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Fahrenheit – ‘ONLY YOU’ MV

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Credits: 99yuchi @ Youtube

They all look so handsome ^^. I Love seeing guys in suits…I have no idea why but I Do xD. It makes them look so suave and sophisticated xD. I absolutely love these guys. Jiro looks majorly hot. His wavy hair reminds me of Jun Pyo…LOL. Aaron still looks adorable ^^. Love his hair :DD. Wuzun and Calvin are as handsome as ever. Calvin’s hair is actually growing on me :). The song is pretty…I still like ‘Treasure’ better ^^. But it’s smooth and calming. The melody is sweet~.


Fahrenheit – Mo Mo, Liu Xia Lai, Heng Xing, Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun & Zui Jia Ting Zhong MVs

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LOL…I’m so behind on their MVs ^^;;;; In all the MVs the boys look amazing. I especially love Jiro’s hair xD. 

Mo Mo (The Love of Silence) 默默 – This is their song for the Drama To Get Her. I’m pretty sure that Jiro is the main lead in the drama but I’m not sure if the other members are also going to be in it too. But Holy Crap Jiro looks HAWT. His interaction with the girl are really nice especially when he backs her up against a wall and then places his arm in front of her when she tries to get away ^^…Of course all the other member look fantastic too. Aaron is such a cutie ^^. The song is really pretty it’s softer than what Fahrenheit usually does ^^.

留下來 Liu Xia Lai/Stay With Me – This is my favorite MV out of the five. JIRO ♥♥♥♥. Oh My Heart ^^. He’s so good looking…-Sigh- ROLF….We’ll the concept of the MV isn’t really special  but how he won her back was really sweet of him. The lights were really pretty. I see the theme of Happy Faces…yah idunno xD. But I love how all the other members looked. Jiro on the guitar (HOT), Aaron on the piano/keyboard, Chun on the drums and Calvin goofing off = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. The shower scene was really good…Jiro has a really nice body ;). LOL…But I really started laughing when he stops so he won’t run over a turtle…xD. If you watch any of the MVs make sure you watch this one…The boys are devastatingly cute in this MV…(JIRO ♥) and the song is one of my favorites off the album. 

恆星 (Heng Xing/Shining Star) – This is their song for the Rolling Love OST. I like the song but it’s not one of my favorites. The little girl in the MV is adorable ^^. Supposedly Aaron’s sister is in the MV. I’m not sure if that’s true or who she is ^^;;; Overall I like what they’re wearing except for Jiro…ROLF…Seriously what is he wearing xD. The boys looks really cute though^^.

孤單摩天輪 (Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun/Lonely Ferris Wheel) – The song is really nice to listen to. I like the effect of having the overhead/slide projector shining on them. They all look so handsome ^^. My crush on Aaron and Jiro keeps getting bigger and bigger ^///^.  The MV is mostly them just singing but visuals always make me like the song better xD. I get to stare at pretty boys for like 5 minutes it’s a pretty good deal xD.

The Best Listener Zui Jia Ting Zhong 最佳聽眾 MV – Fahrenheit always does a song that’s dedicated to their fans…I’ve always thought that was really sweet of them ^^. The song’s cute. Again visuals of them make me really happy xD. Jiro’s so cute he’s just goofing off xD. I really really love his hair like this ^^. Aaron makes a heart…aww…♥♥♥. He looks super cute too ^^. Ooo…Hoodies…LOL…and I Love how when they put up their hoods there are faces on the side xD. Is Chun’s a happy face xD…? ROLF that’s awesome.

Fahrenheit – Love More and More Album

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Album of the Moment Page Updated ~

Fahrenheit – Love You More and More (越來越愛) Album (Third Album)


動脈 (Artery) – This was the Pi Li Mit’s opening theme song. I really like this one ^^.

越來越愛 Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More And More) – I think this is my favorite song off this album. Maybe even one of my favorite Fahrenheit songs ever xD. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG even if you don’t listen to the whole album ^^. It’s a rock pop song I guess…LOL. I really love it though ^^.

寂寞暴走 Ji Mo Bao Zou (Loneliness Running Wild) – This is one of their pretty rock ballads ^^. I really like this song too, I probably love it more because of the MV. The lyrics are so pretty and heartbreaking ;___;

恆星 Heng Xing (Shining Star) – This is Rolling Love’s Opening Theme Song :D. Great Song ^^.

