SS501 TripleS – U R Man MV

Credits: nicquenadine @ Youtube

The MV is kindda dark xD. Idunno…But all their MVs are either dark like Deja Vu or REALLY Happy like Song Calling For You…Maybe it’s just my imagination…LOL. Anyways, they all look gorgeous :D. KyuJong ♥ *__* He looks so sexy and yummy d: Biased as I may be but you can’t deny that he looks amazing ^^. Especially when he walks down the hallway. YoungSaeng looks fine is the elevator…he’s all angsty and smoldering ^^. Hyung Joon’s hair is a little weird…LOL. Doesn’t he usually get the car too d: The close ups are really nice to look at -sigh- LOL. The dance moves are really hot. You see more chest than usual xD. The song is still really catchy…I really like it ♥.


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