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DBSK – Preview of 28th Single ‘Stand By U’ & Making of Survivor Part 2

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Preview of ‘Stand By U’

EDIT: There is a clear version but it’s not the full HERE xD. It’s also english subbed. I really want to hear the full version now. I really really like the song ^^.

Credits: ikemenjae2 @ Youtube ♥

I really really like this song. It’s really pretty ♥. It’s not really great quality but you can hear the melody and their voices okay ^^. It’s a ballad we all know how great DBSK Ballads are :D. I think it’s going to be one of those songs that are on repeat for a very long time. I want to hear a clear version so much now…

Making of Survivor Part 2 ENG – Junsu’s so cute. You can always recognize his voice and hear him over the other members xD. His laugh is so loud and contagious too :D. The shoot the dancing scenes and ohmygoodness….It’s still so funny to watch xD. They have their individual shots and Changmin looks so handsome. I Love how Jae and Junsu shout out encouragements for mangae :). Jaejoong looks yummy. hehe ♥.

DBSK – The Secret Code 4th Japanese Album

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Album of the Moment Page is now Updated :).

DBSK – ‘The Secret Code’ 4th Japanese Album


Secret Game – The song is kindda Jazzy xD. It starts off the album really well ^^.

FORCE – I like this song. It’s different than what they usually do. I don’t know how to explain it but it sounds really cool xD. 

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Why Did I Fall In Love With You?) – ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Nobody Knows – I really liked this song when I heard the preview but it took a little bit of time for it to grow on me. But know I Love it ^^. 

Beautiful You – ^^

忘れないで (Don’t Forget) – Beautiful~

9095 – I love the beat to this one. They all sound awesome. 


TAXI – This is such a pretty ballad. They all sounds so alluring xD. It’s one of my favorites off the album. 

Stand Up – Probably my favorite ^^. I just love the rhyming…LOL xD. Well I actually like everything about it. Junsu sounds so sexy xD. 

Survivor – xD

Kiss The Baby Sky – Hehe…

Bolero – :)

9096 – So this is their hidden track. It sounds so calming and dreamy ^^.

I only really did a review for the new songs…but you guys all know how much I LOVE the other songs too ^^. So this was my really quick review…LOL….I hope I’ve done a better than crappy job xD. Well I really liked this album. It’s different that what they’ve done before and it definitely came out really well ^^. I believe they got 2nd on the Oricon charts for the first day ^^. GOOD JOB DBSK!


Super Junior – Intimate Note Cuts (04/24) & Energy Song 2 ‘Sorry & The City’ (04/26)

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Introductions – OMG Heesica and his ‘Babo’ xD. I actually have the same dress as Eunhyuk, the exact style and color xD. 

Intimate Note Miss Julchin Gee & Sorry Sorry (04/24) – This is one of the most craktastic things Super Junior has ever done and they do a lot of hilarious things xD. Gee was so full of crack. Heechul gets so into both dance that he even flashes everyone xD LMAO. He’s so pretty ^^. Sungmin is still pretty cute and Thank God that Kangin look fairly awkward xD…He hold his skirt together while dancing ;). Eunhyuk has such hairy legs and I Love when he noticed that he had fake boobs on xD. The other members are just having fits of laughter xD.

Energy Song 2 ‘Sorry & The City’ Inkigayo (04/26) – This is so full of cute :D. They say sorry to the members and what they think is their best feature. Ryeowook’s so cute ><. His nose is very nice :). Donghae likes his jaw line and might I say So do I *______*.  Sungmin likes his fierce eyes ^^. SIWON THINKS HIS EYEBROW ARE HIS BEST FEATURE xDDD. I love how Eetuek’s intro is so long compared to the other members and his ‘Right Kids?’ :D.

2PM – Comeback M!Countdown (04/23), Music Bank (04/24), Music Core (04/25) & Inkigayo (04/26)

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M!Countdown Ranking 20-11  *_____________*. They’re working out for this…I guess they’re doing it differently than usual. But OMG They are so Hot. LOL…Jaeboem’s doing sit ups shirtless…Now that is pretty hot. My favourite part is when they’re dancing to ‘Diva’ xDDDDD. LOL…Sparkles are coming out xD. 

