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My Favorite Songs of 2008

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1. Replay – Shinee

2. Haru Haru – Big Bang

3. You Are My Song – DBSK 

4. Remember – Big Bang

5. One – Epik High

6. Love’s Way – Shinee

7. A Song Calling For You – SS501

8. 나만 바라봐 – G-Dragon/Taeyang *Yes I know I cheated…I put both versions because I Love them both xD.*

9. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう (Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimatan Darou?) – DBSK

10. Always Be Mine- FT Island

It was so hard to just choose 10 songs…LOL. This year has been so good. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC ^^. I  just chose songs from Korean Artists or else I would have an even harder time choosing xD. Anyways, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be one of  the best ^^. This will be my last post of 2008 ;___; Boy, it sure has gone fast…


Favorite Newcomers of 2008

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I thought I should do a post for some of the new bands that debuted this year ^^. If I have time I’ll also do a post for all the comebacks this year. But that one will be reaallyy long…LOL. Or I’ll do something about my favorite songs from 2008.

SHINee – Duh..I really Love These guys. Honestly they really accomplished a lot this year. I’m so proud of them ^^. They debuted on May 25th with 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay). (Which is one of my favorite songs from this year ^^. But I’ll get to that later.) Their fan color is pearlescent sky blue… ^^. They made their first single and their album “The SHINee World” this year. They’ve had their own reality show…(Which was hilarious and really cute. You have to watch it if you haven’t) and they have won best newcomer of 2008. 

Members: ONEW (Leader), Jonghyun (Bling Bling), KEY (Almighty KEY), Minho (Flaming Charisma) and Taemin (Youngest)

Debut Stage – SBS Popular Song with Replay (05/25)

MV’s – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen) and AMIGO

Favorite songs from them: Replay, AMIGO, Love’s Way, Romantic, Last Gift, The SHINee World


U-KISS – I really, really like these guys. When I heard their first single “Not Young” I did laugh….because they ARE Young…LOL. Anyways, One of the reasons I liked them right away was because some of the old Xing members were a part of this group (Kevin and Kibum) and they are really cute ^^. Kibum looks so much like his brother Hyung Jun from SS501. Their debut single was ‘New Generation.’

U-KISS stands for You, Korea, International or Idol, Super, Star 

Members: Alexander, Dongho, Eli, Kibum, Kevin, and Soohyun.

Debut Stage- Not Young Performance on MCountdown (08/28)

MV’s – Not Young, As Long As You Love Me

Favorite Songs from them – Not Young and As Long As You Love Me


2Pm- I thought their 10 out of 10 MV was hilarious. They’re really full of crack too. Make sure to watch them on Idol World ^^.  I love all the dancing and tricks that they do when they preform. It always blows me away. They released their debut single ‘Hottest Time Of The Day’ on September 8th. I really like their single too. They’re one of the subgroups of the boy band ‘One Day’ with 2AM.

Members: Nichkhun, Chansung, Jaebeom, Junsu, Taecyeon, Junho, and Wooyoung

Debut Stage- 10 out of 10 debut stage at MCountdown (09/04)

MVs- 10 out of 10 

Favorite Songs- 10 out of 10 and Only You


SMASH – Ooo….They’re really cute xDD. (What’s with all the boy-bands being so cute this year xD…Not that I’m complaining ^^;) Anyways, I really like these guys. I don’t know much about them…It’s kindda hard to find information about them ^^; (Maybe I’m not trying hard enough xD) But I really liked their debut single ‘Open Fire!’ and I like their Christmas Song ‘White Night.’ They’re performances of it are really cute ^^. 

Members: Hero, World, Jerry, Hanbang, Naru, Cheonwoo

Debut Stage- Emergency at M! Countdown

MVs – Emergency 비상 (飛上) and Never Ending Story 우리들 이야기

Favorite Songs from them – Never Ending Story, Seeing You and White Night


SBS Gayo Daejun 2008

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This was a really amazing night. There were so many amazing stages. I don’t have the time to write about the whole show so you’ll just have to settle for my favourite parts …^^.

2PM – 10 Points Out Of 10 Points Love the tricks. Really cool Performance ^^.

SHINee – Love Like Oyxgen, AMIGO, Noona Is Very Pretty – Ahh…It was so short =[. But I absolutely loved it. Replay is still my favorite song from them :D

F.T Island – After Love & Girls Don’t Know & Heaven – EYELINER~ LOL they look really hot…^^

Mini-Drama feat. Daesung, Seungri, Taeyeon, Yuri – I Love It ♥. Daesung’s reactions are so hilarious xD. Seungri looks realy cute in this and the girls look really pretty. I Love how they incorporate the songs into the Drama. Pure Genius.

