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Infinity Challenge – Boys Before Flowers Parody

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

My First Question is….IS THIS THE SAME DRAMA? ROFL…The Parody is an entirely different drama xDDD. Still very funny though ^^. PMS is Jun Pyo, Jae Seok is Ji Hoo and Jun Jin is Jandi ^^. Jun Jin makes a very pretty Jandi xDDD. OMG…He looks pretty but at the same time kindda disturbing xD. The Girls Suiciding part was hilarious xDD. Ohmygoodness…The kiss between Jun Jin and PMS was freaking hilarious and a bit awkward xD. LOL…I think those were my favorite parts…although there were many other parts that made me laugh like crazy ^^. This parody seems to put everything that happens in dramas into one….the lovers finding out they’re siblings, the girl dying in her lovers arms and someone getting into an accident xD. Is it just me or does the ending remind you of the DBSK’s Banjun Drama ‘Unforgettable Love.’ The one were Changmin tells his love story but he actually made it up xD. LOL…My thought are all over the place…so this probably makes no sense. Just go watch the Parody xD.

Fahrenheit – ‘ONLY YOU’ MV

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Credits: 99yuchi @ Youtube

They all look so handsome ^^. I Love seeing guys in suits…I have no idea why but I Do xD. It makes them look so suave and sophisticated xD. I absolutely love these guys. Jiro looks majorly hot. His wavy hair reminds me of Jun Pyo…LOL. Aaron still looks adorable ^^. Love his hair :DD. Wuzun and Calvin are as handsome as ever. Calvin’s hair is actually growing on me :). The song is pretty…I still like ‘Treasure’ better ^^. But it’s smooth and calming. The melody is sweet~.

Boys Before Flowers – Ending? *SPOILERS*

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Okay, So I couldn’t wait to find out who Jandi ends up with…LOL…So I read a spoiler xD. For all of you guys who don’t want to know, you can just ignore this post or read it after the last episode. ^^ *WARNING SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT*

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Super Junior – Inkigayo (03/29)

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‘Sorry Sorry’ Performance – Awesome Performance ♥. The outfits are totally great ^^. I love the black, white, gold and pinstripes ^^. Donghae’s outfits is still my favorite…he’s so handsome ^_________^. Sungmin still makes awesome facials :). There was even a Donghae-Eunhyuk couple dance xD. 

Winning and Encore – I’m so happy for and proud of these guys. They totally deserve it. Congrats ♥♥♥. Eetuek speech this time was less teary but still made me tear up xD. It’s whenever he mentions Kibum that I start getting emotional xD. I Love when they all went for a group hug and Heechul goes to hug and pick up Hongki xD. His imitation of Ryeowook was adorable…Poor Wookie xD. 2AM and SNSD stay on the stage for the encore. 2AM is so hilarious…I loved watching them dance to ‘Sorry Sorry.’

Danson Tang – Kiss Me Now MV

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Credits: cakeexbibisky @ Youtube

This was probably my second favorite song off his newest album. I know it’s pretty late but I just love looking at this guy xD. Well what can I say, Danson is really cute ^///^. I always love his hair xD LOL. Like I said I really love this song. It has the same feeling as ‘Love Me/Ai Wo.’ The MV isn’t really anything spectacular but Danson makes up for it xD. My favorite scenes were the ones with him singing with the band behind him ^^.

Super Junior – Music Bank (03/27) and Music Core (03/28)

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Backstage, Sorry Sorry Performance, Win

Aw…I’m so Proud of these guys. They totally deserve it ^^. The performance was really good. Siwon’s new hand motions crack me up xD. LOL…Oh Horsey ^^. Sungmin is looking fierce. But whenever his eyes softened I wanted to squish him ^^. He’s toned down his RAWR face a bit xD. Heechul always makes me smile. I love the way he holds his mic. He’s so cool xD. I also loved the way he was the only one still on enough crack to dance to ‘Gee’ while everyone else was crying xD. Eetuek totally made me cry when he was giving his speech. Especially when he said “Kibum, Hyungs did it” ;______; The Donghae-Eetuek hug was really sweet. I’m so proud of these boys ^^. I’m sure the awards will keep pouring in :DDD.

EDIT: I’m to lazy to start a new post so I’m just going to put their performance on Music Core (03/28)  HERE. God they’re hot xD. I Love their outfits too ^^.

Epik High – Map The Soul MV

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Credits: mapthesoul @ Youtube

*_____*. Wow. I’m speechless. Epik High has always been amazing when it comes to music and MVs. This one was no different. It was so creative and artistic. It blew me away and just left me in awe. Epik High’s MVs are always very artistic and different. Sometimes they are a bit disturbing but they’re always really deep and meaningful. It’s one of the reasons I Love these guys ^^. The song is really interesting. I’m going to need English translations before I’m truly immersed in the song. But no matter what language you can always understand music and the messages that Epik High sends ^^.