默默 Mo Mo (The Love Of Silence) – Hmmm….So Pretty ^^

最佳聽眾 Zui Jia Ting Zhong (The Best Listener) – Slightly more upbeat than the last…Pretty Good.

留下來 Liu Xia Lai (Stay With Me) – I really like the melody to this one. I really like the song too ^^.

孤單摩天輪 Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun (Lonely Ferris Wheel) – Another pretty ballad :D.

雨是眼淚 Yu Shi Yan Lei (Rain And Tear) – The songs sounds so sad…I love it though xD.

你應該被珍惜 Ni Ying Gai Bei Zhen Xi (Cherish) – They sound really good..^^

There are some really nice ballads and some really catchy upbeat songs. Overall, I really like this album and I Really love the boys ^^. This album has more a rock feel than the last, I really like what they did. I wanted to write more about each song but I’m kindda lazy…xD. LOL…Anyways….Good Luck Boys !!! ^^


Fahrenheit – 寂寞暴走/Ji Mo Bao Zou MV

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Credits: htdarylfung @ Youtube

The MV came out a day or two ago ^^. One of the things I Love about Fahrenheit is they always have MV’s for half of their album xD. The song has a rock feel to it but it’s more of a ballad…idunno how to explain it. Just watch ^^. It’s a really nice song…I really like it ^^. The lyrics are really pretty and sad. Lost Love…</3

Aaron gets to be the lead in this MV. I’m glad he gets more screen time. He looks so hot xD. Well they all looks really hot. The close ups are amazing *__*. The outfits aren’t bad either. I Love what Aaron’s wearing….I Love guys in vests ^^. Jiro with his fur…xD. The hair looks really good too. Sigh…I can’t wait for the album…SO CLOSE.

Fahrenheit – 3rd Album Photo-shoot

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Credits: Pixiel01 @ Youtube

They look really, really HOT ^^. I can’t wait for this album to come out :D. Late Christmas present anyone…? xD. Anyways, Chun wears a kilt for the photo-shoot xD. LOL…If that isn’t already funny enough he just is so hyper and crazy xDDD. I Love how Calvin ‘translates’ Chun’s Gibberish…LOL. Then Chun playing with his Kilt xD. “Give Me Five” High-Fiving himself and then Aaron laughing and imitation him was the cutest thing. LOL…When did Chun become so spazztic and crazy ^^.

Fahrenheit – 越來越愛/Yue Lai Yue Ai/Love You More and More MV

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Credits: htdarylfung @ Youtube

I LOVE, LOVE THIS SONG. The melody is so addictive. This song is fast becoming one of my favorite songs from them :D. I love these boys so much ^^. I’m so glad they’re making their third album. I believe it’s suppose to come out at the end of this month or beginning of next month :D. Can’t wait…

The MV is really nice. They all look so handsome ><. Aaron is so cute…Sigh I love him. Jiro is so HOT. I love his hair. Well, I love all of him too ^^. I like Calvin with longer hair but he’s still looks cool. Chun is just as handsome as ever. I Love them. The concept of the MV is typical…but I like how they add scenes of them singing on stage and their solo shots ^^. JIRO LOOKS HOT WITH A GUITAR ♥. Their outfits aren’t bad either. Rocker outfits are pretty hot ^^. Aaron looks amazing with a undone bow-tie around his neck. Chun in a sweater vest is super cute too ^^. LOL…Jiro has a giant lock around his neck xD. Maybe a little too much fur but meh…I love how the 3 guys push Aaron toward the girls ^^. His expression is totally cute d: When they start cheering = xD.

Fahrenheit & S.H.E. – Suan Tian MV

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Credits: AzNFLHfan @ Youtube

The MV is really cute and colorful…LOL. It’s a little old but I never really keep up with them…Fails xD. Better late than never though ^^. Fahrenheit and S.H.E. are always so cute together. The song is pretty catchy ^^. JIRO = Major ♥♥♥. He’s so freaking Hot d: Aaron is super adorable ^^. Wu Zun looks so handsome…as usual…haha. Calvin looks really nice too xD. The girls are so pretty. Especially Hebe. She always looks so amazing. LOL…at the cow suits…xDD. Such dorks.