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Birthday Post _ Mine & Onew

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Since it’s my Birhtday today I wanted to post up one of my favourite NEWS songs. It has nothing to with KPop, but this song makes me smile so much :D. I think I have posted it before but you guys can still Enjoy~

Credits: Bista7896 @ Youtube

The boys are so cute and I love the MV :). Also since Onew’s Birthday is tomorrow and I won’t be able to do a Birthday Post for him I thought I would combine my Birthday and His xD. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DUBU~! xoxo. Love You.


NEWS – ‘Koi No ABO’ (Love’s ABO) MV

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Credits: kaeiyu @ Youtube

LOL…For some reason this MV made me laugh pretty hard. NewS is probably my favorite JE Group just because they are so hilarious and silly and just so damn cute xD. They are the only group I know that would do a song that has a disco-y feel to it and have it be about Blood Types xD. Seeing them dancing and wearing pretty interesting outfits made my day. Koyama looks really good especially in the beginning. Love his huge sunglasses ^^. Yampi still has his paper cups. (Is this is his third MV with them…? xD.) Tegoshi looks absolutely adorable, I really like his hair. Ryo looks really handsome ^^. Masuda looks so different with his hair darker. Kato is just plain crazy xD. LOL…Just watch the MV, it’s so full of Lulz ^^.

CDTV Top 30 Love Songs (12/21)

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Credits: jaejoongiefied @ Youtube

20. DBSK -Forever Love

15. Arashi – Wish

07. NEWS – Snow Express

06. BoA – Meri Kuri

04. Arashi – One Love

01. KAT-TUN – White X’mas

This list is suppose to be Winter/Christmas Love songs…I guess. Maybe it’s just Love songs since Christmas Eve is coming up ^^. I just made a list of my favorite Artists/Songs that made it onto the list. Congratulations to everyone. I’m so proud of DBSK for making it onto this  ^^. They’ve worked so hard and they deserve it so much. White X’mas is my favorite winter love song right now, so I’m happy that it came in number 1 too :D.

NEWS – Happy Birthday MV

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Credits: AoixAi @ Youtube


They are so freaking cute ^^. I don’t really keep up with them… I really fail don’t I ^^; haha. Anyways this is their newest single ^^. Ryo looks really handsome -Swoon-. Yamapi is hilarious I always end up Laughing at his hair xD. It’s not bad this time. Masuda looks so awesome. I love his voice ♥. Well actually I love all of him.  I love what Koyama’s wearing ^^. Kato’s hair looks really good on him \:D/. But TEGO OMG I LOVE HIM ♥♥♥. He is so cute…and his voice is really sweet. I totally fell more in love with him. Some of the MV is really random like the chicken…haha xD. I really love the choreography during the chorus ^^. The song is pretty catchy but most of their songs are.

Oh by the way…I tend to use nicknames for the boys so here’s who I’m referring to when I use them.

Tomohisa Yamashita – Yamapi

Ryo Nishikido – Ryo

Keiichiro Koyama – Koyama

Takahisa Masuda – Masuda or Mas

Shigeaki Kato – Kato

Yuya Tegoshi – Tegoshi, Tego or Yuya ^^

Sigh…They’re so cute ^^ ♥