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Taeyang (태양) – Wedding Dress (웨딩드레스) MV ENG

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Credits: UrAsianSource @ Youtube

I am so sorry… ^^;;;. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated.

Okay, well I really loved Taeyang’s last solo and this was something I was really anticipating. The song is so pretty and just so good :D. The stories kindda been used before, but I like how they added to it to. Like the part when he’s going to propose to her but the friends beats him to it . (I wanted Taeyang to punch him xD.) Well anyway I really love the song, he sounds amazing and the melody is so pretty. The lyrics really affected me too. Especially, the line “When the music ends, you’ll be with him forever.” That line just broke me ;___;

Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow MV

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Credits: princekyu @ Youtube

Aww…So Pretty~ ;_____; There’s no real story-line just mostly shots of the boys. But that’s okay, I’m content with just watching them xD. The song is so sad and so beautiful. The boys look really nice too. Nice hair and tops…Mmm…Ties xD. The pants i’ll overlook ^^. Hankyung’s parts are my favorite he looks so gorgeous and it was heartbreaking watching him cry ;___;. Mmm. Henry and Donghae look really nice :D. I actually like all the parts with the stuff burning, the symbolism for love and the disappearance of it and all that xD.

2PM – ‘Tired of Waiting’ Full Song & Translations

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Credits: iForeverVip @ Youtube

During all the controversy with Jaeboem i’m a little surprised that they’re going have a comeback. But I am really excited for it :D. Jay will always have a very special place in my heart and I’m looking forward to the day he does come back. Until then I can’t wait to see what the other member have in store for us fans. The song is really catchy and the message kindda relates to the issue at hand. I like everything about the song, the beat, their voices. It’s so catchy :D.

Translations under the cut-

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