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KARA – ‘Wanna’ MV

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Credits: SweetMelodix @ Youtube

I like the song but I think I’m going to have to listen to it some more before I decide if I love it. The MV is different than I thought it would be. It still has that cutesy Kara style xD. My favorite is Nicole so my eyes are always drawn to her. I think she looks so pretty in this. I really like her hair :). Another person that caught my attention was Gyuri. She looked so gorgeous with her straight hair, hat and blue jacket :D. All of the members are really cute in this. The concept in this was really interesting xD. LOL…I don’t know what to say so yeah ^^;;;. When the guy tripped was funny xD.

Clazziquai – Tell Yourself

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Japanese Version HERE.

Korean Version HERE.

I usually don’t post about Clazziquai but I do really like them :D. Horan and Alex both have such amazing voices. I don’t have time to do a full review of their new album so I decided I would share my favorite song from it instead. As you can tell my favorite song was ‘Tell Yourself.’ The beat is totally catchy and the lyrics are really sweet. Their voices are just so nice to listen to :).

I also found this performance. I’m not really sure where it’s from but you can see them preform the song so it’s worth a watch xD.

Outsider – ‘Alone’ MV

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Credits: PaJkUbVwJ @ Youtube

This MV is a little bit old but I just recently really got into Outsider. He’s pretty cute ^^. But it’s his rapping that captivates me. I believe he holds the record for the fastest rapper and I have no doubt that he’s the faster rapper that I’ve ever heard. The melody of the song is really pretty and his voice is so powerful and attention grabbing.

I’m also going to post his performance with K.Will HERE. This was what really sold me on Outsider and his talent. The words on the screen are so long just so they can have the chance of keeping up with him xD. K.Will looks really good here too. I’m impressed that he could rap so well and that he kept up with Outsider :).

SHINee & SNSD – Music Core (07/25) Special Stage

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Credits: rebt0 @ Youtube

First SHINee has a remixed version of ‘Juliette.’ It didn’t sound that different but it still was a great performance. The camera-guy got some really nice closeups :D. Then they go into the dance break :). Taemin and Key rocked it ^^. They’re really such amazing dancers. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Yuri and Jessica come out to pair off and dance with the boys. Pretty darn sexy. Some of the moves I was a little bit o__o, xD. but overall they looked really good. Finally SNSD performs Genie. I really love their outfits :).

For those of you who want to know who was paired with who here’s the list:

Hyoyeon – Onew
Sooyoung – Key
Yoona – Taemin
Yuri – Minho
Jessica – Jong hyun

SS501 – A Song Calling for You MV Funny Version

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Credits: shirbogurl21 @ Youtube

It’s been awhile since they released the original version xD. My favorite part was from 1:20 to 1:40 because you have a HOT Drunk Hyunjoong xD. Damn. Jungmin playing with a gun and scaring himself xD. Kyujong jumping on a tree xD. ROFL WTH xDDD. And Youngsaeng playing darts. He’s always just watching all them being dorks :D. Jungmin makes a lot of the puffer fish faces too. Cutie :).

Super Junior – Super Show 2 Highlights

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Credits: tomozuki1 @ Youtube

Haha…They are such dorks :). Sigh…I really really wish I could have gone D: I’m not going to do a recap because it’ll make me even sadder that I missed out on this awesomeness, you guys can just watch it yourself xD. From the Gee parody to all of their solos and ‘Sorry Sorry’ with Siwon not wearing a shirt while performing :Q just shows how amazing the concert was.

One of my favorite parts was the Eunhae dance. The song ‘Beautiful’ that they danced to was sung by Donghae and composed by him too :D. You can listen to it HERE. I hope they make an official version of this. It’s so good :).

BoA – Energetic MV

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Credits: musicfanz01 @ Youtube

It feels like I haven’t posted about BoA for ages :(. I mean she is so talented and I’m glad she’s getting some more exposure in the US. I do really like the song but it wasn’t one of my favorites off her album. I don’t think this is her best MV or song but she still catches my attention :D. Plus she looks gorgeous. BoA Fighting!

Also HERE is the preview for ‘Beautiful’ by Akon ft. Boa. :DDD. I can’t wait for a full preview. They sound really good together!