Piano Battle – Taeyang (Don’t Wanna Try) & Junsu (My Everything) – :DDDD. I almost fainted while watching this. Taeyang was amazing…His playing and his singing were realy good. Junsu just blew me away. He’s so Perfect ♥♥♥ xD. Whe he closed his eyes you could feel his emotions. I liked both of their songs a lot. I wish Junsu would serenade me now…LOL. ♥♥♥♥♥

Dance Battle – Taemin & Seungri & Eunhyuk & Jaebum & Yunho – Woah…All of them are sooo Good. They really can blow your mind when they start to move *___*

Wonder Boys 2 – Kissing You & Nobody – xDDD. So much crack. I was looking forward to this for so long and they didn’t let me down ^^. They’re so hilarious and girly xD. 

Super Junior Happy – Pajama Party – What is this Michael Jackson mixed in with Pajama Party…LOL. xDDD. Oh..But Sungmin looks reaaalllyy hot ^^. Love his fedora.

Hip Hop Special – Epik High & Big Bang (G-Dragon, TOP) & Eun Ji Won & Dynamic Duo This was an amazing performance. Everyone gets so into ^^. Especially Taeyang and SHINee. 

Big Bang – 오.아.오 & Strong Baby (Seungri) & Heaven  The intro was really cool. They look so badass ^^. And I love how they have their own SWAT Car with Big Bang on the side xD. Oh Ah Oh was an awesome performance. Seungri was really sexy while he performed Strong Baby. Heaven is one of my favorite songs of this year. GD’s furry vest xDD.

Rain – I’m Coming & Rainism & Love Story – He’s so sexy d: I honestly started laughing when they made it ‘rain’ on stage though xDD.

DBSK – Wrong Number & Mirotic – This is one of their best performances of this year. It was so cool and hot and sexy and guh..I LOVED IT. The beginning of Wrong Number was superb. Junsu in a glass case is really hot xD. Then ending of Mirotic was super sexy. I love how they just rip their shirts off to show off their backs xDD.

BoA – Eat You Up & Look Who’s Talking – I miss BoA…She looks really good in this ^^.

DBSK – Dress Up Hero

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Credits: sakurako @ stylekawairashii

LOL…Really Random. But so cute. Whoever made this is amazing…it totally made my day ^^. I recognized his different hairstyles and most of the shirts. LOVE THE HAMTARO PJ’S xD. Click the Link to go dress up Hero too. I don’t think there is a dress up game for the other members but if anyones comes across it let me know, okay ^^.

DBSK – Bolero MV Full

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Credits: drummergirl101jq @ Youtube

Beautiful~ They’re so perfect…haha. The MV is classy and timeless. Simply Beautiful. They all look stunning and sooo handsome ^^. Yoochun’s hair is “…” I don’t know how to explain…but at least it was only like that for this MV xD. Jaejoong looks gorgeous…LOL. So Good looking. The song is breathtaking :D. They sound amazing. The shots of when Junsu and Yoochun hit the high notes were really spectacular ^^. I really like the ending where one by one of them leaves. I thought it was really nice. Overall, Beautiful song, Beautiful MV and Beautiful boys ^^.

Smash – White Night M Super Concert (12/25)

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Credits: SheeHwi @ Youtube

Awww…They’re so cute ^^. The song is really cute too. It’s perfect for the Holiday Season xD. Oh, this performance was the live one. So you get to see/hear how awesome they look/sound ^^.  Admittedly, I have a little crush on Jerry ^///^. LOL…He’s really cute. Well, all of them are extremely cute. Maybe thats why I also like Hanbang and Naru…xDDD. I call always tell it’s Hero because of his bowl cut…LOL. The dancing is really cute…They seem really happy and cheerful :D. The outfits are cute and Christmassy. Perfect to lift your sprits ^^.

Fahrenheit – 寂寞暴走/Ji Mo Bao Zou MV

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Credits: htdarylfung @ Youtube

The MV came out a day or two ago ^^. One of the things I Love about Fahrenheit is they always have MV’s for half of their album xD. The song has a rock feel to it but it’s more of a ballad…idunno how to explain it. Just watch ^^. It’s a really nice song…I really like it ^^. The lyrics are really pretty and sad. Lost Love…</3

Aaron gets to be the lead in this MV. I’m glad he gets more screen time. He looks so hot xD. Well they all looks really hot. The close ups are amazing *__*. The outfits aren’t bad either. I Love what Aaron’s wearing….I Love guys in vests ^^. Jiro with his fur…xD. The hair looks really good too. Sigh…I can’t wait for the album…SO CLOSE.