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Big Bang – ガラガラ GO!! (Gara Gara GO!!) MV

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Credits: YGEntertainment @ Youtube

They still look super fine :Q. Daesung’s hair is slighty laughable xD. Love him in the pink vest though :). Seungri looks HOT. Mmm…Yum. Taeyang sounds great and looks even better ^^. GD’s hat is pretty cool…but his curly hair and headband is hilarious xD. TOP looks damn sexy. His hair is kindda funny but he pulls it off :D. The song is definitely catchy. It has a dance/club feel. Something I could dance too xD. TOP’s and GD’s raps were really cool too.  Overall the MV reminds me a bit of  ‘With U’ and ‘Number 1’ but it’s still really nice too look at ;).

BTW I’m leaving for a vacation shortly for about a week. So I won’t be able to update ^^;;;. Sorry Guys. I’ll try to catch up when I come back though.


Big Bang – T.O.P & Tae Yang ‘Friend’ (Friend, Our Legend OST)

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Credits: urnobody911 @ Youtube

This is the song that TOP and Taeyang sang for the drama “Friend. Our Legend.” I really really like it. The beat is so catchy :D. Taeyang sounds really good. TOP does too…both his singing and his rapping ^^.

Wonder Girls – Nobody English Version

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Credits: kpopsubs @ Youtube

I usually don’t do a lot of stuff about Wonder Girls but Nobody is one of my favorite songs from them so I might as well xD. I understand almost all of it , which is really impressive of them. Just incase there are some parts that you guys don’t understand I embedded one with the lyrics so you can read along xD. I really like Yoobin’s rap and the ‘Sarenghae’ at the beginning.

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) MV

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

I’ve never been a huge fan of SNSD but I Love this song :). I really like the MVs concept too. All of them look so pretty ^^. Sooyoung is gorgeous. She’s one of my favorites and she just looks fierce in this :). I really love their navy and army hats…LOL. I want one xD. Some of the choreography looks like they’re playing hacky-sack but overall i really enjoyed the MV.

DBSK – Stand By U MV

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Credits: firstcupid @ Youtube

The MV is so simple but just breathtaking. I kindda forgot to post this up when it came out so I’m doing that right now xD. The song is beautiful. The melody, the lyrics, the way they sing it is just spectacular and beautiful. They all look gorgeous :). I love the two different outfits and how the camera moves from the members. The transition between day and night was really nice too :D.

Birthday Post – Ryeowook

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It’s exam time right now and I really need to study but I really wanted to do a B-Day post for Ryeowook. He’s such a special person and I love him so much xD. He was one of the first people that I was attracted to in K-Pop. For that he deserves a million hugs cause he got me interested in K-Pop. But on top of that he has such amazing qualities. His is voice is so beautiful ;___;. He’s amazing on the piano *________*. He’s hilarious xD. And he’s so damn cute :). LOL…I could go on gushing about this guy all day because he truly is amazing but I need to get back to studying. So Happy Birthday Ryeowook. I Love You Immensely ♥. Under the cut I have an article from Easy Magazine about Ryeowook. I’ve been saving it since February to put it in his B-Day post so yeah… :D. He’s so Cute ^^.

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SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) MV Teaser & Full Song

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Credits: 911urnobody @ Youtube

I’m actually really excited for the release of their mini-album. I really like the concept and the theme of it. The girls look so fabulous and incredibly sexy. The song sounds like it going to be super catchy too :). Sooyoung’s hair is so pretty xD.

EDIT: You can listen to the full song HERE. I really like it :D.