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SS501- 45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards & Music Bank (02/27) & Energy Song Part 2

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Combine Post ^^;;;

As you all should know a couple nights ago at the Baeksang Arts Awards F4 won some really amazing awards ^^. Lee Minho (Jun Pyo) won the Best Newcomer award  and Kim Hyunjoong won the Popularity award. I’m so proud of them. It really shows how well Boys Over Flowers is doing xD. LOL…but Minho must have been so embarrassed when he tripped on the Red Carpet. My poor Baby ^^;;; Anyways, what I wanted to post about was the performance that Triple S did. 

Triple S Because I’m Stupid – Hello, My Handsome, Handsome Boys ^^. They look so yummy in white suits *_____*….The vocals were all really really impressive too. But I was especially awed by Youngsaeng. He looked so good and sounded beautiful too ^^. LOL…But my eyes were still drawn to Kyujong :]. He looks heavenly in his white suit and his hair is major Love ^^♥. That’s so great that they were there to support  Hyunjoong while he won the Popularity award. SS501 Love. 

Also SS501 had a very special performance on the 5ooth Music Bank. 

ss501  ‘Because I’m Stupid’ and ‘Deja Vu‘ – It’s in HD so it’s really clear xD. Triple S starts off by singing ‘Because I’m Stupid.’ I’ve already spazzed about how much I Love that song…LOL xD. But..Yeah it was a really great performance ^^. They drop the curtain/banner thingy and guess who appears….JUNGMIN AND HYUNJOONG ^^. Aw…I miss having all five of them to stare at when they perform xD. They all look really hot and the dancing is all really sexy xD. I miss you boys ^^. 

Triple S Energy Song Part 2 – Remember when I posted about Part 1 HERE. Well we can finally see part 2. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. (No Subs :(.) but it’s pretty amusing. Kyujong is still looking really cute. He rubs his forehead against the girl…LOL. CUTE~. Baby still looks really good with the Jun Pyo hair ^^. Youngsaeng is just as a adorable as before. But my favorite part is the end where they’re just fooling around rolling balls down their pool sticks xD.

DBSK – Preview of ‘Take Your Hands’ & ‘Secret Code’ Track list

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Listen to it HERE.

This song is suppose to be the Side B Version for their 26th Single ‘Survivor.’ It sounds really interesting. But I need a full version. The previews just aren’t enough for me to decide if I like it xD. But it’s defiantly got me interested ^^.

The big news now is that DBSK finally gets to be on Music Station. (It’s about time >:D) It truly shows how far DBSK has come ^^. I’m so proud of them xD. Their track list has be released for their 4th Japanese Album ‘Secret Code.’ There’s about the same number of new and old tracks. Which isn’t bad xD. The album covers are really nice too *____*. 


Super Junior – Marry U Japanese Version and MV

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EDIT: You can also watch their MV for Marry U (Japanese Version) HERE.

OMG…Cuteness Overload. I really love this MV. It’s just them in the recording studio and some really really cute random footage  ^^. They are so adorable beyond words…♥♥♥♥. Sungmin is so cute~^^. His puppy-dog face and blinking eyes xD. They all really good…-Sigh.- LOL…Ryeowook is so adorable. I think his footage is the cutest thing ever xD. MAKE A COMEBACK SOON~ ♥♥♥♥. 

Credits: xsingingxfaeriex @ Youtube

Hmmm….I actually really like this version ^^. It has a different feel to it…It’s more….Calming???….I don’t know  how to explain it xD. But I really like it a lot xD. LOL…Now I feel so much more SuJu deprived xD. Oh…How I miss them :(((. Hurry and make your Comeback Already >:D. LOL…♥♥♥.

Fahrenheit – Mo Mo, Liu Xia Lai, Heng Xing, Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun & Zui Jia Ting Zhong MVs

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LOL…I’m so behind on their MVs ^^;;;; In all the MVs the boys look amazing. I especially love Jiro’s hair xD. 

