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Birthday Post _ Mine & Onew

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Since it’s my Birhtday today I wanted to post up one of my favourite NEWS songs. It has nothing to with KPop, but this song makes me smile so much :D. I think I have posted it before but you guys can still Enjoy~

Credits: Bista7896 @ Youtube

The boys are so cute and I love the MV :). Also since Onew’s Birthday is tomorrow and I won’t be able to do a Birthday Post for him I thought I would combine my Birthday and His xD. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DUBU~! xoxo. Love You.

Birthday Post – Key

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School is so crazy right now, but I wanted to make sure that I made a B-Day post for Key :). Today he turns legal ^^. LOL, but I’m still not legal xD. Okay well Key is really good-looking. He’s so cute and really sexy~. LOL. His looks are different than any K-Star that i’ve seen, he looks kindda feminine too xD. Any guy that can rap wins my heart xD. Plus he can sing and dance :D. My triple threat ♥. He has a quirky personality and he’s so funny :D. I love the way he says ‘Sexshii~’ and his bright smile xD. There’s so many things that I adore about Key, but unfortunately I have to go back to studying… So, Happy Birthday Key~!!! I hope it’s amazing, just like you babe ^^.

Birthday Post – Kibum & Yesung

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Since I missed Kibum’s birthday I thought I would include his with Yesung’s Birthday post ^^;;;.



Hmm…what do I like about Kibum? Well everything xD. My first B-day post was for this guy and he holds such a special place in my heart ♥. He’s one of the first K-Pop guys that I fell in love with and one of the first guys that I noticed in Super Junior. He’s extremely good looking :Q. But he also has this boyish charm to him. He can transform from a total cutie into this sexy, hardcore man xD. He’s cute but he’s so hot too :D. His smile is so charming and I love how the other members imitate it ^^. I think he’s really talented and I wish I could see more of his talents, especially his acting. Honestly, i’ve been disappointed with Super Junior promoting without him. I really wish I could’ve see more of him as I’m sure many fans also wanted. Kibum is super special to me. LOL. I get so excited when I see a photo or a video or whatever of him. Just seeing him makes me so happy :D. So Happy Birthday Kibum! I hope I see you soon in the future ;).



My little weirdo ♥ xD. Yesung can be totally strange and cracktastic. He was voted as the second strangest member of Super Junior xD. I think he’s so cute and handsome and just overall good-looking. He’s talented beyond your imagination. His voice is so strong and beautiful :). His harmonizations are always flawless. I love listening to him :D. He has this fire in him, on variety shows he never wants to  be outdone xD. Especially when it comes to weird dances. I think he’s just so lovable and sweet and hilarious. Did I mention weird? Haha. Well, I really love this guy ♥. Happy Birthday Yesung~!!!

Birthday Post – Leeteuk

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Okay, this is going to be a short one again :(. Teukie’s such an angel and he’s an such a special person as well ^^. He’s a truly amazing person and an awesome leader. I mean he has to keep 13 boys out of trouble xD. He’s such a funny guy and he takes the other members teasing so well :). He’s a really cool dancer and he’s never afraid to make a total fool of himself xD. Exhibit A HERE. (This is one of my favorite recent videos of Him xD.) It’s something I absolutely love about him ♥. He’s always one of the members crying when they achieve something great. It breaks my heart to see him cry but I know it’s tears of joy ^^. Here’s to another wonderful year added to your age xD. Happy Birthday Teukie~. Sarenghae~.

Birthday Post – Ryeowook

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It’s exam time right now and I really need to study but I really wanted to do a B-Day post for Ryeowook. He’s such a special person and I love him so much xD. He was one of the first people that I was attracted to in K-Pop. For that he deserves a million hugs cause he got me interested in K-Pop. But on top of that he has such amazing qualities. His is voice is so beautiful ;___;. He’s amazing on the piano *________*. He’s hilarious xD. And he’s so damn cute :). LOL…I could go on gushing about this guy all day because he truly is amazing but I need to get back to studying. So Happy Birthday Ryeowook. I Love You Immensely ♥. Under the cut I have an article from Easy Magazine about Ryeowook. I’ve been saving it since February to put it in his B-Day post so yeah… :D. He’s so Cute ^^.

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Birthday Post – Hyunjoong

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Sigh…I don’t really have time to do a long Birthday post for Leader either :/. I’m late too xD. Well I’m going to quickly state some of the things that I love most about Leader-shii. First of all his quirky personality…he’s so funny and strange xD. His voice is so sweet and nice to listen to :D. He’s an awesome dancer too. Hyunjoong is a much better actor now and I really enjoyed him in BBFs. Of course he is sooo good looking. He’s so pretty and sexy and gorgeous and handsome and just really good looking :Q. I love his hair too ^^. So Happy Birthday Leader. I Love You~!

Birthday Post – Yoochun~

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Okay, so I’m a day late but I fudged the date stamp so…yeah xD. I really don’t have the time to do a huge long B-Day post like I wish I could xD. (Sigh…School ><)  But I absolutely adore Yoochun and he deserves a B-day post ^^. I’ll start with his appearance. There is no doubt that Yoochun is incredibly sexy :Q. He has interesting fashion sense and his hair is always changing. LOL…but he’s so sensitive and sweet. Any guy who can openly cry is golden in my books :). I think that take so much courage to cry in front of someone rather than hold it back. He writes some of the most beautiful songs ever and has a really nice smirk d: His voice is so deep and gorgeous. His high notes are amazing. I love seeing him with Junsu and how they tease each other so much but still love each other too… :3. They have such hilarious cat-fights. He can be so silly and cracktastic. His ‘Baby’ voice is so cute :D. Well actually everything about him is pretty cute and hot and manly and sexy and just love xD. So Happy Birthday Chun~ I Love You ♥.