could feel his emotions. I liked both of their songs a lot. I wish Junsu would serenade me now…LOL. ♥♥♥♥♥

Dance Battle – Taemin & Seungri & Eunhyuk & Jaebum & Yunho – Woah…All of them are sooo Good. They really can blow your mind when they start to move *___*

Wonder Boys 2 – Kissing You & Nobody – xDDD. So much crack. I was looking forward to this for so long and they didn’t let me down ^^. They’re so hilarious and girly xD. 

Super Junior Happy – Pajama Party – What is this Michael Jackson mixed in with Pajama Party…LOL. xDDD. Oh..But Sungmin looks reaaalllyy hot ^^. Love his fedora.

Hip Hop Special – Epik High & Big Bang (G-Dragon, TOP) & Eun Ji Won & Dynamic Duo This was an amazing performance. Everyone gets so into ^^. Especially Taeyang and SHINee. 

Big Bang – 오.아.오 & Strong Baby (Seungri) & Heaven  The intro was really cool. They look so badass ^^. And I love how they have their own SWAT Car with Big Bang on the side xD. Oh Ah Oh was an awesome performance. Seungri was really sexy while he performed Strong Baby. Heaven is one of my favorite songs of this year. GD’s furry vest xDD.

Rain – I’m Coming & Rainism & Love Story – He’s so sexy d: I honestly started laughing when they made it ‘rain’ on stage though xDD.

DBSK – Wrong Number & Mirotic – This is one of their best performances of this year. It was so cool and hot and sexy and guh..I LOVED IT. The beginning of Wrong Number was superb. Junsu in a glass case is really hot xD. Then ending of Mirotic was super sexy. I love how they just rip their shirts off to show off their backs xDD.

BoA – Eat You Up & Look Who’s Talking – I miss BoA…She looks really good in this ^^.


Wonder Boys – Girls Generation & So Hot (09/07)

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Credit: pocketfulofsmiles @ Youtube


The first thing I saw was Shindong’s face and from there on I was laughing xD. This totally made my day ^^. But OMG they are freaking hilarious. I really hope that isn’t Sungmin’s real hair ^^; I think he just needed it longer so he could flip it xD. I was really drawn to Sungmin through out the whole performance…I might be biased but have you seen that guy move his hips xD. Taemin’s so smily and cute. Seungri looks amazing and slightly less feminine than the rest xDD. But I love Jo Kwon’s expressions…He’s priceless, Man. The so Hot Performance was GOLD…I love how the camera man zooms in on their lower half’s..haha xD. The dancing was amazing…For guys their really bendy and they do really good waves. (Especially Sungmin…Watch him..haha) Shindong doing Yoobin’s rap was Awsome…he really has lost a lot of weight. I Love the part where their running around fluffing their hair…Sungmin I Love You Kiddo xD…♥♥♥

Shinee & Suju-H – Special Stage MNET

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Credits: misterkrabspatties @ Youtube

AWWW THEY”RE SO CUTE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Miracle is one of my favorite Suju sings…So you can imagine how happy I am Right now \:D/. SHINEE AND SUPER JUNIOR H  SINGING AND BEING SO CUTE TOGETHER ♥♥♥ They do a really good job together ^^. And this time everyone gets to sing including Minho C=  SJH comes out and they all looks so squishy xD. My favorite part of the song is where they all line up and join arms ^^. Minnie’s so cute he makes a heart with his arms ♥. I Love you Too ♥. Shinee and Super Junior \:D/ Life couldn’t get better ♥

Super Junior H – Pajama Party MV Eng Sub

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Credit to wondersmurf @ Youtube 

This Is such a cute MV. I know it’s been out for a while but I wanted to post something about Super Junior… :D

Cooking Cooking?! wasn’t my favorite song so I was really happy when they did a MV for this song. (Good Luck was still my favorite off that album xD) They all look so cute and hyper in it. The lyrics are pretty interesting too. Sungmin with any stuffed animal = ♥♥♥ xD. He’s such a cutie pie. The dancing in it is hilarious. Leetuek with rainbows and Eunhyuk with his “Tree” = ADORABLE… Shindong needs to see a new hairdresser. Yesung sounds really nice in this ^^ and Kangin looks simply endearing. I could rant about this all day but I’ll stop here before I bore you all to death…