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Big Bang – Second Album “Red Sunset/Sunset Glow” MV Preview

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Credits: ktinsj @ Youtube

OMO !!!!!!!!!!! A new album already I wasn’t expecting anything for awhile ^^. I’m so excited though. It comes out on November 5th. The teaser is really interesting too.

Tracklist for “Remember” Album

1. INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐 (Everybody Scream)
2. 오, 아, 오 (Oh, Ah, Oh)
3. Sunset Glow
4. 반짝반짝 (Sparkling, Sparkling)
7. Foolish Love
9. Lies [REMIX]
10. Last Farewell [REMIX]


Brown Eyed Girls – How Come MV (Eng)

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Credits: wondersmurf @ Youtube

I’ve never really been into Brown Eyed Girls…but I Love this song. It’s so catchy ^^. They do kindda remind me of Wonder Girls..but meh…Whatever. I like the concept of the MV. The four girls each represent a different emotion regarding One-sided love. So Despair, Tear, Wait and Revenge. (I usually choose revenge..xD. JKJK. No I usually choose Wait or Tear…I guess.) I think I’ll look more into them ^^. I wanted to post this up since she Gain was in the last episode of Shinee YunHaNam.

Shinee – Reality Show Ep.12

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Credits: shineesubs @ Youtube

Part 2, Part 3

I’ve been meaning to get this up for awhile so I’m sorry about that ^^;

So they first come to the Noona’s Villa and of course Taemin and Onew go off to play while the othere read the card. They get invited for a pajama party ^^. The Noona this time is Gain from Brown Eyed Girls…she was also the narrator this whole time…Anyways they get in to their PJ’s and watch the videos that Gain prepared ^^. First is Taemin’s and it’s basically about how he’s changed ^^. Next is Jonghyun. His is about his “Scandals” xD. Next is Onew…and his was the one I was most looking forward to. I was sure it would be about Onew Condition and I wasn’t disappointed xD. “What if it’s a collection of me falling down?” xDD. He Fails so much xDD ♥. Next is Key’s. His about his mic..haha. Minho’s is last and it’s basically just him being super cool and charismatic xD. The Noona gives them their mission and they have to call the Noona and get her to say something. I’m going to miss this show so much ;___; ♥♥♥.

Shinee – Mnet M! Countdown (10/23)

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Credits: shineesubs @ Youtube

♥♥♥ ^^ They’re so cute. Oh and a new couple appears…ONTAE ♥♥♥ xD. Key’s so funny…”You’re going to be in a scandal like this xD.” Then when Onew and Taemin are fighting off Jonghyun and Key to be together is super cute. And of course the part where Key drops money and Onew and Taemin are on the floor picking it up XDD. They always come up with really creative ideas…this one is about an idol Museum. I would totally go if their was one xD.

Random Cute/Funny Clips

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I found some really cute and super hilarious clips so I thought I would put all of them into one post :D. 

FT Island – Star Golden Bell – Stupid Dance Cut

Credits: jinnienomuyeppo @ Youtube 

They’re so cute xD. Okay so basically the MC gets Hongki, Jonghoon and Minhwan to imitate this guys dance xD. They just look drunk and completely adorable…haha. I love how they put their arms around each other as they do it and you see their faces xD.

Jo Kwon of 2AM So Hot (Star Golden Bell) Wonder Boys

Credits: misterkrabspatties @ Youtube

ROFLMAO… You all know how much I loved the Wonder Boys ^^. So you can imagine how much I loved this. He gets so into it and makes awesome faces as he dances xD. I love a boy who can make a complete fool of himself and makes me laugh this hard. He’s totally in my good books right now ^^. Also watch this clip…He’s hilarious xD.

Tablo Teaching English

Listen to it HERE !

I love Tablo’s English xDD. He comes up with the most random sentences xDDDD. I love you Kiddo. ♥♥♥.

Shinee – Amigo Inkigayo Performance (10/26)

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Credits: claramago @ Youtube

*o* SEXYY~ They look HOT. xD. It looks like all of them got haircuts…I really like Key’s hair xD. But I like Onew better with his hair always flopping in his face…LOL. Anyways…the song is really starting to grow on me. I didn’t love it at first but I’m really starting to love it now. Oh…the influence of live performances xD. But I really like what they’re wearing…especially Key ^^.  The choreography is awesome. The dance break in the middle is mind blowing *o*. Taemin dancing is hot..he’s grow so much ^^. I really like the cameraman he gets close ups of all the boys doing multiple expressions and charismatic looks xD. And of course the rap…♥♥♥. KEY ♥♥♥. I love his expressions when he’s rapping ^^. You get charismatic, smug and cute all in one ^^.

Tenjochiki – Near PV

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Credits: swtaznladii @ Youtube

It’s such a pretty MV. The girls look GORGEOUS ♥♥♥. Whenever they wear white they always look so angelic especially in close ups. The song is so sweet and pretty ^^. Did anyone else notice that their Here MV was playing on the TV at the end. I hope that this singe does well on the Oricon charts ^^. Good Luck Girls ♥.