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Posted in KAT-TUN, MV with tags , on February 11, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: xxloveakamexx @ Youtube

Woah… *o* Hottie Alert xD. Kame looks like a really hot drunk xD…ROFL. Let me try that again. Kame looks like a really hot….Rockstar :DDDD. LOL…That’s better. I think it’s because of his hair…it’s all mused and stuff….Kindda reminds me of Matsumoto Jun’s  hair or Jun Pyo’s hair ^^. Jin looks really sexy. I love his hair :D. HOLY CRAP UEDA LOOKS  HAWT *_____________* OMG…GuyLiner ^^. They have really nice limos too xD LOL. Well I really like the song. Especially the “Bye Bye” Part xD. The MV isn’t  super exciting but it’s still really good ^^.