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Infinity Challenge – Boys Before Flowers Parody

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

My First Question is….IS THIS THE SAME DRAMA? ROFL…The Parody is an entirely different drama xDDD. Still very funny though ^^. PMS is Jun Pyo, Jae Seok is Ji Hoo and Jun Jin is Jandi ^^. Jun Jin makes a very pretty Jandi xDDD. OMG…He looks pretty but at the same time kindda disturbing xD. The Girls Suiciding part was hilarious xDD. Ohmygoodness…The kiss between Jun Jin and PMS was freaking hilarious and a bit awkward xD. LOL…I think those were my favorite parts…although there were many other parts that made me laugh like crazy ^^. This parody seems to put everything that happens in dramas into one….the lovers finding out they’re siblings, the girl dying in her lovers arms and someone getting into an accident xD. Is it just me or does the ending remind you of the DBSK’s Banjun Drama ‘Unforgettable Love.’ The one were Changmin tells his love story but he actually made it up xD. LOL…My thought are all over the place…so this probably makes no sense. Just go watch the Parody xD.

Music Core (02/28)

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FT Island Bad Woman – Really Really great Performance ^^. Hongki looks so yummy…he still has his wavy hair ^^. I wish that they showed some more of the other members but I really loved all of Minhwan’s shots. I really love the song. Hongki has such an amazing and stong voice. 

AJOO Wealthy 2nd Generation/Easy For Me – Some people are saying that he reminds them of TOP. I can defiantly see where they that got from. (The Guyliner ^^) But I think he looks smokin. (I’m pretty sure you guys have seen the pics of his shirtless *___* xD.) LOL…But I can’t decide which one I like more…The cute AJOO or the Madly Sexy AJOO xD. I really like the song too. The chorus is super catchy ^^. 

Seungri Strong Baby Remix ft. G-Dragon – I really like the remix version but I still think the original is the best ^^. Seungri still looks so hot. AND GD COMES ^^. ROFL…He never fails to amuse and amaze me with what he’s wearing. I Love the Pink Patented Trench-coat. Only he can pull that off. His glasses are really different too xD. And OMG THE HAIR xDDD. At least it’s not slicked back :).  Oh…How I love this boy ^^. I really love seeing Seungri dance. He always looks so smooth. 

KARA Honey – The girls look so pretty *____*. I love the dresses. The yellow and white looks so good on them. I really like the song too. It’s starting to grow on me so much ^^. 

SNSD Gee – The song is so so catchy. I really love it xD. Well the girls look really cute and the stage is so pretty. 

Shin Hyesung Why Did You Call – HYESUNG :DDDDDDDD. Such a Pretty Song ^^.

24/7 That Guy’s Girl – I really really love this song. It’s a rock ballad and it’s so pretty ^^. This is the new SMTown band. The one with Rose from the TRAX in it ^^. He looks really really good. It seems like forever since I’ve seen him last xD. Welcome Back Baby. The other members I don’t really know. But they’re both pretty cute. I wish these guys luck. They also have a MV for this song featuring Yoona. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2. Really interesting MV.

Infinity Challenge – SNSD ‘Gee’ Parody

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

EnerGee…ROFLMAO xDDD. That’s hilarious….they even changed the lyrics so they fit there theme xD. The first part of the video is them getting ready and LOL…the wigs..xD. I actually really like Jun Jin’s hair. I think he’s the prettiest xD. The second part is of them filming and ROFL they’re so crazy ( And a tad bit Creepy xD.) PMS starts doing hip thrusts xDDD. I really think that PMS wanted to be Jessica so he can pull his eye down and just be crazy LOL…xD. I thought is was really cute that Hyungdon was Taeyeon since they’re married now xD. Hongchul as Tiffany really scared me…LOL…he really creeped me out in this xD. The actual Parody starts around 5:30. If you want a really good laugh watch this…it instantly made my day better ^^.

KBS – Shall We Dance K-Pop Stars (01/27)

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These are just the cuts of each dancer. All of them are in HD so you get to see it clearly :D.

Koo Ha Ra (Kara) Quickstep – She looks really pretty ^^.  I love all the lifts in this too.

