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Boys Over Flowers (Korean Hana Yori Dango)

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Okay, So what I’ve decided to do is create a page for this drama. I’m not going to recap it. I really don’t have the time anymore ]: I wish I did. I Love spazzing with all you guys xD. But I’ll put the links there for the different episodes and I’ll update it when a new episode comes out ^^. I hope you guys don’t mind. Boys Over Flowers Page HERE. You can also find it on the right under ‘Pages.’


BoA – 永遠/Eien Full MV

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Credits: BoAyumyum @ Youtube 

So I guess this song is going to be released on February 18th. I really, really like the song. The melody and lyrics are really pretty ^^. BoA sounds absolutely amazing as usual. I’m not sure if she actually cut her hair or if it’s just tied back o_o. LOL…but the dancing in this is really awesome. BoA is such an amazing dancer and she worked the wall really well xD. I’m looking forward to her American Album so much :DDDD!!!!

KBS – Shall We Dance K-Pop Stars (01/27)

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These are just the cuts of each dancer. All of them are in HD so you get to see it clearly :D.

Koo Ha Ra (Kara) Quickstep – She looks really pretty ^^.  I love all the lifts in this too.

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) Waltz – Aw…He looks so handsome and really suave :D. His dancing was so smooth and elegant. Good Job Hyung Joon ^^.

 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) Paso Doble – The ending was hot xD. She tries really hard. Go Ga In!

 Andy (Shinhwa) Jive – Andy’s so cute and Funny. I love his intro with Minwoo in the background xD. His dancing was really good and I love what he’s wearing. LOL…HEART DANCE AT THE END ^^.

Solbi Rhumba – She looked really sexy, but she still seemed a little awkward. Too bad she and Andy couldn’t dance together xD.

Seungri (Big Bang) Samba – LOL..Is Minwoo always in the rehearsal room xD. Oh…We get a bit of chest action xD. I really liked his samba. He sure knows how to work that body. Yum~. LOL..And I Love his self-promotion at the end. -Crack Crack Crack-.

Minwoo (Shinhwa) Paso Doble – Minwoo is really a great dancer.He looks really sexy and manly in this ^^. Too bad he had a little stumble at the end. Great Job though :D.

Nam Kyu Ri (SEEYA) Tango – Her tango was pretty good and I love what she’s wearing. She looks really good ^^.

Baek Ji Young Cha Cha – More Minwoo xD. Her Cha Cha was really good. I believe she wins in the end.

I wish I could write more about each one of the performances but I have to go right now…LOL. So watch for yourself and comment about what you think xD.

FT Island – Wonbin Leaves FT Island and New Member

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FT Island member Oh WonBin(19) has left the group on the grounds of reason that he has differing music views as the group.

FT Island’s company said on 28th January, “WonBin, who played the guitar on the team, has left the team. It was a hard decision for WonBin too.”

Meanwhile, FT Island will look for a new member and they will release a new minialbum in mid-February.

News have it that trainee Song Seung Hyun will enter as the new member, but nothing isn’t very much confirmed yet.

Credits: sookyeong @ WordPress

This honestly broke my heart. I absolutely love Wonbin. I adore him and I’m going to miss him so much. But It’s better if he’s happy and not part of FT Island than unhappy doing something he isn’t satisfied with. I wish you the best Wonbin. It won’t be the same without you.  I’ll always love and support you. 


After news of 5-member idol band FT Island guitarist Oh WonBin leaving the group, a new member has been found for the group to make 5 members – trainee Song Seung Hyun (18).

Following F&C Music on 29th January, new member Song Seung Hyun will join the group as guitarist and sub-vocal (including rap). Song Seung Hyun is also a flower-boy like the rest of the FT Island member with the height of 180 cm and weight 60kg.

FT Island will take on the image of the boyband of teenagers with the new member and comeback with a minialbum mid-February.

Credits: sookyeong @ WordPress

He’s good looking and all but he’s just not Wonbin. -Sigh- But I look forward to what he brings to FT Island. Of course I’ll keep supporting them and him. It’ll just be like Kyuhyun or Zhoumi. I’ll eventually fall in love with him too ^^.

DBSK – Bigeastation 96 Psychology Test

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Credits: jaynerox91 @ Youtube

The first test is one about your first kiss. Junsu’s first kiss was a french kiss…LOL. REALLY?! I don’t see that xD. Jae’s first kiss was a ‘Deep’ Kiss. Hmm..Maybe. I can kindda see that xD. I Love how Changmin is outside shouting ‘I Choose B’ LOL…I can totally imagine him doing that ^^. The next test is about how much money you would lend to a friend. LOL…JUNSU’S LAUGH :DDDD. Yoochun is stingy…LOL and I guess Changmin is too ;].

Danson Tang – Xin Ge/New Song MV

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Credits: lixss @ Youtube

Ooo…New MV ^^. Well, what can I say the Song is really pretty. The piano melody at the beginning reminds me of something. LOL…Can’t think of it d: Anyways, the MV is really nice. Danson is really good looking. He’s really handsome in this ^^. I Love him. I love all the shots of  him in the rain too :D. Oh and he gets a kiss scene xD.

DBSK – Hey Hey Hey Cut Hot-Dog Peeling Contest (01/26)

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Credits: joongiefiedportia26 @ Youtube

LOL…Random enough for you. I’ve heard of a hot-dog eating contest but not a hot-dog Peeling Contest xD. But really cute and hilarious. It’s not subbed but you can understand without it. Jaejoong looks really hot when he’s peeling the hot-dogs…LOL xD. Jae ends up winning in the end. Good Job Jaejoong ^^.