SHINee & SNSD – Music Core (07/25) Special Stage

Credits: rebt0 @ Youtube

First SHINee has a remixed version of ‘Juliette.’ It didn’t sound that different but it still was a great performance. The camera-guy got some really nice closeups :D. Then they go into the dance break :). Taemin and Key rocked it ^^. They’re really such amazing dancers. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri and Jessica come out to pair off and dance with the boys. Pretty darn sexy. Some of the moves I was a little bit o__o, xD. but overall they looked really good. Finally SNSD performs Genie. I really love their outfits :).

For those of you who want to know who was paired with who here’s the list:

Hyoyeon – Onew
Sooyoung – Key
Yoona – Taemin
Yuri – Minho
Jessica – Jong hyun


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