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G-Dragon – Debut Solo Stage @ Inkigayo (08/30)

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Credits: BabyB0ngaholic @ Youtube

The apple trick at the beginning was pretty darn amazing *___*. The whole stage was so creative and very GD-like. I’ve been waiting for this and he brought amazing to a whole new level :D. I’m so impressed by this guy ^^.

Heartbreaker is my favorite song off his solo album. The performance was nothing short of incredible. The dancing and the singing and the rapping was spot-on. He looks soo good too :). He’s such a hot blonde!

Breathe was another song that I really liked. I love how it starts off with him on the bed xD. His outfit kindda makes me laugh. With the baseball cap and the PJ pants, he looks like a such a cute kid :3. The sheet thing in the background was pretty cool too. His smile at the end just made me melt :D. GD ♥♥♥.

DBSK – ‘Been So Long’ Preview

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Credits: farahyuchun3 @ Youtube

Full Version HERE. You can hear fans screaming, but the quality is still pretty good.

I really love the song. Jae and Yoochun sound really nice together :D. Jaejoong’s voice is just heavenly and so smooth :). Yoochun’s rapping is pretty awesome too. I like this version a tiny bit better than the original xD. I can’t wait for Sept 16th.

Brave Brothers feat Son Dambi & M – Invisible MV

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Credits: urasiansourceKpop @ Youtube

I think the song is pretty darn catchy. But I didn’t expect anything less from the Brave Brothers :). Honestly, I liked the song ‘Bitttersweet’ better than this one but I like the people featuring in the song better xD. If that makes any sense. The MV is pretty cool, I like when they started rapping.

2PM/2AM – Dirty Eyed Girls – BEG’s Abracadabra Parody

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Credits: time2sub2 @ Youtube

PWAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD. OH MY. How I love these guys ^^. I’ve been waiting for this and it totally made my day. Wooyoung looks cute :). Chansung looks hot xD. His hair is sexy. Jo Kwon looks like Kwon but with ten times the usual crack xD. Taec makes me giggle. His beginning pose is adorable and slightly disturbing xD. Seulong looks pretty awkward but strangely at ease also.

This is probably the best parody ever. I’m surprised that they actually did it but I’m so impressed by them and I totally feel that much more in love ♥. They’re so hilarious and ridiculous xD. Kwon especially. He blows me away, the way he can move his body, more specifically his hips. LOL. These guys are just amazing ♥♥♥. BEG even make a performance in the end :). Is that the rest of 2PM I see in the too?

Birthday Post – Kibum & Yesung

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Since I missed Kibum’s birthday I thought I would include his with Yesung’s Birthday post ^^;;;.



Hmm…what do I like about Kibum? Well everything xD. My first B-day post was for this guy and he holds such a special place in my heart ♥. He’s one of the first K-Pop guys that I fell in love with and one of the first guys that I noticed in Super Junior. He’s extremely good looking :Q. But he also has this boyish charm to him. He can transform from a total cutie into this sexy, hardcore man xD. He’s cute but he’s so hot too :D. His smile is so charming and I love how the other members imitate it ^^. I think he’s really talented and I wish I could see more of his talents, especially his acting. Honestly, i’ve been disappointed with Super Junior promoting without him. I really wish I could’ve see more of him as I’m sure many fans also wanted. Kibum is super special to me. LOL. I get so excited when I see a photo or a video or whatever of him. Just seeing him makes me so happy :D. So Happy Birthday Kibum! I hope I see you soon in the future ;).



My little weirdo ♥ xD. Yesung can be totally strange and cracktastic. He was voted as the second strangest member of Super Junior xD. I think he’s so cute and handsome and just overall good-looking. He’s talented beyond your imagination. His voice is so strong and beautiful :). His harmonizations are always flawless. I love listening to him :D. He has this fire in him, on variety shows he never wants to  be outdone xD. Especially when it comes to weird dances. I think he’s just so lovable and sweet and hilarious. Did I mention weird? Haha. Well, I really love this guy ♥. Happy Birthday Yesung~!!!

Boys Before Flowers – Anycall Magic Hole CFs (08/21)

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Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho – Anycall Magic Hole CF – OMG. These guys are such dorks, but they’re so hilarious xD. Hyun Joong’s expressions are so cute and hilarious :D. Favorite part when they freak out and start hugging each other. Imagine if they did that in real life xD.

Uee & Kim Hyun Joong – AnyCall Magic Hole CF – *___________*. He looks so sexy. Love the hair and outfit :). I especially love the way he grabs her and throws he against the wall. (He could do that to me anytime he wants too ;).) The ending was super cute xD. She looks so disappointed.

Lee Min Ho & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – Minho looks yummy~. What’s with all the guys being so sexy and pulling these slick moves on Uee. LOL…I would love to be in her position xD.

Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong & Uee AnyCall Magic Hole CF – They all look so great :). Minho’s such a dork xD. I love how he lies down as the phone opens…looks kindda painful though xD. Hyun Joong makes a sexy 007. The shooting out of the heart was pretty cool ♥. Uee doing the Ring thing freaked me out a bit xD.

BoA – Beautiful by Akon ft. BoA & Kardinal Offishal

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Credits: bokachu90 @ Youtube

I love this song. It’s so catchy and BoA sounds awesome :D. She only has a small part but I prefer this version over the original xD. Plus the album cover looks really nice. BoA looks so beautiful *_____*.