Inkigayo Performances (11/23)

SS501 TripleS – U R Man

I’m still in love with the song ♥. I love how when they flip their jackets over their shoulder all the girls start to scream xD. LOL…I would probably too ^^; You see a lot of YoungSaeng chest though. But my eyes are still drawn to KyuJong ♥. Their performances are defiantly getting better.

Big Bang – Sunset Glow

PINK !!!!! xDDD. 

Honki and Jonghun were so cute at the beginning ^^. Anyways, I love the color scheme. GD xD…His headband looks pretty good on him ^^. I was drawn to TOP throughout the performance…he looked really good. Seungri’s jacket is different than usual..he still looks so cute. Taeyang has his bright pink leather jacket xD. Daesung looks absolutely adorable with his non-existent eyes. Their performances are never boring..I absolutely love this song ^^.

RAIN – Only You
The stage is really pretty ^^. I really like this song ^^. And Rain looks really good :D. The purple velvet jacket and his fox tail still make me laugh ^^; The clip is subbed so you can understand the song. It’s one of his best performances so far for Only You.


FT Island – Love is…


Wow…I really don’t keep up to date with them…I didn’t realize that they stared to promote this song. This was one of my favorite songs off their album ^^. Wonbin looks so cute ^^. I really like his hair ♥. Hongki looks pretty hot…Nice Vest xD. JaeJin is rally cute. He sings a little too ^^. Minhwan is so adorable ^^. Jonghun looks really good too. Nice performance and the Mobile ranking is so cute ^^.

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