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Shinee – Amigo Preview

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Credits: chanesechic @ Youtube

OMG…October 30th their repackage version comes out ^^. Can’t wait xD. The song sounds really interesting…I can’t wait until it comes out. Good Luck Boys…Fighting. ^^ ♥♥♥

DBSK – Mirotic Album

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Okay So I’m updating the Album of The Moment Page….


HOLY COW ♥♥♥♥♥


> Wrong Number – I Love It. The beat’s really catchy ^^ AND JAE RAPS IN IT ♥♥♥. When he raps it’s different from when Yunho does. idunno I find he makes it more sexy and sensual xD.

> 노을..바라보다 (Look At.. The Glow).  – It’s such a beautiful song. Junsu wrote some really amazingly beautiful lyrics ^^. All their voices are so pretty *–*. The harmonization and the melody is so touching ♥.

> CRAZY LOVE  – It’s catchy and and i really like the chorus. “Baby my heart beats for you”

> HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down) – It’s a really cool sounding song..LOL xD.


> 무지개 (Rainbow)  – “Bye bye, my sweet love” Guh..I Love them

> 낙원 (Paradise)  -It’s a calming song..haha xD. 

> 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)  – I like to believe so..haha xD. Anyways it’s a really catchy song. The beginnings awesome…Awesome beat. ^^

> Flower Lady  – OMG LOVE THIS SONG…ONE OF MY FAVORITES ♥♥♥. IT’S SO PRETTY….”Stay with me…”

> 잊혀진계절 (Forgotton Season)  – I Love Jae’s Voice…It’s so filled with emotions and painstakingly beautiful

> Love in the Ice – The first time I heard the song (The Japanese Version) I cried. (I was also reading the lyrics so that’s probably why xD) It’s beautiful song with so much emotion. I’m so happy they made a Korean version and that Changmin wrote some lyrics. It’s one of my favorite DBSK songs ♥♥♥.

They really know how to melt my heart ♥♥♥. ^^

Rain – Rainism MV

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Credits: jaeurazn1 @ Youtube

Throughout the the whole MV I was either xDD, “…” or *o*. Haha…It was a pretty cool MV. I love the whole supernatural feel..The song is pretty catchy but it’s not my favorite off his album. Oh..But I did love the part when he’s dancing with glow-y cane..haha *o*. And of Course Rain looks really hot so it’s all good ^^.

Super Junior T – Rokugo MV

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Credits: chocomintea @ Youtube


Okay, it wasn’t as overly hyper as the Korean version but it was pretty close ^^. The boys look awesome and pretty darn cute ^^. I love the dancing it’s totally LOL-TATIC xDDD. They are very creative with the play on words too. Good Luck Boys…Super Junior T…Fighting!!!

Boa – Eat You Up MV

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

*___* She’s so gorgeous. ‘Eat you up’ isn’t one of my favorite Boa songs. But I really like it a lot. It’s catchy and I wish her the best in America. I’m rooting for you…Boa Fighting!! The MV is pretty awesome, Boa looks smoking and I love the dancing in it. Especially when she dancing with the guy…it’s pretty sexy ^^.

Shinee – Best Place SimSimTaPa

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Thanks to yumimaki for the link.

Credits: randy1997 @ Youtube

Aww…I Love this song ^^. I’ve been waiting for them to preform it :D. They look fantastic, and Jonghyun has his sleeves rolled up again xD ♥♥♥. Of course they sound superb too. I’m still waiting for you guys to preform one for me too ^^.

Birthday Post – “Fishy” Donghae xD

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Isn’t he a cutie..? I mean how can you not love this man..he’s adorable. His smile is so radiant and he’s so hilarious and dorky xD. He’s an amazing rapper, dancer and singer and I love watching him preform. Eunhae is one of my favorite SUJU pairings xD. He just turned 22…My sweetie ^^. I’m late again..haha. But I just love him so much. Donghae is one of the first people I noticed in Super Junior…I think it was because he had/has that Prince Charming look to him…^^. So here is the place I proclaim my undying love for him.

Will Edit Later..Possibly xD