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2PM/2AM – Dirty Eyed Girls – BEG’s Abracadabra Parody

Posted in 2AM, 2PM, MV, Other Korean Artists with tags , , , on August 25, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: time2sub2 @ Youtube

PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD. OH MY. How I love these guys ^^. I’ve been waiting for this and it totally made my day. Wooyoung looks cute :). Chansung looks hot xD. His hair is sexy. Jo Kwon looks like Kwon but with ten times the usual crack xD. Taec makes me giggle. His beginning pose is adorable and slightly disturbing xD. Seulong looks pretty awkward but strangely at ease also.

This is probably the best parody ever. I’m surprised that they actually did it but I’m so impressed by them and I totally feel that much more in love ♥. They’re so hilarious and ridiculous xD. Kwon especially. He blows me away, the way he can move his body, more specifically his hips. LOL. These guys are just amazing ♥♥♥. BEG even make a performance in the end :). Is that the rest of 2PM I see in the too?


2AM – ‘So Hot’ Dance

Posted in 2AM with tags on June 10, 2009 by pockyy13

Credits: 2am @ Youtube

ROFLMAO…AKJDFHSGFGAKALHJF; This is the most hilarious thing i’ve seen today xD. I knew Jo Kwon was full of crack but I never expected the other members to be so much crack too xD. I actually wanted Jo Kwon to be in a skirt…but he’d probably end up flashing everyone a gazzilion times xD. The flashlights were a really nice touch..LOL.The Wonder Girls reactions were so funny :). They look so shocked and scared xD.