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Favorite Songs of 2009!

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I know I’m late on this post but I really haven’t had a lot of time to do this xD. So Happy New Year Everyone~! I wish you all happiness and good health, and of course some awesome Kpop fandom :D. By the way I didn’t link the songs because I assume you guy have heard all of the songs before xD. If you haven’t just search them up on Youtube. I highly recommend you do if you haven’t heard the song before :).

My Top 15 Songs From 2009:

1: It’s You- Super Junior

2: You & I – Park Bom

3: Wedding Dress – Taeyang

4: Finally – Brave Brothers Ft. U-KISS

5: Stand By You – DBSK

6: I Hate You – 2PM

7. Let Me Hear Your Voice – Big Bang

8. I Don’t Care – 2NE1

9. Ring Ding Dong – SHINee

10. Gee – SNSD

11. I Hope – FT Island

12. Bad Girl – BEAST

13. Love Like This – SS501

14. G.O.O.D Love – MBLAQ

15. Hello – G-Dragon Ft. Dara

Bonus: To Luv… -V.O.S. ft. Jaeboem

You can probably tell that I tried to choose my favorite song from all different artists xD. 2009 was eventful year in Kpop. There were so many highs but also a lot of lows. My heart definitely broke a couple of times this year due to those lows :(. But the music that came out was such a high :D. All the groups that debuted, the comebacks, everything just made last year so spectacular.  I usually do a Top 10 list but I had such a hard time choosing just 10 xD, so I decided to do a top 15 instead.


Taeyang (태양) – Wedding Dress (웨딩드레스) MV ENG

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Credits: UrAsianSource @ Youtube

I am so sorry… ^^;;;. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated.

Okay, well I really loved Taeyang’s last solo and this was something I was really anticipating. The song is so pretty and just so good :D. The stories kindda been used before, but I like how they added to it to. Like the part when he’s going to propose to her but the friends beats him to it . (I wanted Taeyang to punch him xD.) Well anyway I really love the song, he sounds amazing and the melody is so pretty. The lyrics really affected me too. Especially, the line “When the music ends, you’ll be with him forever.” That line just broke me ;___;

G-Dragon – Debut Solo Stage @ Inkigayo (08/30)

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Credits: BabyB0ngaholic @ Youtube

The apple trick at the beginning was pretty darn amazing *___*. The whole stage was so creative and very GD-like. I’ve been waiting for this and he brought amazing to a whole new level :D. I’m so impressed by this guy ^^.

Heartbreaker is my favorite song off his solo album. The performance was nothing short of incredible. The dancing and the singing and the rapping was spot-on. He looks soo good too :). He’s such a hot blonde!

Breathe was another song that I really liked. I love how it starts off with him on the bed xD. His outfit kindda makes me laugh. With the baseball cap and the PJ pants, he looks like a such a cute kid :3. The sheet thing in the background was pretty cool too. His smile at the end just made me melt :D. GD ♥♥♥.

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker MV

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Credits: YGEntertainment@ Youtube

YES x100000

EDIT: Subbed version HERE.

I’ve been waiting for this :D. First off, I Love this song. Damn, it’s catchy and I take back what I said about it sounding like ‘Right Round,’ it sounds totally different :). “Your my Heartbreaker!” I’m going to be listening to this for awhile :DDD.

The MV is totally GD. He has his awesome sunglasses and his usual breakdown scene xD. I thought the scenes with sheet were really cool too. It’s really unique and kindda eccentric. I LOVE IT. Plus GD looks Hot. He looks so good in the blonde hair :Q. Damn.

On the side note….HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-DRAGON~!!! Hope it’s as awesome as your album and MV xD.

G-Dragon – Gossip Man Full Preview

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Credits: elavipp @ Youtube

Wow!  I totally can’t wait for his album :D. All of the previews have been so great. I really really like this song. I could listen to this song for awhile :). He has so many different sounds on his album. I’m looking forward to it so much xD. G-Dragon <3.

Big Bang – G-Dragon Solo Album Previews

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About A Boy’s Feelings – The beat’s really catchy. -Nods head to it- Sigh, He’s such a tease xD.

Butterfly – Mmm….the guitar in this is really sweet. I didn’t expect a slow-ish song from GD xD. But it cuts off at the good part :(.

Heartbreaker – Again, the Beat is super catchy. It does sound like ‘Right Round’ but I’m sure the full version will be different xD. He’s definitely right about this album sounding like a new GD and I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS D:

All of the songs sound amazing I’m sure this is going to be one kick butt album :D. It sounds like there’s going to be a lot of different genres. I’m anticipating this album so much now :DDD (As if I wasn’t already).

Big Bang – ガラガラ GO!! (Gara Gara GO!!) MV

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Credits: YGEntertainment @ Youtube

They still look super fine :Q. Daesung’s hair is slighty laughable xD. Love him in the pink vest though :). Seungri looks HOT. Mmm…Yum. Taeyang sounds great and looks even better ^^. GD’s hat is pretty cool…but his curly hair and headband is hilarious xD. TOP looks damn sexy. His hair is kindda funny but he pulls it off :D. The song is definitely catchy. It has a dance/club feel. Something I could dance too xD. TOP’s and GD’s raps were really cool too.  Overall the MV reminds me a bit of  ‘With U’ and ‘Number 1’ but it’s still really nice too look at ;).

BTW I’m leaving for a vacation shortly for about a week. So I won’t be able to update ^^;;;. Sorry Guys. I’ll try to catch up when I come back though.