Birthday Post – Ryeowook



It’s exam time right now and I really need to study but I really wanted to do a B-Day post for Ryeowook. He’s such a special person and I love him so much xD. He was one of the first people that I was attracted to in K-Pop. For that he deserves a million hugs cause he got me interested in K-Pop. But on top of that he has such amazing qualities. His is voice is so beautiful ;___;. He’s amazing on the piano *________*. He’s hilarious xD. And he’s so damn cute :). LOL…I could go on gushing about this guy all day because he truly is amazing but I need to get back to studying. So Happy Birthday Ryeowook. I Love You Immensely ♥. Under the cut I have an article from Easy Magazine about Ryeowook. I’ve been saving it since February to put it in his B-Day post so yeah… :D. He’s so Cute ^^.

Every morning after he wakes up, making breakfast for himself and the other members, cutting the fruits, and cleaning up, is a task Ryeowook gives himself every day. Considerate Ryeowook, regardless of wherever he goes, he will always remember his fans. “The weather is cold, you must wear more clothes”, “Everyone, take care of your health, be careful not to catch a cold”. Sentences like these, appear at the end of each of Ryeowook’s cyworld entries, as well as remain stuck in the fans’ hearts.

Ryeowook said, to him, his most important treasure is his family. Only after hearing Kangin and Donghae say that the Super Junior members are the most important people to them, Ryeowook changed his answer, and said that if he was a girl, he would marry Donghae.

“Just like this, I am 23 years old, I have accomplished many big and small things other than being the singer, Super Junior’s Ryeowook.” On the first day of the New Year, Ryeowook gave himself this description. On the first day of the New Year, he will always make a New Year resolution. “In 2009, let us try and fly with wings!! In the New Year, be happy and lucky!” He said.

Ryeowook’s first kiss was when he was 18 years old, this is an strong memory in his life.

Acting, music, song composing… … [there are] too many dreams. Super Junior is not only a boy band, it has actors, MCs, DJs, singers, dancers etc. Every member has their own specialities. Therefore Ryeowook says, in order not to pull down SJ, he wants to experience more difficulties (smiles). Talking about his future dreams, Ryeowook hopes to become a composer and singer.

Ryeowook is a little brother that everyone is proud of. – Donghae
A friend, is one who makes someone feel comfortable, and one who you want to remain friends with. I often treasure this phrase, as the 5 years in Korea, I have only 4 people I can call friends. One of them is Ryeowook. – Kibum

Source: sapphirepearls
Credit: Sj-M baidu bar
Translated by: –dreamx@soompi

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