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A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album

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A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album


Dynamite – MV HERE. I really like the song ^^. It’s definitely one of my favorite off this album. Inkyu is a really great rapper…and I never knew that Hanbyul could rap :). 

내가 아니라 – Another favorite ♥. The chorus and beat is really catchy. It reminds me of another song but I can’t quiet put my finger on it xD.

No More – I like how this song is more hardcore…Similar style to ‘1,2,3,4 Back’

빈칸 채우기 – It’s kindda cute xD. It’s a song you listen to and instantly feel better xD.

WHY – It’s a pretty ballad. :D.

Overall this was a pretty good mini album. I’m still upset that Haiming didn’t get his own singing part in ‘Dynamite’ though xD. There were definitely some songs that I really liked ^^. The boys are all super cute and fairly hot xD. I still need to learn more about them, but I think I got all their names down :). Well I look forward to what they keep bringing to the table ^^. Good Luck Boys!

The album of the moment page is updated. Sorry it took me so long to get it up xD. 


A’ST1 – Dynamite MV & Comeback Stage Music Bank (04/17)

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Credits: jaeuraznMV @ Youtube

Overall, I really like this song. It’s really addictive. The MV is pretty cute. It’s kindda old-school too xD. LOL…honestly I don’t know all the members…I mostly knew everyone in the ‘1,2,3,4 Back’ MV but now they’ve all changed their hair xD. I can still recognize HaiMing though…FAILS xD. His bright red hair is kindda a giveaway, but he doesn’t get that much screen time :/. A’ST1 had some really cute and really hot members xD.  (If there is anyone that wants to help me learn names and faces, feel free to leave a comment ^^;;;;)

You can watch their Comeback Stage on Music Bank (04/17) HERE.

A’ST1 – Dynamite (다이너마이트) MV Preview

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Credits: jaeuraznMV @ Youtube

The song is pretty catchy. I really can’t wait for their comeback. The guys all look really cute too ^^. They’re releasing their Mini-Album ‘Dynamite’ tomorrow. 

Hopefully I’ll get FT Islands, 2PMs and A’ST1’s album reviews up soon.

Tracklist : 
01. Dynamite
02. 내가 아니라
03. No More
04. 빈칸 채우기
05. Why