This blog is just for me to express my thoughts and constant worries…haha. But I’m also going to use it to show my work and spazz about Korean boy-bands…haha. As I’ve just told I really like Korean, Japanese and Chinese music. (I’m Asian…What can I say xD)

Favourite Artists:

Super Junior (Thus the reason for sweetlove(times 13). There’s thirteen member. But I also love Henry and Zhoumi. =D)

DBSK (Of Course ♥)

FT Island


Big Bang


Epik High

The list goes on forever… ^^

Comment and talk to me ^^


3 Responses to “About”

  1. hi there! nice blog u have here =)

    i love ur junsu pictures, he looks so adorable and cute ^3^

  2. Haha..Thanks. Obviously you can tell who’s my favorite member from DBSK xD. He’s sucha cutie ♥.

  3. hey u got a really nice blog here, sometimes people like u guys makes me wonder,,,how on earth did u get all the infos of their latest schedule huh???hehe….

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