DBSK – Yunchun Random Crack

Part 1, Part 2


Must watch for DBSK fans…they are so hilarious and full of crack xD. 

The devil horns and bow-tie look really good on Yunho. I like Yoochun’s hair now ^^. LMAO @ Yoochun falling xD LOL. “Man, You’re spitting on me~ xDDD” OMG..They are so freaking hilarious and crazy!!! Yoochun makes me crack up so much…Love him ^^. The ad-libbing is so much crack. And I love his panda hat ^^. “What’s wrong with this sofa xDDD.” I’m probably making absolutely no sense right now…See what DBSK does to me xD. I was having a rough day and coming home to this totally made my day ^^.

So I guess this is suppose to be a new haptic campaign…I hope Jae and Junsu to do one together xDD. LOL…Maybe with Changmin too ^^.


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