SM TOWN – SHINee, DBSK & Super Junior ‘Seaside’ MV & Song

EDIT: You can watch the MV HERE. Honestly I’m disappointed :(. I was really hoping for an actual MV. It’s just clips from last years SMTown Concert…-Sigh- It’s still super cute though :).

Credits: aznislander777 @ Youtube

Awesome SM Town is going to release an album. They haven’t done one in a couple of years. ‘Seaside’ only has the guy groups, I don’t know why the girls aren’t in it. There will also be 3 other songs on the album.

Download ‘Seaside (Boom Boom)’

SHINee – ‘Scar’ (12th)

Super Junior – ‘Carnival’ (13th)

DBSK – ’12:34′ (14th).

This song is pretty darn funny xD. Yoochun’s rap is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard him rap before… “Seaside, thats right! People love each other, take a ride. Hot girl, please dont take off. Bring your make up, move your hot butt. Yeah~” xDDDD. LULZ FOREVER. The beginning is pretty funny too, but I’m so surprised that Changmin sings it xD. The song’s pretty cute and catchy. I really like the ‘Baby, Baby. Take me, Take me” parts. Especially Junsu’s :D.


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