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2NE1 – Dara & Lee Minho Cass MV Full

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Credits: jstasimplesub @ Youtube

I’ve already expressed my liking for the song so I’ll just concentrate on the MV. Dara looks super cute and she’s pretty fierce in this too :D. Minho is just finnnee~. I’ve said it so many times but this guy is nothing shot of gorgeous :). He clothes are kindda ridiculous but he still pulls them off. I might just be distracted by his handsome face though xD. The story line is interesting and I think they look really great together :DDD. The end was pretty awesome, but it seems like she might still like him since she kept the ‘Cass ring,’ Hmm…maybe there will be a second part to the MV. What’s with these guys and throwing stuff into drinks though xD.


2NE1 – Dara ‘Kiss’ ft. CL & Teaser for Cass CF with Minho

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Credits: jstasimplesub @ Youtube

This is song is actually pretty addictive. :D. The beats catchy and Dara’s voice sounds really good. She is so pretty too ^^. When the full MV for her’s and Minho’s CF comes out I’ll post it. For now enjoy the teaser HERE :D. Minho is looking fine~. Hehe… I can’t wait for the whole MV :).

Boys Before Flowers – Anycall Magic Hole CFs (08/21)

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Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho – Anycall Magic Hole CF – OMG. These guys are such dorks, but they’re so hilarious xD. Hyun Joong’s expressions are so cute and hilarious :D. Favorite part when they freak out and start hugging each other. Imagine if they did that in real life xD.

Uee & Kim Hyun Joong – AnyCall Magic Hole CF – *___________*. He looks so sexy. Love the hair and outfit :). I especially love the way he grabs her and throws he against the wall. (He could do that to me anytime he wants too ;).) The ending was super cute xD. She looks so disappointed.

Lee Min Ho & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – Minho looks yummy~. What’s with all the guys being so sexy and pulling these slick moves on Uee. LOL…I would love to be in her position xD.

Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – They all look so great :). Minho’s such a dork xD. I love how he lies down as the phone opens…looks kindda painful though xD. Hyun Joong makes a sexy 007. The shooting out of the heart was pretty cool ♥. Uee doing the Ring thing freaked me out a bit xD.

Kim Jun (T-Max) – Jun Be OK! MV ft. Hyunjoong

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Credits: hoonfami @ Youtube

I’m pleasantly surprised with this. The title makes me giggle still but it’s definitely creative ;). When I heard the song in the preview it sounded really catchy, the full version is no different. I especially love the chorus. He sounds really good and his rapping is pretty damn good also :). There’s nothing really special about the MV beside Hyunjoong xD. But he looks really yummy in that suit, same with Hyunjoong. He looks gorgeous ^^. God, how does he look so good :Q. For some reason when I see them together during some of the scenes it reminds me of Seungri and GD in Strong Baby xD.

Boys Before Flowers – Kim Bum and Kim So Eun AnyCall Bodyguard CF

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube 

I’ve always thought Kim Bum was really adorable and i’ve had my eye on him for awhile now xD. Watching BBF just made me fall in even more love with him. I think he and Ga Eul were really cute together and I wished they had a little bit of a better ending…so I guess this makes up for it a bit. The whole thing was just really cute ^^. I’m glad that they did get a happy ending after all. Boom Junpyo was hilarious xD.

Boys Over Flowers – SS501 ‘애인 만들기 (Making a Lover)’ and AST’1 ‘아쉬운 마음 (A Melancholy Feeling)’

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I wanted to post the translations for these two songs because they were my favorite out of the new/second OST. I’m so in love with these songs xD. So for all you guys who are just as addicted to this drama as me…the translations are underneath ^^.

Listen to it HERE.

SS501 ‘애인 만들기 (Making a Lover)’ Translations

Yell to the world
I love you, that I love you
That I hope you will be my girl
Shining always you’re my star
I will protect you
I can always waiting for you

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Infinity Challenge – Boys Before Flowers Parody

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

My First Question is….IS THIS THE SAME DRAMA? ROFL…The Parody is an entirely different drama xDDD. Still very funny though ^^. PMS is Jun Pyo, Jae Seok is Ji Hoo and Jun Jin is Jandi ^^. Jun Jin makes a very pretty Jandi xDDD. OMG…He looks pretty but at the same time kindda disturbing xD. The Girls Suiciding part was hilarious xDD. Ohmygoodness…The kiss between Jun Jin and PMS was freaking hilarious and a bit awkward xD. LOL…I think those were my favorite parts…although there were many other parts that made me laugh like crazy ^^. This parody seems to put everything that happens in dramas into one….the lovers finding out they’re siblings, the girl dying in her lovers arms and someone getting into an accident xD. Is it just me or does the ending remind you of the DBSK’s Banjun Drama ‘Unforgettable Love.’ The one were Changmin tells his love story but he actually made it up xD. LOL…My thought are all over the place…so this probably makes no sense. Just go watch the Parody xD.