AJOO – Wealthy 2nd Generation (재벌 2세) MV

Credits: jaeurazn1mv @ Youtube

Watch in HD HERE

HOLY COW…WHAT HAPPENED?!!! LOL…I mean he looks hot and all but I’m used to the cute, innocent AJOO xD. Idunno I like the song, especially the chorus ^^ but there’s so many girls xD. -Sigh- But he is hot. A little overkill on the eyeliner. (GD and TOP are my favorites wearing guyliner ^^) Now that I think of it he kindda reminds me of TOP or Seungri in ‘Strong Baby.’  LOL..But even if he’s changed…when him smile I still see the cute, adorable guy that he is ^^. Oh and he has a really hot body…I mean HOLY CRAP Someone’s been working out O.O My warning…this is defiantly not for the faint of heart xD. Under the cut…


More Pics at AllKPOP. He has nice lips…ROFL xD and really nice abs.


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