Big Bang – Heaven, Good Man and Lady Translations


I love you, I remember you, Heaven

[GD] (Sing it together! Big Bang, Hey T, let’s do it brah! Go go go)

la la la la-

[TOP] 24/7 you are everlasting heaven
[GD] 24/7 you are my only heaven
[TOP] 24/7 you are everlasting heaving 24/7 heaven

[GD] (Let’s go) Thought it would be the last, thought the second would never come
Love that didn’t suit me at all came to me this hot summer
My other half that I’ve waited and waited for, I always had a dream about you
You are my resting place in my heart,
I want to stare and stare again, give and give again

[TOP] I feel thirsty because my heart flutters, why does my love run away
I am mad, it’s not going how I wanted, I can’t understand
But I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to be apart from you
You are the one in my life you are more beautiful than heaven

I love you, I call you, I remember you, I wait for you
Your one phrase, that “I love you” phrase
I love you I remember you (I remember your everything)

[TOP/GD] Tears of sorrow, sky, star, and heaven

[SR] You breathe in my every lifestyle
I see only your name in my phone without knowing

[YB] I hold your hands several times in one day
I feel like I have everything when I kiss you

[TOP] Oh baby a sweet aroma from mini-hompi that I visit everyday
[GD] Oh baby a short text message is too short to express my love

[DS] People make fun of me, (but) I feel happy everyday
[TOP/DS] (Oh baby I feel alive these days) because of you

[Repeat Chorus]

(GD: Hey, hey listen to me)

[DS] Everyday I am afraid; what if you leave me again, become vague from me

[YB] (I feel) so thankful, (I) love you so much, you are the only person in the door of heaven inside of my heart

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] 24/7, my heaven

Credit: jeska + gdluvzmc @ bbfansite.wordpress for all translations

I Love this song…The whole mini album was amazing ^^. I thought I would post it up for those who want it. Here is the link to download the song: HERE

More Lyrics under the cut…

Good Man – Big Bang

I wouldn’t be like this if I was a good man
But I am not a bad man, right?
Please don’t say it was a misunderstanding
A wrinkled sentimental heart, my last pride thrown away

[GD] I met you after a long, long wait; this is heaven’s play (a joke)
Rain stops when it comes down, I just have to hide when lightening strikes
In a dream without you, I wander around everyday, 24 hours
I am anxious to know if you are doing well, if you fell asleep already

[DS] Oh please one more time dance with me tonight
A sweet time with you in my dream again tonight
Stories we shared as we matched our feet calmly

[GD] Stream water is like a toxic
Look for a key to the maze of reality

[YB] Is my stunning love a tear of misunderstanding
A bouquet that I put my last hope in

[DS+YB] My Heart that was stepped on is harassing me

[GD] OK think in a different point of view, I am sorry dear

[Repeat Chorus]

[TOP] Lost appetite, a wallet to take out a picture again
Checking an empty inbox in my cell phone like a fool

[SR] I will erase everything because of yearning, the way of doing it without any evidences

[TOP] One man’s pureness is romantic, a shout from deep inside of his heart
Time will solve it, a stinging whip called separation

(Please have only a bit of caffeine and alcohol)

My reflection in the mirror ignores me

[Repeat Chorus]

[TOP/TY] Pride that I persisted turns into tears on eyes that didn’t move at all
Rain drops lightly(?); She can’t forget about me yet (You can’t forget me) (x2)

A good person (She can’t forget me)
A bad person (I forget you)
A good person, a bad person
I, I, I am a bad person

[Repeat Chorus]

Lady – Big Bang

Excuse me miss girl
(GD: Hey, Lady…. Know What? Hehe, yo)
Excuse me miss girl (Hey)
Excuse me miss girl (Hey)
Excuse me miss —
(GD: Come here, sit down, let’s talk)

[YB] Oh lady don’t leave already, give me some more time
My lady, I still have words to say
[DS] Don’t say “Do it tomorrow,” give me your love
My lady I say yo, I say yo~~~

[TOP] Hold on a sec, excuse me miss — name? Age? Do you have time?
Girl, I won’t hurt you, I am a gentleman so hurry up
What’s yo’ name

[GD] To be honest, (my heart) beats fast, my sweat drips down, my heart beats
I don’t know, don’t know
Big steps with big strides, one step stealthily, our love line is sunny sunny (Here we go)

[TOP] I feel a good premonition especially today
[SR] My heart flutters ah-ha will I be able to talk today

[Repeat Chorus]

(GD: Verse 2)

[SR] I try to catch your sight 1, 2 (1, 2) but you don’t look at me, make me feel awkward
You will come to me soon, I know (you’re the only one girl)

[DS] I can’t explain everything, but this is my first time being like this
The world stopped soon as I saw you, except my heart

[TOP] I feel a good premonition especially today
[YB] My heart flutters yea~ will I be able to talk today

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] (Ahemm, Lady, I’ll give you something girl, let’s gooo)
I say yoyoyo, let it go go go I am tired, hurry up (and) call call call
Can’t you understand my heart?
[TOP] I can’t understand my own heart now, huh
I feel dizzy and disgusted when I think about what I can do for you to accept me
[GD] I feel like giving up but I feel blushed when I see your face again
I can’t handle it, I am like that

[YB] This is last time, I wear a nice suit, flowers that looks like you, and necklace, ring
I love you, I need you, I wanna be your man baby

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] (Sing it louder!)
Excuse me miss lady
So tell me what your name is
And where you from, baby (x2)
[YB] I say yo, I say yo~~~


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  1. hey thanks for the translation!!
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  8. on a good man its top and tae yang that sings the part “Pride that I persisted turns into tears on eyes that didn’t move at all”

  9. jaydalyn Says:

    big bang is so very nice .. . .. . . .

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