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SHINee – ‘Ring Ding Dong’ MV

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Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ Youtube

The first words that come to mind are “OH DAMN!” LOL. Jonghyun is looking Hawt~!. I really love his hair now :D.Key looks a lot better than their teaser pictures, he has such a sexy stare :Q and I love his ‘butterfly.’ Taemin is still so damn cute but he’s so grown up now xD. Minho’s hair is a little long but I like it when it’s straightened. Onew looks adorable, I just can’t take him seriously even though he is extremely sexy :). The choreography in this is HOT. I love all the hip swaying ^^. The concept is really nice too. The whole Dark Angle thing ;). Mmm. Yum!

Shinee – ‘Ring Ding Dong’ Full

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Credits: deNainXdeNain @ Youtube

I’m really really liking this song :D. Some parts make me laugh so hard like the ‘Fantastic, Elastic’ parts xD. The beats totally catchy and the lyrics are pretty awesome too. My favorite line has to be “…but I’m a decent bad boy” xD. I also really love the way they say “Baby” :Q. So sexy~ Mmm…they all sound really good, a little bit too much auto-tone but it’s still amazing. I love it ♥.

FT Island – ‘Raining’ MV

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Credits: Jheane718 @ Youtube

It’s such a pretty song and MV ^^. Hongki’s voice sounds so nice, and no engrish xD. The boys all look really handsome. Jaejin’s hair is starting to grow out :D. Minhwan just look so good. I love Hongki blond and Seunghyun is looking so fine. Love his hair :). Jonghoon looks adorable also. I’m really glad that there was lots of screen-time for all the  members :). Mmm…Beautiful MV, Song and Boys xD.

Super Junior – ‘Genie’ @ Star Dance Battle (10/04)

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Credits: keyloverr @ Youtube

I know I haven’t posted for a long time, so I apologize to all of you. School’s just so crazy and right now i’m debating whether I should keep posting and updating… Anyways, now for some great entertainment :).

LOL. This is one of the reasons that I love Super Junior so much, they’re so full of crack and they really know how to make us fall over laughing xD. First off, the outfits I LOVE ♥. They all look so handsome. Sungmin is someone who always stands out to me, well because it’s Sungmin, he just look so hot in his Captain outfit, damn… He can sing and dance girl’s songs so well xD. Eunhyuk did a really good job on the rap. ^^. Eetuek’s dance solo was hot ;). He’s such a girl xD. The dancing in it was really good. I especially love how they rip off one pant leg. LOL xD. Oh, these boys :D. The different parodies at the end were really cute. I especially love the ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘I Hate You’  parts :). I think this was my favorite performance out of the Star Dance Battle :D.