Mo Mo (The Love of Silence) 默默 – This is their song for the Drama To Get Her. I’m pretty sure that Jiro is the main lead in the drama but I’m not sure if the other members are also going to be in it too. But Holy Crap Jiro looks HAWT. His interaction with the girl are really nice especially when he backs her up against a wall and then places his arm in front of her when she tries to get away ^^…Of course all the other member look fantastic too. Aaron is such a cutie ^^. The song is really pretty it’s softer than what Fahrenheit usually does ^^.

留下來 Liu Xia Lai/Stay With Me – This is my favorite MV out of the five. JIRO ♥♥♥♥. Oh My Heart ^^. He’s so good looking…-Sigh- ROLF….We’ll the concept of the MV isn’t really special  but how he won her back was really sweet of him. The lights were really pretty. I see the theme of Happy Faces…yah idunno xD. But I love how all the other members looked. Jiro on the guitar (HOT), Aaron on the piano/keyboard, Chun on the drums and Calvin goofing off = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. The shower scene was really good…Jiro has a really nice body ;). LOL…But I really started laughing when he stops so he won’t run over a turtle…xD. If you watch any of the MVs make sure you watch this one…The boys are devastatingly cute in this MV…(JIRO ♥) and the song is one of my favorites off the album. 

恆星 (Heng Xing/Shining Star) – This is their song for the Rolling Love OST. I like the song but it’s not one of my favorites. The little girl in the MV is adorable ^^. Supposedly Aaron’s sister is in the MV. I’m not sure if that’s true or who she is ^^;;; Overall I like what they’re wearing except for Jiro…ROLF…Seriously what is he wearing xD. The boys looks really cute though^^.

孤單摩天輪 (Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun/Lonely Ferris Wheel) – The song is really nice to listen to. I like the effect of having the overhead/slide projector shining on them. They all look so handsome ^^. My crush on Aaron and Jiro keeps getting bigger and bigger ^///^.  The MV is mostly them just singing but visuals always make me like the song better xD. I get to stare at pretty boys for like 5 minutes it’s a pretty good deal xD.

The Best Listener Zui Jia Ting Zhong 最佳聽眾 MV – Fahrenheit always does a song that’s dedicated to their fans…I’ve always thought that was really sweet of them ^^. The song’s cute. Again visuals of them make me really happy xD. Jiro’s so cute he’s just goofing off xD. I really really love his hair like this ^^. Aaron makes a heart…aww…♥♥♥. He looks super cute too ^^. Ooo…Hoodies…LOL…and I Love how when they put up their hoods there are faces on the side xD. Is Chun’s a happy face xD…? ROLF that’s awesome.

Birthday Post – KyuJong

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He has such a nice side profile *_____*. LOL….Kyujong is really cute and he’s really good-looking ^^. I mean Hello, Handsome ;). Hmmm…What are the things the I adore most about Kyujong. There’s actually a lot ^^. What can I say, I Love Kyujong a lot ^^♥. Honestly the first time I saw/heard SS501 I never really noticed him. I was majorly attracted to Hyunjoong (He was so pretty, how could I not fall in love with him *___*) and Jungmin (He was on crack I swear xD) But when I did noticed him I saw how incredibly handsome he was. He has a really nice voice to listen to and of course he’s really hilarious ^^. He dances really well and his smile is to die for :). He seems quiet and shy…but you can see just how sweet and kind he is and I’m sure he’s fairly amused most of the time with those dorks around xD. He’s a total Sweetheart ♥. Kyu can totally looks badass and really hot (When he played the bodyguard in their  ‘A Song Calling For You (널 부르는 노래)’ MV) but he can look absolutely adorable. He would make a perfect Prince Charming and sweep you off your feet. He’s already done that to me and he’s already stolen my heart. So Happy Birthday My Prince, Kyujong ♥.


