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W-inds – ‘Rain is Fallin’ MV ft.G-Dragon

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Credits: boanesse @ Youtube

I’ve never really got into W-inds. But I do know how awesome they are ^^. I admit that I watched the MV for GDragon ^^;;;. The song is pretty good…but I think i’ll need to listen to it a few more times before I decide if I like it. GD gets a fair amount of screen time and his hair is still hilarious xD.

CDTV Top 30 Love Songs (12/21)

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Credits: jaejoongiefied @ Youtube

20. DBSK -Forever Love

15. Arashi – Wish

07. NEWS – Snow Express

06. BoA – Meri Kuri

04. Arashi – One Love

01. KAT-TUN – White X’mas

This list is suppose to be Winter/Christmas Love songs…I guess. Maybe it’s just Love songs since Christmas Eve is coming up ^^. I just made a list of my favorite Artists/Songs that made it onto the list. Congratulations to everyone. I’m so proud of DBSK for making it onto this  ^^. They’ve worked so hard and they deserve it so much. White X’mas is my favorite winter love song right now, so I’m happy that it came in number 1 too :D.

KAT-TUN – Personality Test

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Credits: cuteyamapi05 @ Youtube

The guys is so hilarious rubbing the doctors head xD. This personality test is about cake. When you eat the strawberry on top of the cake shows something about your personality ^^. They show some members of KAT-TUN eating the starwberry and cake. Tanaka eats it first, Kame eats it in the middle and Jin eats it last. I love how Kame eats the cake…He inhales the whole thing xD. His explanation afterwards was really adorable. The explanation they give is when they eat the strawberry it tells them about how many dates the person waits before they start thinking about kissing their date. 

Results under the cut

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KAT-TUN – White X’mas PV

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Credits: gingerakanishi @ Youtube

The perfect Christmas ballad song ^^. I really, really love the song. It’s so pretty. The PV is really nice too. The beginning is my favorite part. Kame ♥. I don’t know if it’s considered a smirk or a half smile but he just makes the best facials ^^. He’s so good looking :D.  Jin looks really good too ♥. I love what they’re wearing ^^. Ueda looks really cute in his fur hat…LOL. They all look so handsome ^^. Sigh, I just love the whole thing :D. The golden Santa kindda freakes me out though….LOL.

On a side note I was walking to school today and yesterday it snowed about 15cm. So it was completely white and so beautiful ^^. This song came up on my ipod as I was walking and it just fit perfectly :D. It made me so happy that I found my perfect Winter/Christmas Song ^^…LOL. I’m so lame d:

Arashi – Beautiful Days PV

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Credits: ArashiPVs @ Youtube

I really liked this song so I thought I would share it all with you. Honestly I’m not a hard core Arashi fan but there are songs by them that I do like. I loved the songs they sang for Hana Yori Dango. And I loved Jun in it too ^^. It’s one of my favorite Dramas ever. I highly recommend it especially since there is going to be a Korean version hopefully very soon ^^. Jun’s hair makes me so sad…LOL. It’s pretty bad. This song is also going to be the theme song for Ryusei no Kizuna.