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BoA – Beautiful by Akon ft. BoA & Kardinal Offishal

Posted in Boa with tags on August 21, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: bokachu90 @ Youtube

I love this song. It’s so catchy and BoA sounds awesome :D. She only has a small part but I prefer this version over the original xD. Plus the album cover looks really nice. BoA looks so beautiful *_____*.


BoA – Energetic MV

Posted in Boa, MV with tags , on July 24, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: musicfanz01 @ Youtube

It feels like I haven’t posted about BoA for ages :(. I mean she is so talented and I’m glad she’s getting some more exposure in the US. I do really like the song but it wasn’t one of my favorites off her album. I don’t think this is her best MV or song but she still catches my attention :D. Plus she looks gorgeous. BoA Fighting!

Also HERE is the preview for ‘Beautiful’ by Akon ft. Boa. :DDD. I can’t wait for a full preview. They sound really good together!

Boa – I Did It For Love MV

Posted in Boa, MV with tags , on April 17, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: allkpop @ Youtube

I was a little disappointed in the MV. But Boa is such an amazing singer and dancer that it makes up for it xD. ‘I did it for love’ was one of my favorite songs off her US Debut Album. I’m really glad that she’s going to start promoting it ^^. The choreography in the MV is really impressive. She uses a lot of props, like the chair, cane, hat and fan. She looked so pretty when she was fanning herself. LOL…She does look really Hot throughout the whole MV. BoA FIGHTING!


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You all probably know BoA’s Debut USA Album was released on March the 17th. ^^. Honestly I really really like this album and I adore BoA. I did find some of the songs sounded the same but…meh. She sounds super amazing in all the songs. I can understand everything she says. Support Boa and buy the Album. I know I’m going to ;).  This is going to be a quick review xD…LOL.

I Did It For Love (featuring Sean Garrett) – I love this song. The beat is super catchy and addictive :DDD. I can’t wait for the MV to come out ^^.
> Energetic – I really like this song. ‘Report to the Dance Floor’ ;]. 
> Did Ya – This is probably my second favorite off the album ♥. The chorus is my favorite part. ‘You shoulda loved me right when you had me ‘ ♥^^.
> Look Who’s Talking – Another Favorite. The chorus is awesome. ‘Damn, Right It’s all about me’ :DD.
> Eat You Up – I’ve already spazzed enough about this song….LOVE IT ^^.
> Obsessed – Well I’m obsessed with this album xD…LOL. -Sigh- xDD.
> Touched – The beat is totally awesome :D and Boa sounds amazing. 
> Scream – :DDDDDD.
> Girls On Top – This is the English version. Honestly, I like the Korean version better. I think it’s just because I’m so used to it xD.
> Dress Off – This song is pretty addictive. ^^
> Hypnotic Dancefloor – Oh…I really like the song. ‘Tonight I’m going to dance for my life’ Makes me want to dance haha xDD.

LOL….Well that’s my really crappy review xD. But I really did enjoy her album. Boa Fighting! Well, you guys tell me what you think too ^^.

DBSK and Boa on Music Station (03/06)

Posted in Boa, DBSK, Performance with tags , , on March 6, 2009 by pockyy13

DBSK Survivor – Finally they get to be on Music Station. I’m so proud of them ^^. The black outfits are pretty good. They look really hot *______*. I really really love ‘Survivor’ too.  Is this there first time performing Survivor? Cause if it is they did a really amazing job ^^. Vocally everything sounded really good. Junsu was so sexy at the beginning and he’s sounds great throughout the whole performance. Jaejoong looks amazing. I actually really like Yoochun’s hair. He looks pretty cute ^^. 

BoA Eien – I really love this song ^^. AND BOA LOOKS SO GOOD. She’s so Cute~ LOL…Well all the dancing in the performance was really good. She sounds amazing too. I can’t wait until the release of her album.

Boa – ‘I Did It For Love’ Preview

Posted in Boa with tags on February 19, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: Glitterydiamond @ Youtube

I really like this song. The chorus is really catchy and I honestly think this song will do really well in the american market. I’m anticipating her album release so much…^^. Good Luck Boa!!! Fighting!

A K-Pop Valentines Day Post ♥♥♥

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Okay, so as you all should know today is Valentines Day. The day full of love and tenderness ♥♥♥. LOL…To sappy for you xD. Well what I decided was to do a post about my favorite K-Pop Love Songs ^^. I have a lot of favorite Love songs and Songs just in general…So it took me a while to choose and I wanted to have the word ‘Love’ in the title if possible just because…xD. Here we go….♥



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