DBSK – Survivor MV

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Credits: kenoa83 @ Youtube

ROFL…Um…I don’t know what to say xD. I was hoping for a little more than that ^^;;; Well maybe not something more but I was expecting something totally different than that xD. I was thinking more trapped on an deserted island with the sun shining on them…That would be actually really hot xDD. Anyways, First thing I don’t really get the plot so I’m not going to comment on that xD. Second…HOLY CRAP THEY LOOK HAWT…I Love the black outfits…So Sexy~. The White outfits makes them look gorgeous and really handsome ^^. I thought it was interesting how some parts were shown through the laptop ^^. BUT I LOVE LOVE THE SONG…:))). The beat is incredibly catchy. The dance moves are hilarious xD. They’re so faily…LOL. But Overall I really do like the MV it’s just not one of their best ^^;;; But I really hope they do an MV for ‘Stand Up.’ I really really like that song ^^. 

Underneath are the Translations for ‘Survivor’ 

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Infinity Challenge – SNSD ‘Gee’ Parody

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

EnerGee…ROFLMAO xDDD. That’s hilarious….they even changed the lyrics so they fit there theme xD. The first part of the video is them getting ready and LOL…the wigs..xD. I actually really like Jun Jin’s hair. I think he’s the prettiest xD. The second part is of them filming and ROFL they’re so crazy ( And a tad bit Creepy xD.) PMS starts doing hip thrusts xDDD. I really think that PMS wanted to be Jessica so he can pull his eye down and just be crazy LOL…xD. I thought is was really cute that Hyungdon was Taeyeon since they’re married now xD. Hongchul as Tiffany really scared me…LOL…he really creeped me out in this xD. The actual Parody starts around 5:30. If you want a really good laugh watch this…it instantly made my day better ^^.

FT Island – Boys Over Flowers Parody & M!Countdown ComeBack (02/19)

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Credits: sungminsjsj @ Youtube

It’s unsubbed, but you must watch this. It’s just about as hilarious and crazy as it gets xD. Maybe that’s an exaggeration but just watch it xD. JAEJIN ♥♥♥. HE’S SOOOO PRETTY xD. It’s just slightly disturbing how pretty he is…just slightly. F4’s entrance was Wow. Oh My Heart ♥. Hongki ♥. I just love this boy more and more ^^. The curly hair doesn’t quite fit him but he still looks really good ^^. Jonghoon as Jihoo is just….guh…melts. No words can explain how amazing he is. I think he fits the role really well ^^. I especially love the way when Jaejin looks at him. He’s all ~*Sparkly Sparkly*~ ROLF….You’ll understand if you watch. I thought it was really cute when Hongki and Jonghoon are fighting over Jaejin and Minhwan and Seung Hyun are just watching them…Kindda like the actual F4 xD. Jonghoon rides up on a bicycle xD…Aww…^^. The ‘Call Me’ dance and The almost kiss were really cute…I love how all the other member rush in to stop them ^^. 

They also had their comeback stage where they preformed  Missing You & Bad Woman. Wow…really great performance of both songs. I love what they’re wearing…so handsome ^^ ♥♥. The orchestra setup was really cool. I Love both of these songs so much ^^.

Wheesung – Insomnia MV

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

I wanted to post this because I”m in love with this song. I swear I’m addicted to it xD. Honestly I’m not a big fan of Wheesung…It’s not that I don’t like him it’s just that I never really got into him xD. I’ve listened to some of his songs before but this Song really stands out to me ^^. And he looks really cute in the MV. He kindda looks like Kyujoong from SS501…LOL…I think it’s the hair xD.  But yes…I really really love this song. I’m addicted.

Boa – ‘I Did It For Love’ Preview

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Credits: Glitterydiamond @ Youtube

I really like this song. The chorus is really catchy and I honestly think this song will do really well in the american market. I’m anticipating her album release so much…^^. Good Luck Boa!!! Fighting!