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2NE1 – 1st Mini-Album

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Updated Album of the Moment Page.

2NE1 – 1st Mini-Album

2NE1 cover

Fire – Awesome Song. I don’t think I really need to tell you how awesome it is xD.

> I Don’t Care – I loved this song before I even heard the whole thing. It’s insanely catchy :DDD. Favorite.

> In the Club – I really like this song. It’s not to fast but not to slow xD. It’s just a really catchy and awesome song xD. When I read the lyrics I expected something different…that’s why reading lyrics always enhances the song for me xD.

> Let’s Go Party – “Let’s go party, now work that body~” I really like this song. I think it’s safe to say it’s my favorite after ‘I Don’t Care.” It’s so addictive :D. It’s definitely a song that I would listen to when getting ready to go out because it’s pumps you up xD. LOL. Well I’m already listening to this song no matter what.

> Pretty Boy – The intro’s a lot like Fire. Definitely not a bad thing. I Love CL’s lines. “Hey Pretty Boy. You Ain’t Got Nothing On Me….You wanna dance with me. You can’t do that.” It’s definitely a fierce song :). “I Like Bad Boys. Soldier Type ;)”

> Stay Together – So this is the slowest song on the mini-album. It’s not as catchy as the others but it’s still really nice to listen to.

> Lollipop (Bonus Track) – I still really like this song.

I didn’t link Fire and Lollipop since they’re old songs. Overall, I freaking love this mini-album xD. I’m so impressed by these girls :D. Especially since they’re newcomers. I’m loving their style ^^.

Shinee – ‘Romeo’ Mini-Album

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I’ve updated the Album of the Moment Page. Go Check it Out :).

SHINee – ‘Romeo’ Mini-Album


> 줄리엣 (Juliet) Juliette – After listening to the song some more It’s definitely growing on me :). I really like it now.

> 니가 맘에 들어 (I Like You) Talk to You – The beginning was really cool. Key spelling out SHINee. I like the song. The beat and all the rapping in it is really awesome. Nice English lines in it “Talk to my bod-ayy” xD. Oh. Onew.

> 차라리 때려 (Hit Me Instead) Hit Me Baby – Ooo…I really like this song. The beats really catchy too. I don’t really pay attention to genres but I’m been really enjoying RnB songs lately and I glad that they did one with a RnB feel too xD. I’m going to say that this my favorite song from the min-album.

> 세뇨리따 (Senorita) – It’s not a bad song but it’s not my favorite. Key’s rap is really great :).

> 잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking) Please Don’t Go – So this is the only ballad on the album and I must say that I’m loving it. It’s so good. Onew and Jonghyun sound amazing *________*.

> 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl) Romeo & Juliette –  Hmm…This song is pretty interesting xD. Idunno…I like it but I’m going to have to listen to it a few more times. I like the beat to it though :D.

Overall the mini-album was really good. There were definitely some songs that I like. I don’t know if there were any songs that I really really loved though. But after listening to it the album’s growing on me a lot. It’s also super cute that their second mini-album came out on their 1st Anniversary :). Happy Number 1 SHINee. May there be many more to come :D.

Super Junior – New Repackaged Songs

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I forgot to post this when I updated Album of the Moment page so I’m posting it now. Whoops… xD.

Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’ Repackaged Album


So I’m only going to talk about the new songs…but the whole album is just amazing :D.

첫번째 이야기 (Love U More) – Aw…I love this song. Especially since Sungmin and Ryeowook wrote it together. My two favorites coming together to write a song just for me xD. It’s so sweet and mellow. The begining is so cute. The whole song is just so much LOVE.♥

사랑이 죽는 병 (Love Disease) -:DDD. I LOVE THE BEAT IN THIS. This is the type of song that I love to hear from Super Junior. Their voices all sound really sensual and smooth and just superb xD.

>너라고 (It’s You) – This is just pure awesome :). I’m absolutely, undeniably in love with this song. This is probably one of the best songs they have EVER came out with. 