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) Waltz – Aw…He looks so handsome and really suave :D. His dancing was so smooth and elegant. Good Job Hyung Joon ^^.

 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) Paso Doble – The ending was hot xD. She tries really hard. Go Ga In!

 Andy (Shinhwa) Jive – Andy’s so cute and Funny. I love his intro with Minwoo in the background xD. His dancing was really good and I love what he’s wearing. LOL…HEART DANCE AT THE END ^^.

Solbi Rhumba – She looked really sexy, but she still seemed a little awkward. Too bad she and Andy couldn’t dance together xD.

Seungri (Big Bang) Samba – LOL..Is Minwoo always in the rehearsal room xD. Oh…We get a bit of chest action xD. I really liked his samba. He sure knows how to work that body. Yum~. LOL..And I Love his self-promotion at the end. -Crack Crack Crack-.

Minwoo (Shinhwa) Paso Doble – Minwoo is really a great dancer.He looks really sexy and manly in this ^^. Too bad he had a little stumble at the end. Great Job though :D.

Nam Kyu Ri (SEEYA) Tango – Her tango was pretty good and I love what she’s wearing. She looks really good ^^.

Baek Ji Young Cha Cha – More Minwoo xD. Her Cha Cha was really good. I believe she wins in the end.

I wish I could write more about each one of the performances but I have to go right now…LOL. So watch for yourself and comment about what you think xD.

Infinity Challenge Haru Haru Parody (01/17)

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Credits: BabyBongaholic @ Youtube


OMG…This is a must watch :D. ‘Big Bag’ xDD. LOL…Okay this was an extremely well done parody. It made me laugh like crazy ^^. Everyone played their roles really well. The person playing Seungri really fits the part. MC Yoo makes a awesome TOP too. xD…But PMS kindda creeps me out…LOL. That’s probably the point xD. The fight scene was really funny and amusing. I love how they flash between the them and the guy with the ‘Big Bag’ xD. PMS’s chair/mirror scene really made me laugh and at the same time really creeped me out xD. Oh…and I love Jun Jin’s fedora ^^.

Their live performance was really good. The singing was a lot better than I thought it would be and the dancing was really good too. The outfits are close to what Big Bang actually wears…LOL. GD’s famous furry friend is back xD. ROFL…Hyung Don still has to wear the Big Bag for the performance xD. The ending was really amusing too.ROFL…Jun Jin and MC Yoo playing with PMS’s hat xD.

Mnet MKMF 2008 – Special Stages

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>  Girls Reloaded (Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry and Jaurim) – The rock version is so cool.

> Something HOT (2PM, U-Kiss, SHINee, 2AM, Mighty Mouth and Moon Hee Jun) Part 1, Part 2 – 2PM as Super Junior, U-Kiss as SS501, SHINee as DBSK, 2AM as g.o.d. Mighty Mouth as Shinhwa. What more could you ask for xD. Amazing Performance.

> Secret Party (Wonder Girls and 2PM) – The tango was so Sexy. Really amazing performance. LOL…One of the member of 2PM rips off his shirt xD.

> Scandalous (Big Bang and Lee Hyori) Part 1, Part 2 – I love what she’s wearing xD. Anyways, Taeyang’s and Hyori’s dance was hot ^^. I love how GD entered xD. When he goes down on his knees and she hugs him…Guh…That was so sexy and sweet and cute and heartbreaking…LOL. I Love That Man ♥. TOP does his signature finger move… xD. He really took a long time to get to her and kiss her. But when he did my jaw dropped. I was not expecting that xD. His smirk right before the kiss was so cute ^^. Seungri doing the U-Go-Girl Dance was so hilarious and cute and sexy. I love him ♥. Daesung with his non-existent eyes=♥. The end performance with all of them was really amazing. They all look really hot. This was one of my favorite performances of the night. 

>  Rescue 구원 (Epik High and Kim Chang Hwan) – “One” is one of my favorite songs from them ^^. Really great performance. I love the end when they bring up other people. I see SHINee and BIg Bang xD.

