2AM – Energy Song (04/05)

Credits: joongbolove @ Youtube

LOL…OMG… xDDDDD. ROFL. Okay, Well 2AM has finally done their own Energy Song ^^.(I really want 2PM to do one also :).) They also made it into a parody of Coffee Prince ^^. I don’t really keep up these boys but I do really like them. I’ve only seen a couple of their ‘A Friend’s Confession performances and I have to say that the song is really pretty. Back to the parody…Jo Kwon is hilarious and just way to full of crack xD. Cute~.  Jinwoon looks really good in glasses ^^. The whole thing was just adjkskgfsjkdgfh ^^.

EDIT: They also did a really great performance with 8Eight singing each other songs, “Without a Heart” (Which I Love by the way ^^) and ‘A Friend’s Confession’ HERE.


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