‘Again & Again’ Comeback M!Countdown (04/23) – Overall I thought the performance was pretty good. I think the mics might not have being working completely but the dancing was HOT. Nobody can argue against 2PM being amazing dancers. The intro before ‘Again & Again’ was really impressive. ‘Again & Again’ is one of my favorite songs from them and I’m looking forward to all the performances ^^. 

Waiting Room & ‘Again and Again’ Comeback Music Bank (04/24) -The singing and performance was much better compared to M!Countdown. It must have been the mics in the last performance. Purple outfits…hehe xD. Their dancing never fails to amaze me *______*. Junsu looks really charismatic. I Love Him ♥. Welcome Back Boys ^^.

EDIT: I’m adding their performance at Music Core and Inkigayo too.

‘Again & Again’ Music Core (04/25) – Red and Black outfits ^^. I love how Jay has different colored glitter in his hair each performance xD.

‘Again & Again’ Inkigayo (04/26) – I really like their intro. The stage is really pretty and they’re wearing yellow and black outfits :D. I’m still in love with song too. They just keep getting better and better. The dancing never fails to amaze me ^^.

DBSK – Share The World Off-Shoot Movie Eng

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Credits: iscreamshinki@ Youtube

LOL…I’m was hoping that they would do an off-shoot movie so that I could see the filming of the swimming scenes xD. Seeing it without the effects just adds more LULZ to the MV. My highlights of it were Junsu swimming xD, Yoosu dancing, Changmin’s scarf flying up, Yunho almost kicking the guy in the face, Yoochun’s modesty, and the group scene when they’re all fooling around xD.

FT Island – ‘I Believe Myself’ Single

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FT Island – ‘I Believe Myself’ Single



The Covers are so nice *______________*. They all look so handsome ^^. 

I Believe Myself Japanese ^^. I really like this song. I love all the instruments in this. Especially the guitars ^^. I still need to learn all there voices xD.

> TV Radio English :). Really Happy Song ^^.

> Moonlight Angel Korean (and Engrish xD) LOL….I really do love these guys but Hongki’s I don wan cry anymore’ is pretty funny xD. But seriously this song is so pretty. It’s my favorite off this single. Hongki sounds amazing ^^. 

Overall, the single is pretty good. It’s not my favorite single by them but I’m still really impressed ^^.

Super Junior – Music Core (04/18), Energy Song (04/19) & Inkigayo (04/19)

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Sorry Sorry Music Core (04/18) – Black and White outfits ^^. I really like what Sungmin, Kyu and Donghae were wearing. The black makes them look more dangerous and demure xD. LOL…Well it was a really great performance ^^.

K.Will – ‘Teardrops’ (feat. Ryeowook on piano) Music Core (04/18)  – K.Will is really amazing and cute. I’ve listened to some of his songs but I’ve never really got into him ^^;;;. ‘Teardrops’ is such a pretty song…I just melted listening to it. Ryeowook looks adorable on the Piano. He looks so tiny xD. The stage is really nice too..

Save Energy Song (04/19) – xD. Aww…They are so cute ><. This might be my favorite Energy Song. Everything about this is so cute. Eetuek being carried away, Donghae’s and Sungmin’s part, the pepero game. Siwon and Sungmin play together :O. Then Eetuek and Dongahe ^^. After Eunhyuk and Yesung play together. Yesung is such a creep xD…ROFL. Other member played but you can only see photos, not live action xD. Some of the photos looked like they were kissing xD. 

KRY ‘Let’s Not’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ Performances Inkigayo (04/19) – I’m always so blown away by K.R.Y.’s voices. Each one of  them is an amazing singer. ‘Lets Not’ is so pretty. I’m really glad that I got to see a performance of it ^^. Hankyung, Siwon, Sungmin, Eetuek and Donghae are on the piano. They look amazing as well. I would’ve liked to see Ryeowook on the piano too. Since he’s so amazing and talented  *__________*. 

Sorry Sorry is still as awesome as ever. I love the outfits. White and Gold FTW. The stage is really nice too. Each one of them look so suave. They changed the choreography in the chorus ^^. Hmm…Looks really hot. Heechul is so cool xD.