Album Of The Moment ♥


Okay, So I’m going to dedicate this page to my favorite album of the moment. ^^ I’ll update when a new album that I love comes out. That’s why it’s album of the moment not month…haha ^^;

G-Dragon – ‘Heartbreaker’ Solo Album


> 소년이여 (A Boy) – The beat in this so is so cool :D. I don’t think i’ve ever heard anything like it xD. His voice is so sexy in this…Mmmm. Especially during the ‘Back in the Day’ parts. One of my favorites?

> Heartbreaker – This is my favorite track for sure ^^. I took back what I said about it sounding like ‘Right Round’ cause it’s a totally different song. I’ve watched the MV a crazy about of times. He’s such a sexy blonds :Q. “Your my Heartbreaker” ♥

> Breathe – Wasn’t this the song at the end of him MV? Well I really like it xD. It sounds like a Big Bang song :). “I Can Breathe”

> Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung) – I think it’s really pretty and it’s something different than the usual Big Bang style. Hmm…it’s a song that I would listen to when I’m trying to relax ^^.

> Hello (feat. 2NE1 Dara) – Oh…DARA! :D. I’m glad she’s featuring. “Hello Sexy Boy, Hello Handsome Boy.” That’s an understatement d: Anyways, the song is pretty catchy. The chorus especially. I really like it.

> Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo) – When I heard the full song, I really liked it. I still really like it now. He’s sounds awesome and I like the ‘Superman, Batman XO Gossip Man” xD.

> Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang) – “I am G Sparrow” LOL. That made me laugh xD. I like the song, GD and Taeyang sound really good together. But it wasn’t one of my favorites. The “Oh, Ah, Oh” parts were a bit to repetitive for me.

> The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL) – This song is more hardcore than the others. It fits more in the Rap genre than Hip Hop or RnB. I’m not a huge fan of rap so it’s not my favorite song. I really like that CL is in this though, she sounds fierce :D. “We, we the Leaders.”

> She’s Gone (feat. KUSH) – It has more of a rock feel than the other songs. GD and KUSH both sound fierce. He’s such an awesome rapper :D.

> 1년 정거장 (Station 1 Year) – Hmm. It’s a feel good song xD. I really like it :).

I really really love this album. I’ve been waiting for this and anticipating it so much. He definitely didn’t disappoint. He’s put so much work and I know that this album is going to super well :D. GD Fighting!

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