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DBSK – Stand By U Drama Version MV

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Credits: go0bers157 @ Youtube

I really love this song :). The melody to me seems a bit happy and really soothing…but the lyrics and their voices make it so sad and beautiful. It does remind me of Doushite, it’s the type of song that I could listen to over and over again. I think all of their voices sounds superb but the two that stood out to me were Yoochun and Junsu. Just the way they had so much feeling as they sang made me melt. The MV is sad but I really liked it. It was a really long MV too…7 Minutes…but it didn’t seem like it as I watched it. The acting was pretty good…When the guys started crying I almost did too ;___; I always want the guy to get the girl but he hardly does in DBSK MVs xD. Well, anyways amazing song and great MV :D.

AJ – 눈물을 닦고 (Wipe The Tears) MV

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Credits: jaeuraznMV @ Youtube

I really like the song, so I’m happy that he did a MV for it. The rappers are pretty good looking xD. I don’t know who they are though. AJ in glasses and a vest FTW. I really like his outfits in this and I love his hair xD. He is such a cutie and one of the cutest nerd i’ve ever seen xD. He’s a great dancer and his voice has been improving. AJ Fighting!

Big Bang – ‘My Heaven’ MV

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Credits: YGEntertainment @ Youtube

So this is the Japanese version of ‘My Heaven.’ The feel and the concept of the MV is great. It’s sad but it’s also cute and happy…near the beginning at least xD. The scenes with GD and the girl were really cute and sweet :). Aww…But the scene when he hold the flowers up to his face as he passes her was really sad :(.

GD’s always running isn’t he xDD. His hair is not my favorite that i’ve seen on him. When it’s in the bun it’s OK…but when it down…-cringe- xD. JK Not that bad. Seeing them all driving around in the car was cute. Taeyang’s glasses are so cool :). OMG TOP looks HAWT. I freaking love his hair xD.-Swoon- Seungri is adorable…you don’t really get to see him though. Daesung looks pretty darn cool when he drives xD.

Super Junior – Music Bank (05/22)

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‘It’s You’ Music Bank (05/22) – I’m so in love with this song :). Great performance too. I really love their outfits especially the leather/silky jackets and stuff xD. YUM :D. Hmm…Favorite outfit would have to be either Donghae’s, Kyu’s or Eunhyuk’s xD. I really really like their jackets xD. Is it me or did Yesung’s hair get darker o_o. Kangin’s hair looks different too…it must have been the lights in their last performance that made his hair grey :). Heechul’s hair is pretty long xD. Man, I wish my hair grew that fast d:

Watch them win HERE. Yesung’s such a dork singing everyones part xD.

SHINee – ‘Juliette’ MV

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

ADKSAHDLSHFSAJKHAHA; I LOVE THE MV :DDD. Okay , so I definitely like the songs much more now xD. For me the MV does seem a little bit like their ‘Amigo’ and ‘Love Like Oxygen’ MVs. But meh…I Love It ♥. Key is the one that says ‘Song for my Juliette’ xD…Mmm, he sounds so sexy~. He looks damn Sexy too :). Ooo…Especially in the baseball cap *0*. I think I like Jonghyun with longer hair better but he still looks so hot ^^. He did a really job with the lyrics too. Hehe…Onew looks so cute. Especially with his hair all mussed up. Taemin definitely looks like he grew up some. His hair is better than I expected xD. Minho is fierce in this :D. No comment on the outfits. They’re not my favorite that i’ve seen them in xD. The dancing is still really sharp and the concept of the MV is awesome. The unmasking was my favorite part xD.

FT Island – ‘She Doesn’t Know/Girls Don’t Know’ MV

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Credits: FTilove @ Youtube

Hmm…so this MV was from their Rock Prince DVD. WONBIN’S IN IT! :DDD. Hello, Gorgeous xD. Aww…I miss him. All of them look really really nice. The MV doesn’t have a story-line or anything but it might one of my favorite MVs from them just because they all look so good *o*. I love Hongki’s hair and the close-ups of him are really nice :). JaeJin’s little pony is cute ^^. Minhwan looks so cute in glasses :D. Jonghun’s guitar solo was pretty cool. I really like the overall feeling of the MV. Especially the scenes of them in the orange room xD.

A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album

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A’ST1 – ‘Dynamite’ Mini Album


Dynamite – MV HERE. I really like the song ^^. It’s definitely one of my favorite off this album. Inkyu is a really great rapper…and I never knew that Hanbyul could rap :). 

내가 아니라 – Another favorite ♥. The chorus and beat is really catchy. It reminds me of another song but I can’t quiet put my finger on it xD.

No More – I like how this song is more hardcore…Similar style to ‘1,2,3,4 Back’

빈칸 채우기 – It’s kindda cute xD. It’s a song you listen to and instantly feel better xD.

WHY – It’s a pretty ballad. :D.

Overall this was a pretty good mini album. I’m still upset that Haiming didn’t get his own singing part in ‘Dynamite’ though xD. There were definitely some songs that I really liked ^^. The boys are all super cute and fairly hot xD. I still need to learn more about them, but I think I got all their names down :). Well I look forward to what they keep bringing to the table ^^. Good Luck Boys!

The album of the moment page is updated. Sorry it took me so long to get it up xD. 

2PM – Time For Change Mini-Album

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2PM – ‘Time For Change’ Mini-Album


What Time Is It Now  – Jaebeom’s Sexy English Intro. Did that sentence catch your attention? xD. What time is it…? 2PM.

Again & Again – This was one of my favorite songs off this album. I absolutely love everything about it. The MV is a must watch. Everything about it is totally addictive and catchy. 

>  니가 밉다 (Hate You) – My favorite song off this album ^^. It’s insanely addictive :D. That’s always a good thing xD. -Puts on Repeat ^^-

돌아올지도 몰라 (Might Be/She Might Come Back) – I guess you could call it an upbeat ballad. It’s still really catchy, like the other songs. It’s is a pretty song. 

Again & Again (R&B Mix) – “Your my Old-school Love, Your my New-School Love” xD. I instantly smiled and laughed when I heard it xD. It’s slower than the original but I still really like it.

Shinee – ‘Please Don’t Go’ Preview

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Credits: mariaj2007 @ Youtube

Onew and Jonghyun Duet FTW !!! :DDD. It is a really pretty song. Hopefully more previews will come out soon to ties us over since we have to wait a little longer for their comeback. I’m pretty sure you all know what happened to Onew. I’m divided between laughing really hard and ‘Awww-ing’ at it xD. I feel bad laughing at him but he’s just so cute. I mean only Onew is clumsy enough to fall down the stairs and knock his teeth. I Love You Onew. No matter how much I make fun of you :D.

Shinee – ‘Juliette’ Full

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Credits: sweetj3nny @ Youtube

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. I was expecting something more than this. I find it’s just to similar to ‘Love Like Oxygen.’ I like the song but I’m not in love with it. But before I write off the song I really want to see the MV and some live performances. I’m sure those will change my mind and make me love this song :D. I’m sure the rest of the mini-album will be spectacular ^^. SHINee Fighting!