> My Addiction (DBSK) Part 1Part 2 – They got the title right…xD. DBSK is defiantly my addiction ♥. I LOVE THE DANCE SOLOS ♥. Too bad Minnie didn’t get one. But seeing his cute little face is good enough for me xD. I love their outfits…Lots of chest xD. Only Jae’s makes me laugh with the fur ^^. The wrong number performance was really something. But the Mirotic performance was amazing. The remix is really interesting. They worked so hard ^^. I’m so proud of them ♥. I Love Them So Much ♥♥♥.

Again Congrats to all the winners and nominees ^^.

M – 남자를 믿지마 Don’t Trust Men MV and Previews

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Minwoo’s BACK ♥♥♥

Credits: jaeurazn1 @ Youtube

I LOVE THIS SONG ♥. M’s so cool I love him ^^. The beat in this is catchy. Minwoo looks amazing. And the story line is interesting..haha. He’s such a flirt ^^. The song kindda reminds me of “Forever” by Chris Brown. idunno I think it’s the beat. I find it kindda ironic/funny that the title of this song is “Don’t trust men” and he’s a man (A very good-looking one too…I mean look at the cover xD) 

Here is the Making For the MV: Here

EDIT: Here is M’s Comeback stage: Here

He performs Don’t trust men and I’M’U xD. You get to see Cute M and Sexy M on the same stage. How awesome is that xD.

Track-list for M’ RIZING

01 I’m Here
02 남자를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Men) (feat. BigTone)
03 I “M” U (feat. Mighty Mouth)
04 용서해 (Forgive Me)
05 Hot! (feat. Son Dam Bi)
06 멋진인생 (Cool Life)
07 가면무도회 (Masquerade) (feat. BigTone)
08 Wink Show
09 HONEY꼬시기 (Seducing Honey) (feat. Yoobin of Wonder Girls)
10 Sad Song
11 반한GIRL (Smitten Girl)
12 나의여백 (My Space) (M’S EPILOGUE)

If I find More Previews I’ll edit it…^^

WGM – Ep.23 Eng

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Credits: CJWTown @ Youtube

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

It starts off with SIY and Crown J going around backstage. They meet Gyuri and Kara. Crown J’s so smily when they meet Kara…xD. You can probably imagine how SIY is reacting. They then go to meet TOP and Tae Yang. Here is the part where Crown J feels threatened. SIY so funny, while CJ is introducing and promoting her she moves in to sit in between them xD. TOP’s hilarious when he’s trying to imitate SIY album cover xDDDD. 

Andy and Solbi are still having dinner. I thought it was so sweet when they gave their parents the couple rings ^^. Solbi then brings in Alex as a surprise guest. You can just tell Solbi’s mom is overjoyed. Alex sings and then does the heart dance with Andy.

Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo finish off their wedding photo-shoot. Guh…Hyung Joong looks amazing in his solo *__*. And he’s so sweet helping Hwang Bo out ^^. Hyung Joong can really jump high…haha xD.

I’m sorry I’m not going to write anymore…So you guys can watch on your own and tell me about your high-lights d: (I’ll hopefully have Ep. 24 up soon ^^)

Hyesung – Because Of You 그대라서 MV

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Credits : sogoodla @ Youtube


I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this song. Hyesung looks so hot and I Love his car. He looks really good with long hair and his ponytail (Did he have it in this MV?) But he looks jaw dropping hot when his hair is shorter *___*. You all should know how much I Love this guy and his voice so i’ll stop blabbing now. I might add more to this later when I find the MV subbed ^^

Shin Hyesung – Because of You + Awaken Pref. Eng (08/24)

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Credits: 80sLN @ Youtube

I don’t really keep track of what he does so I actually never got around to watch this until today ^^; haha but I’m so glad I did. This was his comeback performance…I believe. Because of You and Awaken are my favorite songs of his album and I absolutely Love them. He usually does ballads and honestly they are amazing. But I’m so happy he’s doing other genre. He has a beautiful voice and I love to listen to him ^^. And he looks really hot here >:D. Thanks to the subs I just fell in love with the songs even more. Oh and Jun Jin makes a little appearance during the interview ^^.