그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It) – The beat in this is totally cool and kindda funky. The English lines in this are fairly funny. “My Mama told me” xD. There’s also some really awesome rapping in this :D.

This is such an awesome repackaged album. I mean OMG I already love the original they just added a bunch more awesome to it ♥. ♥♥♥!  I’m so impressed by these songs.

A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album

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A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album


Dynamite – MV HERE. I really like the song ^^. It’s definitely one of my favorite off this album. Inkyu is a really great rapper…and I never knew that Hanbyul could rap :). 

내가 아니라 – Another favorite ♥. The chorus and beat is really catchy. It reminds me of another song but I can’t quiet put my finger on it xD.

No More – I like how this song is more hardcore…Similar style to ‘1,2,3,4 Back’

빈칸 채우기 – It’s kindda cute xD. It’s a song you listen to and instantly feel better xD.

WHY – It’s a pretty ballad. :D.

Overall this was a pretty good mini album. I’m still upset that Haiming didn’t get his own singing part in ‘Dynamite’ though xD. There were definitely some songs that I really liked ^^. The boys are all super cute and fairly hot xD. I still need to learn more about them, but I think I got all their names down :). Well I look forward to what they keep bringing to the table ^^. Good Luck Boys!

The album of the moment page is updated. Sorry it took me so long to get it up xD. 

2PM – Time For Change Mini-Album

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2PM – ‘Time For Change’ Mini-Album


What Time Is It Now  – Jaebeom’s Sexy English Intro. Did that sentence catch your attention? xD. What time is it…? 2PM.

Again & Again – This was one of my favorite songs off this album. I absolutely love everything about it. The MV is a must watch. Everything about it is totally addictive and catchy. 

>  니가 밉다 (Hate You) – My favorite song off this album ^^. It’s insanely addictive :D. That’s always a good thing xD. -Puts on Repeat ^^-

돌아올지도 몰라 (Might Be/She Might Come Back) – I guess you could call it an upbeat ballad. It’s still really catchy, like the other songs. It’s is a pretty song. 

Again & Again (R&B Mix) – “Your my Old-school Love, Your my New-School Love” xD. I instantly smiled and laughed when I heard it xD. It’s slower than the original but I still really like it.

DBSK – The Secret Code 4th Japanese Album

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Album of the Moment Page is now Updated :).

DBSK – ‘The Secret Code’ 4th Japanese Album


Secret Game – The song is kindda Jazzy xD. It starts off the album really well ^^.

FORCE – I like this song. It’s different than what they usually do. I don’t know how to explain it but it sounds really cool xD. 

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Why Did I Fall In Love With You?) – ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Nobody Knows – I really liked this song when I heard the preview but it took a little bit of time for it to grow on me. But know I Love it ^^. 

Beautiful You – ^^

忘れないで (Don’t Forget) – Beautiful~

9095 – I love the beat to this one. They all sound awesome. 


TAXI – This is such a pretty ballad. They all sounds so alluring xD. It’s one of my favorites off the album. 

Stand Up – Probably my favorite ^^. I just love the rhyming…LOL xD. Well I actually like everything about it. Junsu sounds so sexy xD. 

Survivor – xD

Kiss The Baby Sky – Hehe…

Bolero – :)

9096 – So this is their hidden track. It sounds so calming and dreamy ^^.

I only really did a review for the new songs…but you guys all know how much I LOVE the other songs too ^^. So this was my really quick review…LOL….I hope I’ve done a better than crappy job xD. Well I really liked this album. It’s different that what they’ve done before and it definitely came out really well ^^. I believe they got 2nd on the Oricon charts for the first day ^^. GOOD JOB DBSK!


FT Island – ‘I Believe Myself’ Single

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FT Island – ‘I Believe Myself’ Single



The Covers are so nice *______________*. They all look so handsome ^^. 

