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DBSK – Believe It Or Not! OotChatSa!! (11/28)

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Credits: mickytoho @ Youtube

SO CUTE !!!! They looks so good in suits ^^. So they act out what it would be like it soldiers acted like babies..xD. OMG they are so flipping cute…Yoochun is especially adorable. He gets his voice reeally High. They’re all so squishy ^^ ♥♥♥. I love when Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin do their little part about the tank coming…SO CUTE ♥♥♥. Yunho’s part is really cute too…He just makes me crack up ^^.

Shinee – SimSimTaPa Radio (11/28)

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Singing RAINISM – OH…SEXY xD. Jonghyun looks really yummy d: Minho looks amazingly sexy and I think he sings too :D. They do a pretty good job singing the song ^^. ONEW IN PINK = ♥♥♥. His smile is so cute after he sings ^^. I love how it switches between the Cuties – Taemin and Onew and the Hotties – Jonghyun, Minho and Key xDDD.

Minho’s Sexy Dance ‘RAINISM’ – *___* LOL…Sexy Minho. I love how all of them laugh after he does it xDD.

Onew’s Solo ‘Even Without You’ – His voice is so beautiful…-Sigh- It’s so soothing and breathtaking. I can listen to him all day. And I love the Pick Hoodie xDD. He’s so cute ♥.

Key’s Solo ‘Embrace One’s Soul’ (TRAX) – I really like this song. Key does good justice to it ^^. His voice is so nice to listen too…I really love him ♥. I love his beanie too…LOL. Onew’s so cute…when the camera comes around he’s making faces and when he realizes the camera is capturing it all he smiles THIS BIG and covers his face…^3^. Taemin just waves ^^. Jonghyun looks really Fly…LOL. And Minho’s smile is so sweet…I Love them ♥.

Big Bang – M Countdown Come Back Stage (11/27)

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Intro – Suits! They looks pretty fly…LOL. I ♥ their intro songs so much ^^. I love GD’s hat…haha. Very post office man or old police man…LOL. Anyways, really amazing intro :D. 

Remember – One of my favorite songs by BB. Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung start off then you see GD and TOP come in. The performance is pretty short though =/. But they all look amazing…sigh…xD. 

Number 1 – I Love this song !!!. The outfits are pretty shiny…LOL. G-Dragon’s is still hilarious with the shiny vest and headband…Man, this guy makes laugh xD. The choreography is still really hot and Taeyang slaps the girls butt xD. Oh and you get a little of GD and Suungri camerawhoring xD.

Sunset Glow – PINK! TOP’s smile is so sweet ♥. He just makes me melt ^^. I LOVE LOVE this song ^^. Their performances are so entertaining and they’re always so hyped up ^^. GD and his headband…LOL. Seungri’s such a cutie…Such a smily and dorky performance xD. I have no idea why but I was really drawn toward TOP for the whole comeback stage…LOL. I Love them ♥.

Inkigayo Performances (11/23)

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SS501 TripleS – U R Man

I’m still in love with the song ♥. I love how when they flip their jackets over their shoulder all the girls start to scream xD. LOL…I would probably too ^^; You see a lot of YoungSaeng chest though. But my eyes are still drawn to KyuJong ♥. Their performances are defiantly getting better.

Big Bang – Sunset Glow

PINK !!!!! xDDD. 

Honki and Jonghun were so cute at the beginning ^^. Anyways, I love the color scheme. GD xD…His headband looks pretty good on him ^^. I was drawn to TOP throughout the performance…he looked really good. Seungri’s jacket is different than usual..he still looks so cute. Taeyang has his bright pink leather jacket xD. Daesung looks absolutely adorable with his non-existent eyes. Their performances are never boring..I absolutely love this song ^^.

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DBSK – Yunchun Random Crack

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Part 1, Part 2


Must watch for DBSK fans…they are so hilarious and full of crack xD. 

The devil horns and bow-tie look really good on Yunho. I like Yoochun’s hair now ^^. LMAO @ Yoochun falling xD LOL. “Man, You’re spitting on me~ xDDD” OMG..They are so freaking hilarious and crazy!!! Yoochun makes me crack up so much…Love him ^^. The ad-libbing is so much crack. And I love his panda hat ^^. “What’s wrong with this sofa xDDD.” I’m probably making absolutely no sense right now…See what DBSK does to me xD. I was having a rough day and coming home to this totally made my day ^^.

So I guess this is suppose to be a new haptic campaign…I hope Jae and Junsu to do one together xDD. LOL…Maybe with Changmin too ^^.

Big Bang – Remember Album

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Updating the Album of the Moment Page. Should be up soon. 



Wow..I wasn’t expecting anything new for a while ^^. But I’m loving what I’m hearing ♥♥♥♥♥

> INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐 (Everyone Scream) – I cannot stress enough how much I love their intro. ♥

> 오, 아, 오 (Oh, Ah, Oh) – It didn’t really stand out for me but it’s still enjoyable to listen too. 

> 붉은노을 (Sunset Glow/Red Sunset) – I love their remix. It has the distinct BB sound to it ^^. Awesome

> 반짝반짝 (Sparkling) – Enjoyable to listen too. Thumbs Up

> STRONG BABY (승리/SEUNGRI SOLO) – ♥♥♥. I love GD opening for Seungri xD. Seungri does an amazing job. I really love this song ♥.

> WONDERFUL – I like the chorus. Very catchy. ^^

> 멍청한 사랑 (Foolish Love) – One of my favorite songs off the is mini-albums. I love this song ♥.

> Haru Haru (ACOUSTIC VERSION) – The rapping is a little harsh against the guitars and stuff but it’s still one of my favorite songs ^^.

> Lies (REMIX) – Similar to the original

> Last Farewell (REMIX) – Again similar to the original. 

> REMEMBER – I prefer the English version but it’s still a really good song.


SS501 TripleS – U R Man MV

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Credits: nicquenadine @ Youtube

The MV is kindda dark xD. Idunno…But all their MVs are either dark like Deja Vu or REALLY Happy like Song Calling For You…Maybe it’s just my imagination…LOL. Anyways, they all look gorgeous :D. KyuJong ♥ *__* He looks so sexy and yummy d: Biased as I may be but you can’t deny that he looks amazing ^^. Especially when he walks down the hallway. YoungSaeng looks fine is the elevator…he’s all angsty and smoldering ^^. Hyung Joon’s hair is a little weird…LOL. Doesn’t he usually get the car too d: The close ups are really nice to look at -sigh- LOL. The dance moves are really hot. You see more chest than usual xD. The song is still really catchy…I really like it ♥.