I Believe Myself Japanese ^^. I really like this song. I love all the instruments in this. Especially the guitars ^^. I still need to learn all there voices xD.

> TV Radio English :). Really Happy Song ^^.

> Moonlight Angel Korean (and Engrish xD) LOL….I really do love these guys but Hongki’s I don wan cry anymore’ is pretty funny xD. But seriously this song is so pretty. It’s my favorite off this single. Hongki sounds amazing ^^. 

Overall, the single is pretty good. It’s not my favorite single by them but I’m still really impressed ^^.

Super Junior – 3rd Album ‘Sorry Sorry’

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I’ve updated the Album of the Moment Page :).

Super Junior –  3rd Album ‘Sorry Sorry’


This is the best album that Super Junior has done so far. It blows ‘Don’t Don’ out of the water and I LOVED that Album ^^. So you can imagine just how much I freaking love this one xD. It has a good mix of everything. 

More under the Cut…

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You all probably know BoA’s Debut USA Album was released on March the 17th. ^^. Honestly I really really like this album and I adore BoA. I did find some of the songs sounded the same but…meh. She sounds super amazing in all the songs. I can understand everything she says. Support Boa and buy the Album. I know I’m going to ;).  This is going to be a quick review xD…LOL.

I Did It For Love (featuring Sean Garrett) – I love this song. The beat is super catchy and addictive :DDD. I can’t wait for the MV to come out ^^.
> Energetic – I really like this song. ‘Report to the Dance Floor’ ;]. 
> Did Ya – This is probably my second favorite off the album ♥. The chorus is my favorite part. ‘You shoulda loved me right when you had me ‘ ♥^^.
> Look Who’s Talking – Another Favorite. The chorus is awesome. ‘Damn, Right It’s all about me’ :DD.
> Eat You Up – I’ve already spazzed enough about this song….LOVE IT ^^.
> Obsessed – Well I’m obsessed with this album xD…LOL. -Sigh- xDD.
> Touched – The beat is totally awesome :D and Boa sounds amazing. 
> Scream – :DDDDDD.
> Girls On Top – This is the English version. Honestly, I like the Korean version better. I think it’s just because I’m so used to it xD.
> Dress Off – This song is pretty addictive. ^^
> Hypnotic Dancefloor – Oh…I really like the song. ‘Tonight I’m going to dance for my life’ Makes me want to dance haha xDD.

LOL….Well that’s my really crappy review xD. But I really did enjoy her album. Boa Fighting! Well, you guys tell me what you think too ^^.

FT Island – Jump Up Mini-Album

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The Album of the Moment Page is now updated ^^

FT Island – ‘Jump Up’ Mini-Album


> 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman) – This is probably my favorite song off this Mini-Album ^^. It’s angsty and just really pretty. I love the melody and the lyrics and just everything :). Hongki’s voice is truly amazing ♥. Watch the MV HERE.

> 인형처럼 (Like A Doll)  I can’t tell whose voice is whose (Except Hongki d:) But I’m pretty sure Seung Hyun is singing in this song xD. Idunno. It’s a pretty song ^^.

> 마법 (Magic) – The melody of this one is super pretty :). Sounds like Jae Jin is singing most of this song. I like the English lines in this one xD. Especially in the chorus. 

> Missing You  The beginning reminds me of ‘Heaven’ just because of the violins and stuff xD. More angsty than the last xD.

> 그대와 나 (You And I) – I like the title xD. The melody of this one is really sweet and soft…Well the whole song has that feel to it. I really really like this song ♥♥♥.

> 어쩌란 말이야 (What Can I Do) – Oh Wow…Seung Hyun is an awesome rapper…LOVE HIM. He sounds so sexy~ xD. 

I really glad that the other members get more singing parts. I Love all their voices ^^. Their first Mini-album without Wonbin. (I’ll always love and Support Him ♥) It’s a really solid and good Album. I really like all the songs. Seung Hyun is really doing a good job. FT Island Fighting!!!!